Massage; Body and Mind

The magic of touch

Massage is a global industry and one of the most effective treatments for muscular aches and pains, but what is less known is that massage is also helpful in relieving many other health problems including mental and emotional stress.

Physical stress relief

It’s well known that getting out of your head and into your body releases stress and refreshes the spirit. Therefore active people take some responsibility for their lives by engaging in physical activity. For some people it may be running, for others it may be swimming, mountain climbing or yoga, but it can be any activity where winning is not important that challenges body and mind so that they function harmoniously.

By focusing on

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Breast Development

A Rite of Passage

Typical of a young girl with budding breast. the white area is due to wearing a tiny bikini.

For girls who want to grow up, it can be an exciting time when breasts finally start growing, but it can also be an anxious time, with lots of worries… like how big will they get, will they look good, and is anything wrong with mine? An early onset of breast development can cause some confusion not only for a girl, but her family and friends as her body begins to take on the appearance of someone several years older.

With the growth of breasts and menstruation, an intellectual and emotional maturing must also take place as

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A young girl’s story of being kidnapped (R)

Thousands of girls disappear every year

Nina was walking home, having enjoyed her day at school and she felt delighted with her school companions and the warm sunny afternoon. When they came to her street, she said goodbye to her friends and thoughtfully turned her mind back to the school lesson of the day as she walked the 200 m to her house unaware of the two men behind her until she was grabbed.

Her world went dark, she was bundled into a vehicle, her mouth, hands and feet bound with tape so she couldn’t move, and her head covered with some rough and scratchy cloth which at the moment was

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Thousands of girls and boys are kidnapped or sold into slavery around the world every day. Those not raped and killed end up as sex slaves

The men who’d taken turns raping Juliana had fallen into drunken stupors or had left. She was still tied, but she could feel her bonds were loose and after a few minutes of frantic effort she had herself free. But she was not out of danger and she knew if she didn’t get away, she might end up as a sex slave in Berlin or London.

She moved as quietly as she could and she froze a couple of times when she thought that one of the men was going to wake

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Indian Wisdom

One day an old Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson.

He said, “There are two wolves fighting inside all of us – the wolf of fear and hate, and the wolf of love and peace.”

The grandson listened, then looked up at his grandfather and asked, “Which one will win?”

The grandfather replied, “The one we feed.”

Every time you criticise someone, your condemn yourself

Salima's market day

A girls life in Saudi

It took three weeks of pestering before her father gave her permission to go shopping. It was such a relief to be out of the compound and Salima was delighted, even with her Ama in tow. Good Aribic girls are not allowed out without written permission and when the police stopped their car because the driver made a stupid mistake, he scrutinised both women and their permission slip.

Salima was petrified but defiant and they soon continued the the souk. After they left the car, Slaima revelled in the sounds and smells, but her secret wish was to get some Victoria Secret underwear. Ama also had a list, but she let her young charge lead

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Casual Sex

Time for a new paradigm

Throughout our entire history, there has probably never been a time when casual sex was not a normal part of human behaviour which. While sex is very misunderstood in the minds of many, the act itself can be as simple or as complicated as we want it to be.

When we look at ourselves and the people we move through life with, it has become unusual for people not to have some casual sexual experiences. 30 years ago casual sex was less common, but today we have the tools and technology as well as education in many places to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

So casual sex is not

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I Anna

A story of growing up

15 years later, I’m doing just fine

I went to a good Catholic school and I studied with a sense of incredulity at all the religious stuff that was put before us. After I’d been reprimanded a few times for asking difficult questions, I learned to shut up and remain fairly inconspicuous.

Like most of the girls, I liked to show off more of a body than was permitted, and I usually managed to get away with a slightly shorter than regulation skirt. After I was 10, I often got away with not wearing a bra even though it was compulsory even for girls without breasts.

My home life was confusing as both my

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Infidelity 2

A girl learns about sex and relationships

Jamie was discouraged from having boyfriends, her parents said education was more important as boyfriends couldn’t be relied on as providers. She was obedient even though being around some of the more handsome boys made her confused and wet with desire. After school she frequently masturbated and her dreams of strong handsome lovers interfered with study no matter how hard she tried to shut them out.

She had vague recollections of her parents having sex when she was little, but when she started junior school, they became more discrete. She retained her curiosity and a desire to be in touch with their love making so some nights she would peep from the doorway

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Looking Back

Growing up wild in London

An Interview about developing sexuality with a London family when I was studying sociology and working on my thesis at Oxford. While in London I met these people by chance. While I have changed their names to preserve their anonymity, such stories are not that uncommon as when Lord Boothby was having an affair in the Downing Street flat with Harold Macmillan’s wife, Dorothy who was also sharing young boys with Ronnie Kray. The lives of politicians and the rich and famous have always been of interest and even fascination largely due to the antics they get up to. Tom mentions the Profumo affair and before this there was the 1954 affair of Lord Montagu

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