Science Fiction

A journey of the mind

Science fiction has been with us for 100 years or so and in recent years its become a popular means of expression to play out future concepts and elements of the human psyche which means it can be classed as a mythology.

So many of us loved the action adventure series Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Farscape and so many others because they take us out of our daily mind and into a fantasy world representing a future that may perhaps lay before humanity. Certainly all the gadgets and the technology undreamed up in these movies are inspiring scientists and technicians to try and create such things.

It could perhaps be argued that if it

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One World Order

What would it look like?

It’s already here, you just haven’t noticed

The idea of a one world government is the idea of one common political authority for all of humanity ending borders and all currencies but one. It has been much talked of and such a government could come into existence either through violent and compulsory world domination, or through peaceful and voluntary supranational union.

Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the world through violent conquest and fortunately he was stopped although when we look at the world today with all its conflict and suffering, life may have been little different and not necessarily any worse at least for the select few with some autonomy over their lives.

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Astral Travelling

You are the light in the body

By Gauri Mataji Devi

Astral Travelling is a process of consciously DETACHING oneself from the gross body and moving on the “astral” or subtle level. It is also called OBE (“out of body experience”).

Astral Travelling is perfectly within the power of each individual. Many people do it unconsciously, sometimes during sleep or in cases of severe suffering or failure of the body system. However, conscious remembrance in the waking state is not the final or only proof of Astral Travelling during sleep/dream, or even a proof that you have indeed had any dreams or not. Everybody dreams, but a very small number of people in specific circumstances actually remember

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Smartphones and Health

Damage we are unaware of until…

With the arrival of cellular phones into the marketplace, there was a great deal of concern about the radiation exposure from these devices and some of them literally hurt people’s heads while others caught fire and burned holes in people’s clothing.

The radiation issue has not been completely resolved but with the new generation of smart phones, the devices can be held a reasonable distance away from the body making the radiation less of an issue.

But a new development and it’s very easy to see is that with the cell phone in front of the chest, people are walking around with their faces looking down at their devices.

This affects the body

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Mission awray

Space lice

Part one of a sci-fi fantasy

On this trip, we were on a fairly routine mission to replace battery packs and collect data from some of the observation posts in the Kifer belt.

Our spacecraft is little more than a shuttle with a three-person crew and a few droids. My companions Jenny and Wade as far as I know were sleeping as I’d volunteered to keep watch and bring us to our next destination which was now approaching. The destination was a cratered lump of rock about half the size of Pluto and I watched as droid 37p projected the map and highlighted our targets.

This mission had become routine and it was time for my companions to

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Active duty

Time off for an upgrade

Part two of a sci-fi fantasy

After our medical check, Jenny, Wade and I were sent to the Nano suit development Centre to have our seats checked out because no one knew how the space lice were able to penetrate the fabric. We had to stand around naked for a few hours as our suits were tested and then we went to the combat arena where we play fought with a variety of weapons and our nano suits performed admirably well at protecting us.

The base on Pluto is a small city and as soon as our training had finished, I made a date with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen for a few months and

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Part three of a sci fi fantasy

Previously; Time out on Pluto

Jabba is a great kind of grub, you may remember his cousin from the movie Star Wars. Surrounded by slaves and hangers on, his place was not a choice destination.

Getting there was something of an ordeal; I was on the way to serve as a temporary consort a diplomatic mission to Alpha Century when our ship was hijacked by pirates. Apparently I wasn’t their type and they sold me to Jabba. Jabba is just a common name for the species and I didn’t know if they had individual names or not but to avoid getting eaten by it, everyone was overbearing, nice and extremely cautious.


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Jabba's Demise

Previously; Mission Awry and Metting Jabba

The sand people seemed friendly enough but they were heavily armed and insistent that we go with them. I suspected that they were in league with Jabba and I was right, but we saw no point in resisting when they took us onto their scout ship. The short flight later and we were delivered to a team of Jabba’s slaves. I think some of them had become familiar with me when I’d been serving Jabba as their tongues went everywhere. When they first began investigating Susie, she instinctively resisted for a moment and she got a nasty sting on her leg.

I cautioned her to be compliant and said that we were

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Previously; Mission Awry, Metting Jabba and Jabba’s Demise.

We began settling in with our new Jabba and on the second day we were there he unearthed an archive of human pornography belonging to the Jabba that he had defeated. In what I call the mornings, he’d eat a load of critters then Susie and I along with the Romulan women who were also slaves drained his pustules using our mouths and pussies. Quite often when we were out of his range of vision, basically when we were behind him would usually just use our hands although when we did that it was harder to control the ejaculate and we’d get it all over ourselves.

As that happened,

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Trouser Snake Pt 1

A sci-fi story

Our sociology class was on a tour of the outer colonies and we were on planet Zoogamon which is about 150 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus. The objective of the trip was to study cultural differences and observe the results of the mixed breeding between the the different humanoid species in the region.

We had been to the home of the reptile lords and Zoogamon was part for their administrative territory. Zoogamon was a huge planet about six times the size of Earth. As an almost full blood human who could trace my ancestry to an old earth tribe, my blood was mixed with just a little reptile

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