The Nature of Affairs

Is it human nature or perversion?

Can I make anything clearer?

Within the fold of human relationships, the monogamous marriage has taken precedence within the world and while people marry for all the right reasons and the best of intentions, sometimes they cannot prevent themselves from having what are referred to as illicit relationships.

Monogamy or any relationship for that matter is a social convenience and not a law of nature. If we look at the statistics relating to marriage, around 80% admit to some form of infidelity be it entertaining the idea of being intimately involved with another person who is not one’s marriage partner, we can be reasonably well assured that there is not one person

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Casual Sex

One of humankind’s favourite though sometimes risky pastimes

In the Western world despite the imposing morality of church and state, we live in a world now where sex before marriage is completely normal.

In this modern era many people indulge their sexual fantasies through force, these are generally short-term and could be classified as casual that the casual rapist is a burden on civilisation.

It seems so odd that we live in a world where the girls have been trained to so they don’t yet amongst a group of men there is often some bragging about some form of casual sex or perhaps exotic sex that came unexpectedly.

Few people seem to be aware that sex is not just the

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Relationships and Fidelity

My husband is at work but his brother is hitting on me

Dear Dianna, my name is Roxanne from California, USA. I’ve been married to Scott for two years and I’m just about to turn 23. To make ends meet he works really long hours but so far I’ve only been able to get some casual part-time work which is fine because we’re doing okay.

But it’s almost 2 months ago now that Scott’s brother Brett came to stay with us after losing his job. His situation was desperate enough that is only choices were to stay with us or live on the streets. Initially Scott was indifferent to him but after a word from his mother, he finally invited

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Tales of infidelity

The experience and feedback

Anon writes: I won’t tell you my name but I’ve been married for five years and having decided to put off having kids until after I turned 30, we’d been working hard to build our dream home. We hadn’t gone too far overboard in terms of debt, but I’m sure this was one of the major factors upsetting our relationship.

In those first few years of courtship and marriage we both had good paying jobs and a great deal of confidence, so we had sex often and everywhere. But in some-ways it seemed too good to last because my work

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Tales of Infidelity

A wife’s indulgences part one

Hi there, I’ve known for several years that quite a few acquaintances have been sleeping around outside of their marriages and it’s pretty hard to conceal because people gossip and brag. My friend Jenny had quite a thing going on with their gardener until one day her husband came home and caught them. They live four doors away and one day I actually heard them screaming at each other, but the next day they were as normal as ever although the gardener was sacked.

Then there was Nancy and Ted who lived opposite us, he was having an affair with his secretary but when his wife found out they divorced and we have some charming

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Ambers Mum

Down but not out in the UK

I was married when I was at 18 mostly because I had to and I gave birth to my daughter Amber when was 19. The experience was enjoyable except that my partner Steve seemed to be forever off chasing other girls. He was always a bit wild but he began to settle down after Amber was born and managed to hold on to regular work.

Our relationship was always rocky and we argued about almost everything although I loved making up afterwards. I didn’t mind that he spent more time playing sport and hanging out with his workmates because it made life much easier but I really missed the sex that we used

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Victoria's Adventures

Living with a strong libido pt 1

Victoria was a wayward girl and her parents thought the best thing to do was to get her married as soon as possible. So with the honeymoon over eighteen year old Victoria was getting restless. So far she had done really well at least from her parents perspective as she’d only had one indiscretion with someone other than her new husband.

But last night, Stephen came home late from work to find Victoria lusting after him. But he was so beat from his days work, he failed to meet her needs. She tried to be understanding and when he’d left for work the following morning she thought about getting a job to keep

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Oh Fatso

A Christmas Tale

Part one of a Xmas let go

On Christmas Eve we’d organised Christmas for the kids, and had everything packed for them to spend the holiday break with their cousins upstate. But for me being the junior partner in a law firm, I had been elected to work over on a few cases due in court in the coming weeks.

But on that Christmas eve night I dreamt of making out with Santa Claus which was weird because not only did I not believe but I also loathed fat men. I woke up feeling totally turned on and if the kids hadn’t been running round in excitement I would have satisfied myself with Rick, my husband.


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Enter Nigel

A Christmas Tale

Part two of a Xmas let go. Pt1

The office walls were frosted glass thankfully, but the door to my office was open. As I walked towards the door while still adjusting my skirt to meet my client, I saw that I’d left my knickers on the floor near the drinks cabinet. But there he was in the doorway, 6 foot four and clearly a man who worked out wearing board shorts and a T-shirt.

His appearance was rather stunning and I was all too painfully aware that I’d just been nicely fucked and had a strong drink. As I politely said hello and shook his hand, I was secretly cursing the doorman for waiting until

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Perfect days end

A Christmas Tale

part three of a Xmas let go – Pt2

In my Skype window, I could see my kids were so excited to be in the new space and after I’d had a brief chat to them and a longer talk to Rick about my day at the office excluding that I’d had sex with two clients. I told him that I felt tired and lonely without him. He was sympathetic and suggested that I should go down the street to the Simmons house and chat Dave up for a massage because he owed us a few favours and he probably wasn’t doing much for Christmas.

That sounded just what I needed though it seemed to be

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A day in the office

A Christmas Tale

part five of a Xmas let go. Pt4Pt1

I lay in bed reminiscing that yesterday had been rather interesting. I was in no hurry as my only appointment that morning was with one of the senior partners to brief him on what I’d accomplished. I was still in bed when Rick called. It was so nice to see my kids and I wondered what my boys would be like when they were the same age as the two I’d had sex with last night.

I arrived in the office looking suitably professional to be greeted by a huge pile of paperwork delivered from the courts and I was still going through that when

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