Gay - Lesbian

Attraction to the opposite sex

No one can really explain why we are sometimes attracted to the same-sex. Some people think that being gay is a copout because opposite sex relationships are too difficult, but on the other hand, most people who consider themselves as being gay are actually only turned on or aroused by others of the same gender.

People in our recent history have judged and condemned gay people for being somehow different, that one of the most interesting words ‘gay’ is rather delightful and most gay people that I’ve ever met have been delightful individuals although often rather horny.

Thankfully to a larger extent gay people are generally excepted in most societies and instead of asking why

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Sex ed

A neighbourhood friendship

Everyone in my family knew I was outspoken on the importance of proper sex education and I knew some men who’d taken their sons to prostitutes, but Graham who’s a cousin of mine and the same age as me expressed his concern about his son Melvin.

Some members of the family had already teased Graham about naming his son Melvin and I’d refrained, but Graham was concerned that his son was not taking on the manly characteristics that he hoped for. He had been hoping for a football stud and not the computer nerd that Melvin was becoming.

Although we weren’t supposed to, Graham and I had a bit of a fling during our high school years

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Good bye boyfriend – hello girlfriend

Nigel had been pissing me off for weeks and we had only been together for two months. But now I was feeling like I was just his fuck buddy and the emotional connection seemed to have evaporated. This morning after a very half-hearted fuck and he’d come before I even started, I decided that was enough.

I made him a cup of coffee and told it was time he moved out. He said okay, picked up his stuff and he was gone within an hour. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or not, I felt more relief than upset. So I called Fran, a girl I’d known for a few weeks who lived

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