Girls and Men

What a girl has to cope with

Just think, I am a human female and like most probably dumbed down by my education and layered with expectations to make my parents happy by finding a decent sort of man and having children of my own someday.

To be fair or must state that our social and political environment not to mention our ecological environment leave a lot to be desired. The world is not fair or just and yet one is expected to be “a good honest person” while all around you everyone is fighting and cheating. So how do you cope with this and build a life for yourself?

In addition to all of that, there is school to

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Creating My Massage Business

And dealing to this thing called work

Going through massage school and working to part-time jobs to cover the costs was in fact the easiest part I realised once I had gone through the process of setting myself up. I’d done some research before I began this course to generate an income for myself.

In the area where I live on the outskirts of Seattle, there are no places to get a decent massage although there are a few brothels and anyone what the once a proper massage has to go closer to the city. It took a considerable amount of work to do some market research, some of that I did buy going door-to-door and some by interviewing people

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The Casting Couch

The story of many Hollywood legends

The casting couch was something I was familiar with. I had been an actress for almost seven years, and the first three took me nowhere. Audition after audition would go by with no callbacks. I was starving, even with the tips I made as a waitress.

“You know the girls they choose are the ones that put out,” a black girl told me. “I’ve gotten lots of parts. Check it out.” She showed me her portfolio and I looked at some of the parts she had snagged and I was impressed.

“So you had sex with the directors?” I asked, curiously.

“Yeah. It works. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

“Why are you

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A Caution to Girls

I Was About To Marry My Lover Till I Saw His Facebook Messages:

There are many charming young men seeking attractive girls for pleasure and sometimes to wed. This is a cautionary tale about dating a Muslim boy and how she saved herself ‘just in time’.

Anonymous says:

What I Saw, I’ll Never Be Able To Forget. I am an army brat who has led a very liberal and easy going life. Integrity and honesty were my first and foremost virtues. I belonged to no city because we were transferred every 3 years. Adaptability was my biggest asset.

He belonged to a typical conservative Muslim family living for years in a notorious town of west UP. The family was

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Sex as a Career?

Women have been counselled to become sex workers

A Tumblr image

The concept of a woman offering sex for money and other favours is generally thought of as the world’s oldest profession and as far as we know, there has never been a time in human history where this has not occurred.

Today in many countries despite the cries of some moralists, what many regard as prostitution has been legalised in many countries. Yet when we look at many marriages, they are often little more than agreements validating sex for money.

Yet moralists around the world even though they may be prostituting themselves condemn the activity of the women who make themselves available to men,

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Modest is Not Hottest

Ideas about growing up, conformity and fashion for girls

Eye candy

Growing up in our materialistic world is a challenge and many the many self esteem issues so many suffer from stem back to those moments of comparison with others, in particular the unrealistic magazine and makeup images of what you should look like.

The fashion industry promotes the body beautiful with shorter skirts, lower necklines, bigger busts, thinner legs, perfected eyebrows, and a pencil thin waistline. Girls are being constantly told exactly how to look and how to be hot, to be desired, and sexy mostly by males.

Our world is very elitist and this is mostly to do with basic survival needs, like more money

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Relationship Q & A

Anal Sex – Shall I or Shan’t I?

Leakage can be embarrassing

Hi Dianna, I’ve recently started allowing my boyfriend have anal sex with me and one once he actually gets inside me, after the initial discomfort while is not exactly unpleasant, it’s not exactly great either so what’s the big deal and should I continue?

Thanks for writing Veronica, for some people anal sex is a really big thing and for others it’s not. You need plenty of lube and in terms of penetration, it’s somehow contrary to nature and takes a little practice to relax those sphincter muscles and sometimes the urge to push out.

For most women, this form of sex is something they ‘allow’

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Growing Up 104

A massage student shares how she sank into decadence and discovered a new dimension

The week that followed from part 3


Marylou woke us at 7 a.m., Josephine had to go to school and Hank was going to work. After breakfast we all pitched in and did the housework, went to the mall to get some groceries and when we returned there was a cute guy mowing the lawns. Gail saw my interest and said that they didn’t usually have sex with the hired help and of course by then it was lunchtime. We had a snack and returned our attention back to our school work which entailed giving Marylou a massage. She was sweet and tolerated us

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Mission awray

Space lice

Part one of a sci-fi fantasy

On this trip, we were on a fairly routine mission to replace battery packs and collect data from some of the observation posts in the Kifer belt.

Our spacecraft is little more than a shuttle with a three-person crew and a few droids. My companions Jenny and Wade as far as I know were sleeping as I’d volunteered to keep watch and bring us to our next destination which was now approaching. The destination was a cratered lump of rock about half the size of Pluto and I watched as droid 37p projected the map and highlighted our targets.

This mission had become routine and it was time for my companions to

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At The Baxters

From Part one

After my days exercise and being so well fucked, I was still a bit floaty and wonderful. The parking is terrible around the Baxter’s house and we had to walk 500 yards. As if we were still walking on the mountain, Barry led the way and as we stepped onto the patio, he rung the bell. Kelly and I checked that we were as the tidy as we could be and then Chelsea opened the door.

The we were there primary to catch up with Mike and Kylie who’ve only been in a committed relationship for a couple of months, but Kylie’s sister Chelsea and another girl lived with them because of the proximity to their

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Boy Trouble

A girl’s growing up

I’m one of those unfortunate people who lives in a rundown tenant block, there is high unemployment and the kids have nothing to do except get into trouble and I knew all about it, but until now now I’d been fairly safe.

Like most of the girls in the neighbourhood, I guess I dress like a tart and one evening as I was walking home from work I saw these two young guys loitering outside the corner store. They hadn’t seen me and as I approached I got the feeling they were about to try and rob the store.

Then as I walked past the taller one asked my name and the other one tried to

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