A Caution to Girls

I Was About To Marry My Lover Till I Saw His Facebook Messages:

There are many charming young men seeking attractive girls for pleasure and sometimes to wed. This is a cautionary tale about dating a Muslim boy and how she saved herself ‘just in time’.

Anonymous says:

What I Saw, I’ll Never Be Able To Forget. I am an army brat who has led a very liberal and easy going life. Integrity and honesty were my first and foremost virtues. I belonged to no city because we were transferred every 3 years. Adaptability was my biggest asset.

He belonged to a typical conservative Muslim family living for years in a notorious town of west UP. The family was

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Sex as a Career?

Women have been counselled to become sex workers

A Tumblr image

The concept of a woman offering sex for money and other favours is generally thought of as the world’s oldest profession and as far as we know, there has never been a time in human history where this has not occurred.

Today in many countries despite the cries of some moralists, what many regard as prostitution has been legalised in many countries. Yet when we look at many marriages, they are often little more than agreements validating sex for money.

Yet moralists around the world even though they may be prostituting themselves condemn the activity of the women who make themselves available to men, but

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Modest is Not Hottest

Ideas about growing up, conformity and fashion for girls

Eye candy

Growing up in our materialistic world is a challenge and many the many self esteem issues so many suffer from stem back to those moments of comparison with others, in particular the unrealistic magazine and makeup images of what you should look like.

The fashion industry promotes the body beautiful with shorter skirts, lower necklines, bigger busts, thinner legs, perfected eyebrows, and a pencil thin waistline. Girls are being constantly told exactly how to look and how to be hot, to be desired, and sexy mostly by males.

Our world is very elitist and this is mostly to do with basic survival needs, like more money and

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Relationship Q & A

Anal Sex – Shall I or Shan’t I?

Leakage can be embarrassing

Hi Dianna, I’ve recently started allowing my boyfriend have anal sex with me and one once he actually gets inside me, after the initial discomfort while is not exactly unpleasant, it’s not exactly great either so what’s the big deal and should I continue?

Thanks for writing Veronica, for some people anal sex is a really big thing and for others it’s not. You need plenty of lube and in terms of penetration, it’s somehow contrary to nature and takes a little practice to relax those sphincter muscles and sometimes the urge to push out.

For most women, this form of sex is something they ‘allow’ rather

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Salima's market day

A girls life in Saudi

It took three weeks of pestering before her father gave her permission to go shopping. It was such a relief to be out of the compound and Salima was delighted, even with her Ama in tow. Good Aribic girls are not allowed out without written permission and when the police stopped their car because the driver made a stupid mistake, he scrutinised both women and their permission slip.

Salima was petrified but defiant and they soon continued the the souk. After they left the car, Slaima revelled in the sounds and smells, but her secret wish was to get some Victoria Secret underwear. Ama also had a list, but she let her young charge lead

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Sweet revenge

Jill was a big girl and she was often teased about her size. By the time she was 12, she was 5 foot 5 tall and had the body of a woman. But because she was fat she was derided by most of the kids at school. But within the community there were many men loved fat girls.

She ignored the rudeness of her peers and became adept at fending off the men who for the most part, playfully pursued her. By the time she was 16, she’d let a few men have their way, and they were usually not the most attractive types but they treated her nicely untill they’d had their way.

She pondered the meaning of her

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Jo grew up out in the sticks, christened Joanne, she was the second oldest in a family of five boys. The father ran a fairly large farming operation and her mother was home most of the time.

As a young child, she went to school by bus and she preferred involving herself and farming operations. Like most farm kids, she learned about sex at a very young age and her conservative mother reluctantly spelt out the facts of life. As a girl, she was expected to help out around the home as well as look after her younger siblings so she got to know all about the male anatomy.

Their extended community was very male dominated and there were only

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A rough life for many girls

Like most girls in the street, I had my share of babysitting. My older sister Julie looked after this brat Stephen when he was small, but Julie’d had enough of him and refused to babysit for them anymore. So I was pressured into doing the job even though I didn’t like him although his younger sister Joanne was nice and easy to look after.

At that time, Joanne was 4 and Stephen was 10. Sometimes Joanne would be in bed before I arrived or I’d put her to bed soon after they’d gone out and after a 10 or 15 minute story, she’d be asleep. Stephen was a different matter, he generally behaved himself

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On a Mission

An exciting month in West Africa

Out hiking 8 months later

Hi, my name is Sarah, my family are Baptists although what they believe never made much sense. When I was 14 and to curb my drive to simply be myself, they persuaded me to participate in a VSA program. It was mostly because I found my own family so irritating that I agreed to go, though I had no idea what I was getting in to.

So a couple of months later I spent a week in Paris brushing up on my French and then flew to Senagal where I was met by John and Mary Taylor. They were like my parents but even worse in that sickly

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Commuter Train Journey - 1

What some girls endure or enjoy

Mico looked back at herself in the mirror, she saw a fairly ordinary looking girl she hoped may find a nice man and settle down in the next 5 to 10 years. She noticed that one breast was still slightly larger than the other, a fact that did not seem to change day-to-day and that that one hair she repeatedly kept pulling out was growing back, a tug with the tweezers and it was gone.

Aware of the time, she quickly dressed and put on a little make up. She would be dealing with the public today and needed to look her best, and her employers appreciated that their female staff dressed professionally with

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