The Rise of Paedophilia

And crimes against our children

All to frequently we hear news stories of children being bludgeoned to death by their parents, forgotten and dying of heatstroke and exhaustion when locked in cars. We also hear of the paedophilia gangs and the owners of child porn websites being busted by law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the general utility and sex crimes committed against children, huge numbers are kidnapped and sold into slavery with the have no rights or freedoms. All around the world it’s estimated that every year, tens of millions of children suffer as a result of adult abuse and brutality.

Within Islam, paedophilia is legal and normalised, but the problem has increased in non-Islamic countries to the

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Poisoning Humanity

Or what’s killing us

What future do our children have?

The toxic residues produced by industry over the past 2000 years have been conveniently overlooked. The Romans infamously used lead pipes and the lead drove them insane. More recently we switched to copper pipes but then it was discovered that as copper ages, the oxidised copper is harmful to our health and these were replaced with galvanised steel which were too expensive and today most people use plastic which presents another set of problems.

Modern society is driven by desires and some of them like access to clean water are vitally important whereas the desire for profits or to have the same stuff as one’s neighbours is totally

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One World Order

What would it look like?

It’s already here, you just haven’t noticed

The idea of a one world government is the idea of one common political authority for all of humanity ending borders and all currencies but one. It has been much talked of and such a government could come into existence either through violent and compulsory world domination, or through peaceful and voluntary supranational union.

Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the world through violent conquest and fortunately he was stopped although when we look at the world today with all its conflict and suffering, life may have been little different and not necessarily any worse at least for the select few with some autonomy over their lives.


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Modern Slavery and Sex Trafficking

An age old problem facing humanity

While there are some women who are kept chained, such scenes as this are fetish practices after which all participants returned to their daily life

It seems probable that slavery extends back to the very first humans with those who were not perhaps so bright were told by others what to do. In other words or another way of expressing this is: submitting to someone else’s will is an optional survival strategy.

With the increase in the human population, at different periods of time and history which we know from old accounts that slaves in essence became the workers and the architects became the middle-class. In Roman society almost everyone had slaves including

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Who is George Soros?

A mastermind directing world economics

Youtube image

It’s reported in many media sources that George Soros and other rich liberals spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton and are paying protesters to make trouble against Donald Trump by sponsoring the riots and protests we’ve seen in the news. Yet for many years, Soros has been involved in the transformation of the world economy, the impoverishment of the working classes and empowering the rich to loot the world.

In thinking about this man and what he represents, we must remember that capitalism is all about taking things from the earth or perhaps we should say stealing because the raw materials for industry are never paid for.

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The War on Drugs

And the politics of profit

Richard Branson made headlines some time ago with his declaration that the UN was about to announce a recommendation to end the war on drugs, however this seems to have been a misunderstanding because the UN was only talking about decriminalising the possession of small amounts of drugs as a partial solution to help stop the spread of HIV.

Drug use is seen by many as an antisocial epidemic, but for the majority of people, it’s just another crime or taboo so why do people use drugs?

In ancient tribal cultures, drugs were used to open the windows of perception and develop altered states of consciousness. The Shamen were able to connect with the movement

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Islam: The Untold Story - Documentary

The origins of a political movement

Many historians are challenging long-held opinions of the origins of Islam and in this documentary, Tom Holland examines whether the religion was born fully formed, or if it evolved over many years.

Adopting the theories of academic historian Patricia Crone as a basis, Holland asserted that there was little hard evidence for the origins of Islam and asks why it took several decades after the death of Muhammad for his name to appear on surviving documents or artifacts.

Arguing that there was little evidence for how the faith was born, he suggested that the city of Mecca may not have been the real birthplace of Muhammad and Islam, and – while not clearly disputing

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East to West

The falsehoods of history and implications for humanity

One of our most endearing home truths or moral truths is that a lie begets a lie. In other words, when someone tells a lie either they or some future generation have to tell further lies to avoid the first lie being exposed and that person discredited.

But when we look at that process of lying over hundreds and even thousands of years, the volume of lies keep on growing but they also become institutionalised.

Here I am referring to the evolution of civilisation. In the Western world we have been taught that the first civilisations began in Mesopotamia, Egypt and China based on available archaeological evidence and the tales passed on

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World War Three

The state of play

After conflict in Damascus, Syria

Perhaps you’d rather not see or know about this if you’re a fact Resistant Human.

Even if you have seen the occasional snippets of news, you must’ve heard of the disasters, the famines, the wars, and all the political and social injustice that’s going on. Unless you live within your own completely self sustained bubble of life, you will also have noticed the increasing unrest in your own neighbourhood.

The increase in crime and homelessness, the shortage of jobs and the increases in the cost of living are all side effects of unpleasant activities happening in politics, economics and trade all over the world. As with

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Cannabis Trial - 1 dead - 5 critical

Does cannabis kill?

In fact no deaths have ever been attributed to cannabis use. This is an evaluation of a Statement on the Reports Of A Death and Serious Illness from a Drug Trial of a Product Containing A Synthetic Cannabiniod.

According to local media reports, one man has been declared clinically dead and five others in a serious condition after a clinical trial conducted by a private laboratory in Rennes, in the west of France.

The test allegedly involved an analgesic product containing cannabis and the worlds anti drug lobby are pushing this information as are all media outlets seeking to raise public concern.

The fact that one person may have died in a drug trial is unfortunate, yet

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