Okavango Delta

Discover the place where the rivers intersect and enmity has long ruled. Crossing over the Caprivi Strip (by 4 x 4) we arrive at the country nestled between Namibia in the West, South Africa and Zambia in the North and Zimbabwe in the East.

We enter the home of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. We must not forget there are Island lodges on the Caprivi and surrounds that offer a welcome oasis of 5 star luxuries along the way.

Before I go ahead and tell you about the infamous Okavango delta, and the Tuli Block I would suggest that Botswana be considered as a Honeymoon destination or a venue for a wedding blessing. Legal weddings are of course possible but in

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Botswanan Food

By Elizabeth Morgan

Botswana offers a wide selection for the palate. The food found in the country is a combination of exotic dishes found only in Botswana and dishes that are commonly found in the entire region. This has added a certain level of uniqueness to Botswana food that travelers to this country can experience.


A major characteristic of the Botswana diet is that meat is very popular, with beef being the most widely eaten meat. Other meat sources include chickens, goats and fish. The people of Botswana usually eat sorghum, rice, maize and other cereals together with meat. Vegetables such as spinach, carrots, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage are also abundant and can be found in most markets.

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Art and Culture

Once the pressing need for a unifying national culture was fulfilled, multiculturalism came to be accepted in Botswana. Based on Setswana culture, Botswana’s national culture is representative of the growth of a distinct Botswana nationality defined within state borders, which also absorbs elements of post colonial English culture. Today, the dominant national culture of Botswana reflects the dual heritage and intermingling of Tswana and English cultural dominions. Nowadays, members of the country’s ruling circles are equally comfortable in both languages, no matter what the member’s regional or ethnic origin and home language are.


Traditional Tswana music was based on the human voice and string instruments, with little to no drumming. But the traditional music and dance began to decline

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Defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta

This land locked country is one of the best places to see African wildlife. The country is arid and dry through the slightly cooler winter months and the night time temperatures can fall below zero. Summer – November – March is very hot (plus 38°C in the shade) and this is also the rainy season, so the best time to visit for the wild life is from April to October.

Botswana is home to the world famous Meercats (thanks to television), they are very social animals and can be seen in many parts of Botswana. These cute animals live in borrows and emerge by day to hunt food.

The San

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