Moroccan Festivals

Celebrating traditions

Festivals are dedicated to popular arts and traditions which often mark the seasons as when in Spring time when the desert blooms. Many events are often organized at the last minute and largely depend on the lunar calendar. You can book tickets to these events with your Travel agent who can also specify exact dates.

Imilchil Festival August / September Her name was “Tislet”, and his was “Isli”. Their families were enemy Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Although they were lovers, in trueShakespearean tradition, their irate parents refused to allow them to marry. Their hearts were broken. To live apart was impossible. They sadly exchanged vows, then drowned themselves in two nearby lakes which now

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A gateway between Africa and Europe

Colourful cottons, Tangier (Morocco) by dave-hall

Tangier (often called Tangiers) is different from the rest of Morocco and with population of some some 700,000 Moroccan, French and Spanish inhabitants this city has always contained a sense of fascination and intrigue with Tangier being the port of mystery filled with international spies and Tangier is the model for the famous movie “Casablanca” which starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

The dark and dangerous reputation of this city is well deserved as after dark much of the city is very unsafe although generally, Tangier is considered a safe city compared with many places in Europe. The only trouble you may encounter is with

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Morocco’s capital

Situated on the Atlantic coast 250kms south of Gibraltar, Morocco’s capital has all modern conveniences steeped in a long and colourful history. This is a great holiday destination as tourism and the presence of all foreign embassies in Morocco serve to make Rabat the second most important city in the country after the larger and economically more significant Casablanca which is an hours drive to the south.

The royal palace in the heart of Rabat is a reminder that Morocco is a kingdom.


Rabat has a mild temperate climate with daytime temperatures generally rising about +9/10 C° (+15/18 F°) every day. The winter highs typically reach only 17.5 °C (63.5 °F) in December-January.

During religious festivals and

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The doorway to the desert

To the south of The Atlas Mountains and 4-5 hours drive from Marrakech, Ouarzazate is the film capital of Morocco.

Aït Benhaddou has Unesco world heritage status has been used to shoot scenes for many films. Lawrence of Arabia, The Mountains of the Moon, Star Wars and others were filmed there and tours of the film sets are available. The movies have bought much needed capital into the region which has helped make Aït Benhaddou one of the best preserved Kasbah’s in the region.


Ouarzazate is an ideal base from which to explore the south of Morocco. Atractions include the Dades Valley, the Todra gorges, the fortified Kasbahs, the breathtaking sanddunes, the

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Berber country

The capital of Southern Morocco, Marrakech is a city of dreams and legends. Here you will find every imaginable commodity and thousands of fine craftsmen in the souks. There are palaces, hotels, restaurants and golf courses with views of The Atlas Mountains which are covered with snow from November to April.

No visit is complete without visiting the town square for the entertainment and food in the evenings. Casual evening wear is recommended.

Attractions include:

The Menara and the gardens of Bab Djedid Koutoubia mosque The Kasbah The Bandiâ Palace The Ben Youssef Madrasa The Saadian Tombs.Meridien N’Fis Hotel Marrakesh

Getting There:

You can get there by train. Yes The Marrakech Express is a real train and not

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Fez is the third largest Moroccan city considered to be the spiritual, cultural and intellectual capital of Morocco and its historic importance is found in the many ancient monuments. Fez is basically three cities, Fes-al-Bali (the old, walled city), Fes-Djedid new Fes, home of the Mellah or Jewish quarter, and the Ville Nouvelle newest section of Fez built by the French.

The Medina of Fez-al-Bali is the larger of the two medina’s of Fez and is one of the oldest surviving medieval cities in the world. It is full of ally ways, tiny shops & workshops and the souq where animal skins are coloured and cured, here your senses can almost be overwhelmed by the colour and mixture of smells

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A port city and resort

By Ksenia Isakova

To the north of Agadir, Essaouira is a clean and tidy walled city a little off the beaten track and it was once a have for Hippies and Jimi Hendrix lived here for a couple of years.

It still has old canons mounted as though ready to defend an invasion force. Fishing is one of the local industries and the seafood is excellent. The crescent shaped beach is sheltered from the Atlantic rollers and wind surfing is a popular pastime as there is not a lot to do here other than relax.

Renowned for its pottery and craftsmen also work to produce high quality wood

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The commercial hub of western Morocco

November 1st 2016 – Three Dutch tourists were stabbed and seriously wounded during his visit to a mosque in Casablanca, ANP –

You may have heard of the movie “Casablanca” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, A classic and much-loved romantic melodrama. This masterful tale is about two men vying for the same woman’s love during WW2.

The movie Casablanca never had any connection to the city of Casablanca, it was actually set in Tangier but Casablanca sounded better.. Casablanca is a modern, clean and efficient city with all modern conveniences and fine hotels as it is the business capital of Morocco. Casablanca has a stock exchange and is the

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The easiest place not to get lost

Agadir is perhaps the most un-Moroccan city. Rebuilt after a tragic earthquake in 1961, the city has wide streets and after forty years still gives a sense of newness. Perhaps it is the newness or the planned functionality that Agadir is a popular resort for European tourists. And with a great beach, high quality hotels and restaurants, a fantastic climate and three golf courses, you will find Agadir a great kick back and do little or nothing holiday escape.

Besides tourism, Agadir is Morocco’s main fishing port and the fish market is worth a visit, but be sure to get there early before the tour buses arrive.

Rated as Morocco’s number one tourist

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Morocco (Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah)

Located in the North Eastern corner of Africa, Morocco borders the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria and Western Sahara and is easily accessible from Europe. The people are warm and hospitable making Morocco an ideal country from which to start exploring Africa.

Parts of Morocco were ruled by the Spanish and later by the French. For visitors who do not speak Arabic, French and Spanish are the next best languages to know although the use of English is growing.

Morocco is divided by the Atlas Mountains with most the population living between the mountains and the sea. Visitors and tourists will find the coastal cities have all modern conveniences while to the west

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