Nature and Wildlife

In Namibia

By Porfirio Delaney

Namibia is a vast country – 825,418 square kilometers of scenic, varied landscapes rendered in high-contrast color film. It is no wonder that this peaceful nation is a favorite among photographers, especially the Sossusvlei sand dunes or the famed but feared Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert, the awe-inspiring depths of Fish River Canyon, and the endless plains of the Kaokoveld. Strangely-shaped rock formations, dormant volcanoes and giant dinosaur footprints round out the diversity of this stark, hauntingly beautiful land. These features provide so much variety to your sightseeing. For the more artistic eye, the tones, textures and forms of these landscape features have made Namibia a popular destination among photographers.


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The Himba People

A people on the verge of extinction

Seemingly lost in place and time, the remaining Himba people eek out a a living through hunting and herding of goats and cattle in the marginal lands of South West Africa (Nanibia). Kaokoland is home to some 6000 Himba. These friendly people are closely related to the Herero and speak the same language. The Himba are herdsmen, breeding mainly cattle and goats while leading a semi-nomadic life. They migrate with their herds to the different waterholes from season to season.

The Himba’s history is wrought with disasters, including severe droughts and guerrilla warfare, especially during Namibia’s quest for independence and as a result of the civil war in neighboring Angola. More recently

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Southwest Africa

Namib desert Namibia by Sossusllei

Some say Namibia with a population of 1.8 million is Africa’s best kept secret but we agree that its a land of wonderful contrasts. In the west of the country from where the icy Benguela current sweeps up the Atlantic coast providing an abundance of fish life and the ghostly fogs that float ashore to lie suspended over the brooding Namib Desert to provide some much needed moisture to desert-adapted flora and fauna.

The aptly named Skeleton Coast hides shipwrecks in its misty waters and crumbling bones in its sandy shores, while the well-adapted desert elephants and rhinos roam the rocky hills of Damaraland and Kaokoveld further to

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