The Burkini Ban

The crazy politics surrounding Islam

A recent controversy that has come to the fore primarily on European beaches is that of Muslim women dressed in a head to toe burkini. Sadiq Khan is banning bikini ads in London and replacing them with Islamic propaganda. Some French people have been outraged enough to get a court order banning such apparel on public beaches, however a higher court overturned that decision. So what is it about the burkini?

The burkini is worn by Muslim women who under Islamic law have very few rights and freedoms. In totalitarian Islamic societies, a camel has more rights than a woman who cannot leave the house without her

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Unhappily French

Paradise misunderstood

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Paris especially is called the city of love and yet when it comes to romance, the Parisien’s are described as being the unhappiest in the world.

The French have always been renowned for their relaxed attitude towards sex, and infidelity in relationships is so commonplace that no one takes any notice. Even the president and public officials make public appearances with their consorts present.

Prostitution in France is legal although it is illegal to advertise sexual services. There are an estimated 30 – 40 thousand prostitutes in France most of whom operate online while smaller numbers work on the streets and even fewer work as hostess clubs and brothels.

The erotic cabaret – nightclubs like

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The Republique Francaise

France is the largest country in Western Europe, with an area of 551,500 square kilometres and a population over of 60 million people. Geographically in the south you will find the Pyrenees mountains, rising to the 3,404 meters high which form the frontier with Spain and, to the east, the Alps which separate France form Italy and Switzerland, and the French Alps to the north form the most extensive ski slopes in Europe. Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, is 4,807 meters high.

Paris is one of the greatest cities and most important urban regions of Europe and the world: with a population of 2,116,000 people and 10,925,000 in the Ile de France region which includes the peripheral

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Home to the EU Parliament

A pocket country on the northern side of France, Belgium is a small country that many travellers pass through in a few hours. It is at the crossroads of Western Europe with the majority of West European capitals within 1,000 km of Brussels which is Belgium’s capital city and the seat of both the European Union and NATO.

When it comes to Belgium there are no better words to sum up the locality than food lover’s heaven. Enjoying a fiesta of mussels in Brussels, a meaty main and, on the dessert menu, there’s the option of the famous Belgium Waffles found at the street stores. Want more? Sure, take a day trip down to the

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