Get Naked in Greece

Honouring Olympic Tradition

If you know your history, the Olympic Games originated in Greece and all the competitors were naked. The Greeks celebrated the human body and their men were renowned as gods of love. But oh how things have changed. The Greeks are rather prudish these days and while there are thousands of beaches perfect skinny dipping, the only people to get naked are other tourists.

So given that the Greeks have adopted some strange puritanical values, don’t go stepping out of your clothes on the beach full of local people, do some research before you go and include some recognised nude beaches in your travel plans.

You’ll find a whole mix from nude family beaches, couples only and

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Business and Pleasure

A country under pressure

Greece – Bikini World Blog

Since this post was written, Greece has been flooded with refugees which means you have to take extra security precautions, but on the other hand because of its financial difficulties, you may get a very good deal.

by Nick Nikolis

When you think of travelling to Greece, you’d probably would think of doing it on your leisure time and many people visit Greece on their honeymoon, anniversary, or for a family vacation. There is so much to see in Greece; so much rich history. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to see the Acropolis of Athens, or the historical site of Olympia. Maybe you have visited Greece

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Home to the great legends of history

Greece today is a great Mediterranean nation. The people are relaxed, friendly and know how to have fun. Greek food is fresh, tasty and healthy, the climate warm to hot in summer making Greece the perfect place to not only delve into history, but a place to relax and enjoy the beaches with their taverns and cafĂ©’s, or dance till dawn in the many nightclubs and bars.

Immerse yourself into the origins of modern world history, see historical fragments like Delphi, which is said to be the centre of the cosmos, or visit the fallen columns on the sacred island of Delos, and see the Minoan palaces adorned with frescoes on Crete.

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An Ode to Pan

The delight of many hearts

Pan by Gerald Metcalfe

The popular concept of Pan is that of a very happy, flute playing, charming and fornicating character who some think may be related to Krishna in India.

It is said that the has the horns of a devil, a grin that will charm your pants off and the music he plays on this Pan pipe entice your feet to dance and your spirit to rejoice.

His torso is that of a strong virile man, but his legs are more animal in nature and he has cloven hooves instead of human feet.

His male appendage is like that of the Greek God Priapus, substantial and always ready. He was

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