History and Collapse of the Roman Empire

Empires are unsustainable

It was only a short time ago in evolutionary terms that Rome was simply a small city-state with no more significance than any other state in the region. Perhaps it happened that traders from India, Persia, Greece and North Africa passed through Rome seeded new ideas that some early Romans turned their minds to trade, usery and the accumulation of power? But its is clear they borrowed heavily from the Greeks in developing a hierarchical social structure, military techniques, arts and culture.

As Rome’s power grew, it absorbed neighbouring states until it controlled the entire Mediterranean region making it as most history books tell us was the world’s greatest empire.

This is not exactly true, long

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Only in Italy

Passion in politics

Mary Elena Bosch, an Italian politician and lawyer who, since 22 February 2014, has served as Minister for Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament, delegated to the implementation of the Government Programme in the government of Matteo Renzi.

Apparently this cleverly manipulated backside photo became an internet sensation for a while.

The original image – in some countries, you’d get in trouble for this and she deserves credit for being a good sport as well as a competent politician.