The Burkini Ban

The crazy politics surrounding Islam

A recent controversy that has come to the fore primarily on European beaches is that of Muslim women dressed in a head to toe burkini. Sadiq Khan is banning bikini ads in London and replacing them with Islamic propaganda. Some French people have been outraged enough to get a court order banning such apparel on public beaches, however a higher court overturned that decision. So what is it about the burkini?

The burkini is worn by Muslim women who under Islamic law have very few rights and freedoms. In totalitarian Islamic societies, a camel has more rights than a woman who cannot leave the house without her

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A trading and tourist hub

Big Ben and the houses of parliament

With a population of eight million, London is the seat of the British parliament and a major centre for modern culture and capitalism. If you have ever played the board game of monopoly, you will be familiar with many of the place names.

London is a great destination with many places of interest including Buckingham Palace, the museums, Tower of London, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Barnsbury Park and Westminster Abbey.

Mid summer (July and August) is the best time to visit as the weather is generally warm and settled, however accommodation can be scarce and prices higher. The popular attractions are often crowded with long lines

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Sexy London

A guys guide

By Jasmin Lee (2004)

London, the greatest city in the world? Some argue so. This city has around 7 and a half million inhabitants, and 11 months of the year has grey and rainy weather. It is a very cosmopolitan place, and is the largest city in England, as well as being the capital of the United Kingdom. As far as sexual services go, London seems to cater for everything but also leaves a lot to be desired. England is slowly catchingup to the twenty first century, and the liberal views on sex that the rest of the world is starting to enjoy.

The different areas of London are all flavoured differently and because London is so

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Sexy London

A girls guide to pleasure

Behind the stiff upper lips and the British reserve, the people have a strong addiction to sex, booze and other drugs. London city is rife with pimps, cheats, whores and con artists.

The rules of the game apply world wide and if you’re nice looking girl, it’s very easy to get picked up but also you’re likely to end up getting robbed so it’s good to have some back up or a plan to stay safe. But if you’re a single girl and a stranger in town looking for fun, you need to be streetwise.

In some ways things are better now with smart phones so when a guy picks you up and it’s really

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I Anna

A story of growing up in promiscuous times

15 years later, I’m doing just fine

I went to a good Catholic school and I studied with a sense of incredulity at all the religious stuff that was put before us. After I’d been reprimanded a few times for asking difficult questions, I learned to shut up and remain fairly inconspicuous.

Like most of the girls, I liked to show off more of my body than was permitted, and I usually managed to get away with a slightly shorter than regulation skirt. After I was 10, I often got away with not wearing a bra even though it was compulsory even for girls without breasts.

My home life was confusing

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Looking Back

Growing up wild in London

An Interview about developing sexuality with a London family when I was studying sociology and working on my thesis at Oxford. While in London I met these people by chance. While I have changed their names to preserve their anonymity, such stories are not that uncommon as when Lord Boothby was having an affair in the Downing Street flat with Harold Macmillan’s wife, Dorothy who was also sharing young boys with Ronnie Kray. The lives of politicians and the rich and famous have always been of interest and even fascination largely due to the antics they get up to. Tom mentions the Profumo affair and before this there was the 1954 affair of Lord Montagu

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