Korea and India Linked

By the sciences of Hinduism and Buddhism

The idea that Hinduism and Buddhism represent a scientific approach to living may be foreign to some but it’s helpful to remember that once when Europeans were still cave dwellers and hunter gatherers, India represented the world’s leading civilisation with a wide global influence.

It is conclusively known that Hindus were sailing the world in 5000 BC and perhaps for many millennia before that. These connections to our ancient past being validated by archaeological and genetic evidence. It’s well known that Hinduism flourished across Southeast Asia and eventually gave rise to the city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia yet even today Hindu iconography and traditions are vibrantly alive across the parts of Southeast

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Taj Mahal

A world heritage site

The Tag Mahal from below the red fort

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is renowned for its aesthetic beauty and the romantic idea that Sha Jahan created this as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz-Al-Zamani.

Mumtaz, the lady in question was one of Sha Jahan’s many wives. According to documents, Sha Jahan killed her husband and then took her as his wife. Mumtaz later died during the delivery of her 14th child and immediately afterwards, Sha Jahan married her sister.

The mystery deepens as it’s widely thought that the design was created or inspired by Nur Jahan, the Empress consort of the Mughal Empire (25 May 1611

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Uttar Pradesh

Famous for the Taj Mahal

The Buland Darwaza (the highest gateway in the world) – Fatepur Sikri By Maria

In the north of India many people visit Uttar Pradesh state(UP) without knowing as they visit The Taj Mahal which is one of India’s most well known tourist attractions less than 200kms south east of Delhi.

UP is bordered by Rajasthan to the west, Haryana and Delhi to the northwest, Uttarakhand and Nepal to the north, Bihar to the east, Jharkhand to the southeast, Chhattisgarh to the south and Madhya Pradesh to the southwest.

Lucknow is the capital city of UP and located on the banks of the river Gomti. Also known as

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