Haridwar or Hardwar?

Image courtesy of Worldwide Hindu Temples ॐ

Haridwar is a gateway to the Indian Himalayas and roads that are not for the feint hearted. Hari means “Lord Vishnu” Dwara means “gate” or “gateway” so Haridwar stands for “the Gateway to the Char Dham* of Lord Vishnu” which is at Badrinath, a 12 hour drive away.

Lord Vishnu in Sanatana Dharma is seen as the sustainer of life and every year tens of thousands of pilgrims flock through Haridwar en-route to Badrinath.

The other spelling is Hardwar which in Sanskrit, Hara means “Lord Shiva” so Hardwar stands for “Gateway to the Char Dham “Lord Shiva” which is Mount Kailash in

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