Health & Safety

Sharpen your senses and get streetwise

The millions of visitors to Mexico mostly have an enjoyable trouble free time, however as a poorer nation there is a lot of petty crime. It is generally recommended that you leave your valuables at home, dress down and go with the flow while taking sensible precautions to keep to the main tourist and business districts, and avoid walking out alone at night.

Current Situation Since 2006, the Mexican government has engaged in an extensive effort to combat the drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) that ship drugs to The USA. Mexican DTOs, meanwhile, have been engaged in a vicious struggle with each other for control of trafficking routes. In order to try and get a handle

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Mexican Food and Drink

Tacos away mama

Think tortilla, think salsa, think hot. Tortilla is made from cornflour, salt and water, rolled very thin and baked. This is a basic Mexican staple, and you will find it served how other people serve bread with their meals. Tacos, fajitas, nachos, jalepenos, quesadillas, burritos – all with guacamole and salsa.

Be prepared to be burnt! The street vendors are a great place to find cheap and tasty food, the real flavours of Mexico. This is where the locals eat – so when in Mexico, do as the Mexicans! Do try traditional Mexican food like the “crepas de huitlacoche” and the “mole chicken” – if you’re such a newcomer that you don’t

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Hit the party scene, relax or explore the region

Cancun by Cailyn

Located on located on the Caribbean shore, on the north-east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula and north of the Riviera Maya, Cancún is the last place between Mexico and Cuba.

Cancún is a world-renowned tourist destination and a base to explore the Yucatán Peninsula. There are some ancient sites nearby and while the climate is near perfect all year, it is subject to hurricanes. The best time to visit is between December and April. It’s hottest there between May and September with high humidity all year round.

Cancún has many beautiful hotels along the beachfront and the hotel Zone is shaped like the

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Baja California

The big back yard

By Jessica Lloyd

Surrounded by Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés (or Gulf of California), Baja California is a region with a diverse geography which includes deserts, mountains, pine forests, hundreds of miles of untouched beaches and a coastline ideal for all water sports with many towns and campsites. The peninsula is divided into two states; Baja California (north), and Baja California Sur (south).

In general, the seasons are clearly marked, fall is fresh, winter is cool, spring and summer are sunny and warm to semi-tropical. To travel in this region you must have a Mexican Tourist Card or travel permit.

For exciting, or laid back holidays, the resort areas of Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada,

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On the Pacific coast, Acapulco is one of the largest and most popular tourist resorts in the Mexico. Its stunning beaches, natural surroundings and a wonderful climate, has made this one of the most popular holiday resort in Mexico and Latin America.

Acapulco is set on a large bay backed by high-rises and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. Made famous by the jet set in the 1950s and ’60s, it’s known for its high-energy nightlife, beaches and golf. From its iconic La Quebrada cliff, performers dive 40m into a small cove every day and night.

Acapulco, is 380 kilometres (240 mi) southwest from Mexico City. It’s located on a deep, semi-circular bay and it has served as a

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Mayan-Spanish flavour

Beach Babes by Foxxy

In Mexico today, there is unrest and riots over the disappearance of students as well as the ongoing battles between drug cartels and the authorities.

Mexico was an advanced civilization before the arrival of the Spanish and under Spanish rule much of the wealth was stolen. Today the Spanish influence is strongly represented in the architecture and Mexico is an independent democratic country playing economic catch-up with the developed world.

For the visitor Mexico is a popular destination where you can take day trips from the USA border cities, yet Mexico City (the capital city) in central Mexico is the most popular destination and one of the largest cities

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