Auckland Winter

The big grey

Auckland’s 328 metre high Sky Tower

A peculiarity of Auckland city is that it’s so often overcast, not particularly cold, just that the sky is dull and given to drizzle and light rain. Actually in wintertime the beaches and outdoor recreation areas are far less crowded so don’t be put off getting out for some fresh air.

The city itself is all about cars, shopping and eating. It’s about cars because you need a car to get anywhere and to know where you’re going, you need a good navigator or a GPS unit. Over the past 20 years, the city has evolved miles of confusing motorways and it’s very easy to go in the wrong

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4 Kids in Christchurch

Activities for the young at heart include:

Free Stuff There are many parks including Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens in the city centre where kids can feed the ducks and there is play equipment and a paddling pool (in summer). Parents can sit back, relax and watch the children play.

Nearby in the Canterbury Museum there is a natural history centre for children with many weird and wonderful things to for them explore.

Skateboard at Washington Way Reserve, corner of Morehouse Avenue and Barbadoes Street.

Swim sunbathe, or walk at Brighton, Sumner and Taylor’s Mistake beaches. Walk the Port Hills.

Paid Stuff Antigua Boat Shed Boat (row boat, canoe and, paddle boat) Hire Open daily Summer 9.30am – 5.30pm.

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John Oliver on John Key

Oh the news!!

John Key must answer Yes or No!

One of the greatest political interviews of all time.

Have you peed in the shower?

Have you ever stolen something?

Do you shave your pubes?

John may be a bastard in terms of how he manages the country, but he has class for fronting up with great distraction politics. John Oliver on John Key, hair pulling, the proposed flag and the last election. The Daily Blog talked about it, so here is the video.

John key and pony tail pulling – perhaps he always wanted a ponytail of his own. This above image is touring the public domain.

John Oliver weighs in on

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Diamond harbour ferries

Time for recreation

The Diamond Harbour Ferry berthed in Lyttleton.

Diamond Harbour is a popular destination on Banks Peninsula, a leisurely forty minutes by car from down town Christchurch and many Christchurch locals head there for Sunday drives, a stroll and coffee.

But it’s also home to city workers and stay at home artists. It makes for a great for a day trip as there are interesting walks around the headland, a more vigorous day trip to Mt Herbert and an easy wander around to Purau bay for a swim in summer.

There are several café’s and plenty of parking, but it’s less than ten minutes from Lyttleton by the fast

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Humorous facts

Stewart Island

Geography: New Zealand is situated the same distance eastwards from Australia as London is to Moscow. So if anybody tells you it’s right next to Australia, tell them to piss off.

It is bigger than Connecticut, but smaller than Canada. There are two main islands – The North Island and The South Island. There is also about a zillion other islands dotted around and about, none of which need concern you. The South Island is slightly bigger than the North Island, and South Islanders that refer to themselves as “Mainlanders” are right.

The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, which has a population of approximately

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Our Dark Future

The rise of insanity

Our corporate masters a tightening the screws despite public protest. Here in good old New Zealand, the government continues to sell the people out. They have been slowly but steadily making it easier for international corporations to do as they please and paying lip service to the real needs of the people.

The escalation in house prices is simply part of an international conspiracy by the world’s largest banks providing favours for the executives and return for perks and the surety of good jobs when they leave politics although in this country, politicians continue to receive a substantial salary even when they leave office which is way beyond that of any normal retiree.

Over the past

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Lemuria Revisited

Unravelling legends

Legends put Lemuria in the Indian and / or Western Pacific / or south of Thailand with all propositions including some of Australia. There is some chance that if Lemuria actually existed, New Zealand may have been included in this land mass.

Within India there are many legends of the continent south of modern day India, but if we look back at the history of tectonic plate movement, at a time before India began to push up the Himalayas, it would have been a much more volatile place to live because the Deccan traps were being formed.

New Zealand should I say Zealandia seems more plausible because if you look at New Zealand today on Google Earth, the

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Dismantling Nations

A climate of change and a New Zealand earthquake record

Street fractured in Christchurch earthquakes

Global warming is no longer a fiction, it is a fact which means that one must be pragmatic in one’s life and also when making travel plans. Most of the Middle East is no longer a good travel destination due to the conflicts, but the rest of the world is becoming more dangerous due to mankind’s impact on earth.

Volcanic eruptions, super storms and earthquakes have been more frequent in recent years. There has been loss of life in China, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ecuador and other countries due to the earthquakes. Volcanoes are not quite so bad as for the moment they seem

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Christchurch renewing

Four years on

The newly restored Theatre Royal

After the city of Christchurch was almost completely destroyed by earthquakes in December 2010 and February 2011, the city is beginning to find its feet.

While a great many homeowners are still battling with the insurance companies and living in broken homes, a major building boom is underway in central city re-establishing shops and mauls to replace the temporary shopping precinct made up of shipping containers.

Being a joint host of the cricket World Cup is a test of the city’s resources, but it seems to be coping quite well one of the ongoing daily problems in the city’s traffic. As so many businesses and shops relocated away from the

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Waiheke Island

Auckland’s disconnected paradise

Waiheke Island is a tranquil getaway from the hectic pace of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. There are ferries to and from the island leave about every half hour which makes it very accessible. Most of the island is farmland and besides the café’s in the township of Oneroa, the main attraction is the ocean and the beaches.

If you are going there for a day trip, take your drinking water, food and sunscreen along with your beach gear. While it is possible to charter your own boat, plane or helicopter most take the ferry from downtown Auckland or Devonport.

When you get off the ferry, you can hire a pushbike. There

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