The Kauaeranga Valley is a place of great beauty and natural wonder. It is situated behind the town of Thames, and has lots of things to do for the nature lover. Kauaeranga was once the name for the whole Thames region.

The Kauaeranga River used to be called Waiwhakauaeranga which in Maori means ‘Waters of the Stacked Up Jaw Bones’. Ngati Maru historians say the name came about after a battle, where the Ngati Maru stacked the jawbones of their enemies in rows along the riverbanks after killing them.

The Kauaeranga forest was once used for kauri logging, and many of the biggest and oldest Kauri trees which ever lived came from here. They used to use the river for

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Coromandel Peninsula

The stump of the north

The character of the Coromandel is formed by protected forests, marine parks and many other natural features which are easily accessed to give you a sense of discovery in this unparalleled environment.

A chilled-out hot spot in New Zealand The Coromandel Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand. Despite the logging that goes on, leaving behind the naked earth and ugliness, this place is definitely special. When you arrive to the Coromandel, you are greeted by Kopu, a tiny little settlement which offers you two choices: go over the Kopu-Hikuai Road to the East Coast beaches, or head up the inside of the Hauraki Gulf to Coromandel Township.

Up the Inside

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