Highway 7

From Waipara and Highway 1 to Greymouth and HWY 6.

Upper Waiau River with spring/early summer broom flowers in bloom.

Highway 7 is one of the four routes to the West Coast and the primary route between Christchurch, Reefton and Westport, and a longer alternate route between Christchurch and Greymouth. The section from Waipara to Springs junction is a main route to Murchison, Nelson lakes National Park and Nelson.

Waipara is home to the Weka Pass Railway, it is a small agricultural town with a focus on sheep farming and wine and home to the Weka Pass Railway.

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Where you’ll find the pancake rocks

Punakaiki is a recreation area situated just over a half hours drive north from Greymouth, or south from Westport on the coastal road. Punakaiki for most people makes for a good break to get some fresh air and walk out to the pancake rocks, (good wheelchair access) to view the unusual pancake rock formations and the blow-holes from which columns of sea water can spray up in favourable sea conditions as in the video below.

There is a an excellent visitor centre with information on the area from early history, geology, and information on walkways within the Paparoa National Park and this whole coastline was infamous as

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A region left out

Westland is an area bounded by the Southern Alps to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west is only 10 miles wide by some 600 miles long. At one time this region had more hotels than any other per head of population. The town of Westport once had 26 hotels on its main street, now it may have only 5.

Places to visit are the museums in most towns for relics of pioneer life. The pancake rock formations at Punakaiki. Shanti-town near the town of Greymouth, where you can pan for gold and see how the early settlers lived. There are opportunities to walk and climb in the valleys, mountains

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A tranquil lakeside village

The jetty at Moana

Situated half an hours drive inland from Greymouth, and on the tourist route to Arthurs Pass, Moana is a recreation village set on the shore of Lake Brunner.

Much of the land around the lake is farm, forest and mountain, and only accessible by boat or on foot. There is an extensive local history from the early days of gold prospecting, the development of forestry and farming. The place to find out local history is asking the local people, often the hotel bar is the ideal place for this.

Activities often centre around the lake. There are swimming beaches and you can hire power boats

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