Russia's at Fault

Our tribal culture

Over the years we have seen a litany of accusations, Saddam Hussein had his weapons of mass destruction and so many other leaders have previously and since fallen foul of people’s opinions who felt justified in their beliefs enough to go to war and execute people.

This is nothing new, this has being going on for centuries. It begins really with people realising they don’t know and feeling inferior beside those who pretend to know. The thing about being human is that we live on this little planet in some out the way corner of our vast universe and we think we are so goddamn important that we really know stuff of importance. But really, we have

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A Middle Eastern Perspective

A great drying

When attempting to piece together the fragments of history, historians we need to take into account the ice ages and climatic changes. So what has been going on?

It is said that the drying out of the Sahara desert began some 20 or 30,000 years ago. In fact much of the region was an inland sea which over time dried out giving way to vast freshwater lakes and rivers. It seems probable that much of the region spreading from North Africa to central and southern Asia was well watered during the ice age and it seems likely that there were many great tracts of forest and wetlands across the region.

It is generally thought that about 5000

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The Dragon Stirs

China on the move

China recently unveiled this god of war statue symbolising its new direction. A Tumblr image.

Western interest in China began in the 1620s and this country that was content within it’s own borders and economy had no interest in the rest of the world. There were of course Chinese sailors who ventured far from home but these travels were very limited and the most significant Chinese-Western relations occurred as the British East India company imposed itself on China causing the opium Wars and a consequent subjugation of China which some say it has not been forgiven.

In recent times we have seen China emerge as a economic and military superpower able to take on

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Russian Trucks

The Paris to Dakar Rally

Because Russia is such a vast and rugged country, they had to build trucks that could survive the conditions and they have since proved to be a hit when it comes to the relatively new sport of truck racing.

These tough trucks are designed to endure the rigours of Siberia, to negotiate every terrain imaginable without falling apart. Below you can see a couple of representative videos and your find tons more on YouTube.

Master truck drivers in action and other vehicles

Dakar 2014

MAN trucks Argentina – Bolivia 2016

Russian Trucks


Russia’s Administrative Capital

Central Moscow with Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Spasskaya Clocktower

The political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of Russia and one of the most important cities in Eurasia.

Reputed as being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District of European Russia.

It is one of the world’s most populated inland cities that’s well known for its unique architecture, historic buildings like Saint Basil’s Cathedral and it is one of the greenest capitals of the world with an urban forest in an area within the city boundary.

Almost everyone takes a walk through Red Square to see the Spasskaya

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Ukraine - the final frontier

Yet another of the USA’s Proxy Wars

With the pulling down of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, most people in the world thought that the cold war between East and West was over. But the USA never ceased to treat Russia as an adversary.

It is well documented that the United States administration has interfered in the internal politics of more than 60 countries. It has replaced many democratically elected governments with dictators happy to tow the US line and facilitate the exploitation of their countries by US corporations.

The Ukraine today

Bankrupt and almost a failed state, ever since the Ukraine became independent of Soviet control, it has remained conflicted with a minority seeking

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The MH 17 Story

Ukrainian Rebels or Ukrainian Military?

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin, however all evidence points to the Ukraine’s military.

MH17 Departs Amsterdam and over the conflict zone, it is ordered to decrease height and change course. This brings it into range of Ukrainian military jet which shoots it down.

The BUK missile theory:

When launched, this missile causes a small earthquake and it can clearly be seen from far off. There are no witness reports to this effect. The damage to the aircraft is not characteristic of a missile strike. The damage is consistent

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St Petersburg


Like everything in Russia, St Petersburg is built on a grand scale. Just 25ks from Talinn in Estonia, or Helsinki in Finland and on the Baltic coast this Russian city has easy access by air or sea.

A former imperial capital, this is a magnificent city built by Peter The Great, but some say it’s difficult city to visit without the enormity of it all engulfing you. But the city also has many placid canals and quiet intimate spaces in contrast to the grandeur of the Winter Palace and other great buildings.

The Hermitage museum and Winter Palace are generally considered the architectural highlights of any St Paetersburg tour or stopover.

St Petersburg


A continent of contrasts

The Russian Subway

The Russian Federation which is still more commonly and correctly referred to as Russia is the worlds largest country situated in northern Eurasia (above Europe and Asia together) stretching from the Baltic sea in the West across the northern hemisphere to the Pacific Ocean in the east with the frozen arctic ocean in the north.

Its land area covers an estimated 17,075,400 square kilometres or 6,592,800 sq miles, it has over 142 million people and spans 11 time zones with a wide range of environments and landscapes. Politically many former soviet states now have separate autonomy. The capital city is Moscow, a city without limits and reputed as one of the

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