Health & Safety Peru

Sharpen your wits

Like most of South America and countries where there is widespread poverty, extra precautions for health and safety are advised.

Health While a a few extra bathroom stops can be expected on many journeys, there is nothing that ruins a good trip like getting sick.

Before you start traveling ensure that you’re in good condition and that your teeth are okay. Contaminated drinking water is one of the leading sources of health problems for travelers, and can cause anything from mild gastrointestinal distress to serious bacterial diseases. So Never drink tap water (anywhere in Latin America) unless it has been boiled or treated with iodine (although not too much as iodine can be harmful too). A

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A land of contrasts

On the west of South America, Ancient Peru was home to several prominent Andean civilizations, most notably that of the Incas whose empire was plundered by the Spanish conquistadors in 1533. The Spanish were finally expelled in 1824.

Today Peru is relatively safe although some areas are still considered dangerous due to crime and terrorism and local knowledge should be sought before travel.

Geographically Peru has a western coastal plain, the high and rugged Andes with eastern lowland jungles in the Amazon Basin which means you can travel through some amazing topography.

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