Arthurs Pass - Greymouth

East to West

The Kea, New Zealand’s native parrot. A highly intelligent and inquisitive bird, it will steal food, lens caps and anything it can carry. They have also been known to partly dismantle vehicles.

From Arthur’s Pass village and still within the National Park, the road climbs steeply in places. There are many short walks to view waterfalls and other natural features including:

The Mt Rolleston lookout and walk way. The Temple Basin Ski area; a good day trip or a picnic. The one hour climb will give you an appetite. An alpine boarded walkway before the descent that lets you get a breath of fresh mountain air without getting your feet muddy.

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Travel Tips

Australia is full of dangers for visitors, the confusion in trying to understand Australian English can leave native English speakers dumbfounded, especially when talking to rural Auzzis. But the leading causes of injuries and deaths of visitors to Oz are caused by road accidents and venomous bits and stings, so using common sense and taking good care is advised.

Australia like any nation has its share of nasties, however providing you take normal precautions you are unlikely to encounter any problems. The city food and water is generally good with a wide range of exotic fruit. Crime is similar to any country and the greatest risks come from the climate and wildlife.

Outside the cities there are stinging ants, mosquito’s

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