Boys toy

A girl who enjoys sex

Hey there, this world is really one fucked-up place but I have a story that has never quite made sense. A few years back I picked up this girl hitchhiking out of Canberra and like she was wearing an open little jacket showing her tits but I managed to put away my lust and we had a really nice conversation, its like we just clicked.

She said she wasn’t going to meet anyone and had no place to stay but wanted to spend time in Sydney so I said that she was welcome to crash on my couch which she accepted. Now one of my mates had invited me to a barbecue so we drove

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New South Wales

NSW is the Easternmost state of the union.

Participants in the 2016 International Day of Yoga celebrations on Sydney Water-font

Bigger than some small countries, the landscape ranges from a magnificent coast line with secluded untouched beaches, to extensive national parks & forests, mountains, snowfields and alpine wilderness. It has miles of unspoilt rural scenery and an array of towns large and small with hundreds of great holiday spots.

Sydney is a focal point to start exploring and Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city and a destination in its own right. From Sydney, you can go west into the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains for bush-walking, rock climbing and camping. In fact the picturesque town

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Travel Tips

Australia is full of dangers for visitors, the confusion in trying to understand Australian English can leave native English speakers dumbfounded, especially when talking to rural Auzzis. But the leading causes of injuries and deaths of visitors to Oz are caused by road accidents and venomous bits and stings, so using common sense and taking good care is advised.

Australia like any nation has its share of nasties, however providing you take normal precautions you are unlikely to encounter any problems. The city food and water is generally good with a wide range of exotic fruit. Crime is similar to any country and the greatest risks come from the climate and wildlife.

Outside the cities there are stinging ants, mosquito’s

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Growing up in Westmead

A young woman’s story

I thought of myself as being pretty average, I was getting a B+ and A passes in school, did well in athletics and I lost my virginity to one of the boys from school under the bushes not far from home. We had two interesting neighbours, below us was Burt the badger, he got that nickname because he was always a pain in the arse, he seldom had a kind word to say about anyone and he was always asking for small favours.

In the bottom unit next door we had Harry the horse. It took me a couple years to work out where that nickname came from until I saw him naked in his yard.

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