Ram Setu

A simple fact yet so much controversy

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Ram Setu otherwise known as Adams Bridge is today a shallow ridge connecting the south of India with the north of Sri Lanka and clearly visible on the earth. Legend tells us and many believe that this is a man-made causeway built by King Rama some 5000 years ago. So what is the truth that the story and how did the causeway come to be constructed?

The causeway today is 50 km long and the area is very shallow, between 1 and 10 metres deep. It was reportedly passable on foot up to the 15th century until storms deepened the channel and temple records also indicate that Ram

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Sri Lanka

This island off the coast of south India is where you can discover golden beaches, virgin rain forests, lush green rice paddies and desert-like plains. Sri Lanka offers travelers diverse experiences and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. But it is the hospitality of the primarily Buddhist Sri Lankan people that makes travel in Sri Lanka truly delightful.