Angeles City

Sin City

Girls at Edelwiess

Such is the reputation of Angeles city. The reason for this is that the United States in force occupied Clark Field otherwise known as Clark International airport for many years between World War II and the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. This was the largest United States military facility outside of the continental United States.

The US troops of course demanded sex from the women of local populations and gave rise to the sex industry which is widespread across Asia. I’m not saying that the local men didn’t like a little titillation on the side, but it was much more subtle and in keeping with local traditions.

For many

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Poracay Resort

More fun in the sun

Close by the village of Porac which is only 10 km south of Angeles city or 20 km from San Fernando, you will find another Philippine resort offering time out and accommodation.

This area was inundated by fallout from the Mount Pinatubo eruption that devastated the region in June 1991. Driving through the area today there is little trace of the volcanic fallout unless you are an expert and know what to look for.

The park itself has been carved out of the volcanic scoria and includes various swimming pools and a slightly larger pond where you can even fish and kayak.

Like most theme parks, Poracay is a good place to take

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Philippine Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Farms and Gardens

Facebook image

Butterflies are the most beautiful and colourful members of the insect world and the name for butterflies in Filipino is Paruparo. The Philippines is endowed with many butterfly species which you may see in the wild if you’re very lucky.

But the surest way to see these colourful insects is to visit one of the many butterfly gardens. At the smallest, butterfly gardens are simply meshed enclosure where the butterflies are bred and you can walk amongst them.

However Filipinos like to do things in style and to do them big. Therefore your visit to a butterfly garden is likely to be a theme park, so you may want to take your

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Filipinos can Sing

The Filipino industry of sound

Music and song is culturally endemic and for many career minded Filipino’s, a good voice can launch a great career.

The Aegis Band performing in Christchurch, New Zealand 31-01-15 Charice Pempengco; a child star who’s reputation soared after her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Pinikpikan Butanding

Consequently almost every Filipino learns to sing from a young age and for many it represents a pathway out of poverty. Whe you’re touring the country, there’s music everywhere and people either singing along or wowing the performer.

It’s hard to believe that many girls who are scarcely five feet tall can hit and hold those high notes that many singers can only dream of.

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Indigenous products and top brands at bargain prices

SM Mall San Jose

Filipinos love to shop and shopping in the Philippines can be an adventure. All over the country you will find everything from roadside stalls, small village markets selling fresh produce and crafts to huge shopping malls and colourful bazaars.

A preferred and easy option for visitors wanting a more familiar shopping experience as well as respite from the heat are the large shopping malls which can be found in most larger cities.

Live fresh fish (tilapia) in Floridablanca market, some jumped off the table

The SM Malls can be found in most cities and you can buy local goods along with the worlds popular

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Only 30km south of Manila, Cavite is the Historic Capital of The Philippines, it is a picturesque and scenic province with Tagaytay City serving as the main tourist centre.

Natural attractions are mostly found in the upland areas such as Tagaytay Ridge, Macabag Cave in Maragondon, Balite Falls in Amadeo, Malibiclibic Falls on the General Aguinaldo-Magallanes border and there are eight (8) world-class golf courses in the province.

Cavite City Just 10kms across the water from down town Manila or a 35km drive, Cavite City is built on a peninsula and services the Sangley Point Air Base and U.S. Naval Station. It has all city amenities and shopping malls.

Cavite City has no established night life or entertainment district, however

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Camayan Beach Resort

A nice retreat

Billed as one of the countries top resorts, Camayan Beach Resort is located almost a half hour drive by taxi from Olongopo City and the free-port of Subic Bay.

The January sky is overcast, but the days warm, the water refreshing, but the sea lice make swimming unpleasant and its back to our room to utilise the good internet connection.

Our superior room with 2 double beds is comfy and its nice to have a hot shower as most of PH is cold water only.

The service can only be described as excellent, the food in the cafe very good and mid morning a troop of monkeys wandered through the resort saving us the trouble of walking

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Baguio City

Sub alpine coolness and heat relief

Overlooking Baguio

The capital of Benguet province, Baguio City is located in northern Luzon at an altitude of approximately 1,500 metres (4,900 ft). Here in the Luzon tropical pine forests one can escape the heat of the plains to this nicknamed “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.

Established as an an American mining and recreational town, tourism is now one of Baguio’s main industries due to its weather, and it was rated among the top 25 destinations in Asia by TripAdvisor in 2011, we were there in January 2012.

Getting There:

Loakan Airport serves Baguio City with regular flights to Manila and other Philippine cities.

Driving From Manila, take the NLEX to Angeles

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100 Islands

Pack sunscreen, water, food and small change

The beach area and picnic hall. Here you can bbq but the area can be very crowded but the swimming is nice.

An excellent day trip from Aliminos and Lucap Wharf*.

Take your bottled water, food, sun hat, sunscreen and bug off lotion. In January it is hot, so you may want to leave early in the morning.

If you arrive at Lucap Wharf in your own vehicle, take the right turn toward the hotels and park before the hotels by the inner dock. This way you don’t have to negotiate the hawkers and the occasional beggar.

Transport is by covered outrigger boat which tourists charter by the day from about

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San Fernando

A rural and industrial centre

Roadside furniture shop

In the heart of the Luzon plain, San Fernando is an agricultural region north of Manila that produces fish, rice and sugar. San Fernando city itself seems to be a place many drive by on the NLEX, but its an important town and off the wide main street are Toyota and Mitsubishi car dealers.

The older part of town has two public markets, but many flock to the aircon SM Mall to shop. Image below right. As with any Philippine city, there is always the roadside shops and craftsmen as in the image below left making furniture and car exhausts. The tourism industry of the city is fuelled by two

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