Amana Waterpark

A day to rest and play

In most western countries, you set aside and hour or so to go swim in the pool, but in the Philippines you don’t just go for a quick swim, you pack up the family, food and water, and arrive as early in the day to get best value for money as the entry fee for the day as the same as for the hour.

For sun protection you need to hire a cottage and you spend the entire day there. If you have small children, a cottage near the kids pools may be better, but for big kids and adults a cottage near the wave pool is probably more suitable.

Insect repellent is vital

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On Manila’s northern fringe

Bulacan Street scene

Bulacan lies in the southern plains of Central Luzon just north of Manila and the regional capital is Malolos. This is a progressive province where agriculture dominates but marble, jewelry, pyrotechnics, leather, aquaculture, meat products, garments and furniture are produced.

Typically this laid back but relatively wealthy region is a place you drive through en-route to somewhere else unless you know people there. But it makes for a pleasant excursion out of Manila especially to buy jewellery from the manufacturers. Most people in Bulacan speak fluent Tagalog the national language and most of the Philippine heroes like Francisco Balagtas, Marcelo H. del Pilar and General Pio Valenzuela are from this area.

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