An island to enjoy


Famous for the ‘Chocolate Hills” World Heritage Area and its fabulous beach resorts like Bohol Beach Club and Flower Beach & Dive Resort, the Island of Bohol east of Cebu Island is only one 100 kms long x 60 kms wide. The principal towns are Tagbilaran (the main business center and point of entry) situated on the south of the island where there is plenty of accommodation and arriving at the port of Tubigon makes for a lower fare from Cebu.

Getting there A 20 minute flight from Cebu Mactan airport will get you there making The Chocolate Hills a day excursion, or take a fast ferry to Tagbilaran, (the regular or slow

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A mecca for island adventures

Cebu is the main island of Cebu Province in the Visayas. It lies to the east of Negros Island; to the east is Leyte and to the southeast is Bohol Island. It is flanked on its west side by the Tañon Strait (between Cebu and Negros) and on the east side by the Cebu Strait (between Cebu and Bohol). Cebu is located between 9°25’N and 11°15’N latitude and between 123°13’E and 124°5’E longitude in the center of the archipelago.

Geographically Cebu is a large area of the Philippines were you will find some of the worlds best beaches and exciting coral reefs. So pack your shorts and bathers as there are 3 million locals ready

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