Jody's Wisdom

Part four of Jody’s journey

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Jody spent a year treading the rivers of indifference and cold streets of pride in California. She spoke a deep and ancient truth that was applauded by those who were sufficiently enlightened, but her key message was like that of the Buddha, that people always had a choice.

Despite the corruption of civilisation and that most people endured a lifetime of suffering, it was eminently possible to step out of that suffering. She continued to advise people that they could either wallow in their suffering and be grateful for moments of pleasure or they could be

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Enough was enough

A story of awakening

Part 1 of 4

Jody examined her face in the bathroom mirror, there was just a faint mark but nowhere near as bad as other times. She and Brad had just had another row and then made up. The sex was rough and unpleasant but she made out that she’d enjoyed it in order to send him off to work a good mood.

Life seemed so pointless, here Brad was a bully and impossible to satisfy. He was always picking fault even though the house was spotless and the food was as perfect as her cooking skills allowed. This was the final straw so Jody packed a bag with some basic essentials pleased that she didn’t

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Jody's magical life

Part three of Jody’s journey

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On the night that Jody walked away from the farmstead, she and the two mountain lions walked for about four hours before they lay down together and slept. Before dawn one of the cats went away for an hour and returned with a couple of rabbits. Jody ate a token portion of meat and as the animals ate their breakfast, she ate some wild dandelions. She didn’t see or hear a battle taking place back at the homestead, yeyt she knew all was lost there.

They wandered deeper into the wilderness and Jody would sometimes sit to meditate and she would be gone for days on end. She

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Mistaken Identity

An American drama circa 1930s

After a week-long retreat in the mountains celebrating the publication of his sixth and what looked like being his most successful novel, Mike’s car broke down and he was forced to walk back to civilisation. The first and only house for many more miles was a luxurious mansion, so he walked up the long driveway and knocked on the door.

It was opened by a rather eccentric and attractive middle-aged woman wearing a low-cut gown that nicely displayed her body. Before he had time to explain himself she asked if he was the new gardener. He tried to say no, explain that his car had broken down and ask to use a telephone but the

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San Diego

Hello sailor

Hey Sailor. Image by Pitter

San Diego is a large modern metropolitan centre and a popular tourist destination year around due to it’s warm climate. Located on the Pacific Coast just north of the Mexican border, it has a wide range of activities, shopping and entertainment to keep visitors occupied for weeks.

It’s also home to the US Pacific fleet, so if you like sailors, it’s a great place to be and it’s just a short drive to Tijuana in Mexico.

Activities Surfing is a San Diego passion with occasional queus for the next wave. Imperial Beach, Coronado, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Bird Rock, Windansea, La Jolla Cove

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San Francisco

The hippies became capitalists

California girls

San Francisco became famous back in the 60s when the city flooded with hippies and women walked topless in the streets. But it has always been a west coast commercial hub. It does not have the glamour of Los Angeles, but is has a more laid back style and some of those old hippies are now the city fathers.

San Francisco, the Spanish for “Saint Francis” was founded back in 1776, when Spanish colonists established a fort near the southern end of the present day Golden Gate bridge. A mission station named St. Francis of Assisi was built a few miles away. The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth, making

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Marin County

San Francisco’s relaxation zone

Just a short drive north of the Golden Gate bridge is Marin County which is one of San Francisco’s out door recreation areas. There’s ocean and forest, dinky hideaways, not for from the Napa Valley and out of the traffic and bustle of San Francisco.

This is where you can walk the redwood forests, check out the wild ocean or visit energising waterfalls and sub alpine lakes.

Suggested Itineraries Drive from Sausalito to the top of Mount Tamalpais to take in the cultural, historical, and natural sights and places. Spanish background of Marin, Gold rush era, military, cultural information, plants and animals endemic to the area. 2 hours.

Afternoon Evening Itinerary Water history. Start in Mill

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Los Angeles

California Dreaming

Just 140kms north of the Mexican border, Los Angeles or simply ‘L.A.’ as it is more affectionately known is perhaps most famous as the traditional the American movie industry, but situated on the Pacific coast, it is a large exciting city with something for everyone except for backpackers who avoid it.

The city has many neighbourhoods rich and poor and they keep themselves largely separated along ethnic and economic lines.

Attractions include:

China Town – Los Angeles Situated in downtown Los Angeles, China Town provides contrast to the area and great Chinese food.

Down Town Walks – Los Angeles Downtown Los Angeles is the heart of the nation’s second largest city and is comprised of a network of

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Big Sur

Drop out and tune in

The wild Pacific coast, Big Sur

The ideal place to break your trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles or a diverse destination in its own right. This was ‘the’ hippy haven of North America and it remains a major pot growing region with a wild coastline, several state parks and miles of get away from everyone trails.

The name “Big Sur” is derived from the original Spanish-language “el sur grande”, meaning “the big south”, or from “el país grande del sur”, “the big country of the south”. This name refers to its location south of the city of Monterey.

As well as a tourist destination, Big Sur is promoted as an artists

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The dream factory

Located on the west coast of the USA bordering the Pacific Ocean, California is one of the most dynamic and diverse states of the union with a landscape from sub tropical beaches to temperate high mountains and desert.

With Mexico in the south and Oregon to the north, the coastal strip is the main agricultural and cosmopolitan area (remember Bay Watch?) with great beaches. Away from the coast, the landscape changes to high mountains and down to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona. (The state is approximately 900 miles long north-south, and 200 miles east to west).

Los Angeles: Made famous by the movie industry and home to Hollywood and all it’s stars, Los Angeles is

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