Nakationing - A new buzz word

Holidays in the buff

Naturist Girls

Do you find packing for holidays a bit of a struggle? Then maybe nakationing is for you!

In addition to the clothes free beaches that feature in most countries, there is a growing clothing-optional tourism industry with over 250 nudist resorts and clubs around the world.

Some are family friendly, but most are adult only catering to swingers and may have erotic themes. But don’t let that put you off because people are flocking to this holiday option in ever greater numbers.

A new trend is toward the many cruises that offer clothing-optional travel. This has expanded from one ship in 1992 to about 50 ships and an estimated 40,000 people in

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A sexy and Retiring southern state

Jenny Scordamaglia from Miami TV interviews club and party goers.

Set in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the east by the Atlantic ocean, west by the Gulf of Mexico and in the north by Alabama and Georgia, Florida is a disappearing state.

The primary geology is limestone making sinkholes a regular feature of the landscape. This land is low-lying and highly susceptible to inundation by rising sea levels, but don’t let that put you off.

Like the other southern states, the weather is warm all year round, and outside the cities there are alligators, snakes and mosquitoes. But the warmth and nice beaches are a major draw-card making

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Car trouble

Karly’s road trip pt 1

Karly is a Northern girl who’d been in Florida for a few weeks, she found the heat oppressive and now she was heading to Texas. Before she left Tampa, she studied the map with the idea of avoiding the main highways and as it was hot and the aircon in her car was inadequate, she wore a micro dress without underwear – after all, she was travelling alone..

Three hours later she stopped at a fuel stop, topped up her tank without any reaction to her state of dress and headed into the wilderness. It seemed she was the only person on the road and she was hot, so she slid her dress down and

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The sherrif

Karly’s road trip pt 3

Continued from A Night Out

Karly slept a little later than intended and when she did, she lay in bed reminiscing over last night. She had enjoyed being a prize and the new twist on her sexual experience. But when she opened her eyes, the dingy room came into view and a sense of urgency took hold.

She had the air-conditioning turned on full, but it was almost too hot for comfort so she had a shower, stretched for 15 minutes, packed her bag, dressed in a similar dress she’d worn driving yesterday except for the cut-outs allowing more air to flow over her body. She firmly put aside the idea

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