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Louisiana is located in the tropical south of the United States and much of Louisiana is low lying swamp in the deltas where the Atchafalaya and Mississippi rivers enter the Gulf of Mexico.

Although the north of the state can get a bit chilly in winter, it’s hot and humid for most of the year. It’s surrounded by Texas in the west; Arkansas in the north; Mississippi to the east and the ocean in the south.

The Louisiana Tourist Info Centres are reputed to be the best of any State, partly because tourism is a major industry. Many tourist offices are often staffed by helpful mothers who will go out of their way to ensure

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The sherrif

Karly’s road trip pt 3

Continued from A Night Out

Karly slept a little later than intended and when she did, she lay in bed reminiscing over last night. She had enjoyed being a prize and the new twist on her sexual experience. But when she opened her eyes, the dingy room came into view and a sense of urgency took hold.

She had the air-conditioning turned on full, but it was almost too hot for comfort so she had a shower, stretched for 15 minutes, packed her bag, dressed in a similar dress she’d worn driving yesterday except for the cut-outs allowing more air to flow over her body. She firmly put aside the idea

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