New York

New York

We will get around to writing about this place.


A different kind of relationship

I’m one of those people who was fed up with the ‘human race’ and the world of politically correct nonsense. Then I got a lucky break by winning the lottery which gave me enough that I never had to work again.

I’d married and divorced some years earlier and bought a modest but very attractive property on the edge of town. I isolated myself to some degree and in social service I took up growing vegetables some of which going to a local charity hospital and some to a cooperative through which I keep a little contact with the wider but more alternative community.

And been there for almost 6 years when Evelyn bought a

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A walk in the park

A day in the life of Tracey Saunders pt 1

It was a beautiful sunny morning when Tracey woke up. She walked naked out onto the patio and stretched for 15 minutes not caring that some guys in the next apartment block were watching. If anything, she made her poses slightly more suggestive before she tired of the game and went inside to take a shower and contemplate her day.

She knew she was ahead with her work and so after a leisurely shower and a light breakfast, she put on a light summer dress and headed for the park. The birds were singing, the sun was warm and she would have liked to have been naked, but there were

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Night time prowler

A day in the life of Tracey Saunders pt 3

From part 2

Tracey politely rebuffed the hotel clerk’s cheeky request for a blow job and she felt completely free as she stepped out onto the street. A few yards down from the hotel she gave $10 to a beggar who was very grateful and noting the time figured that some of her friends would be coming out from work, so she walked a few blocks to the bar they frequented afterwork.

Her friend Carolyn was there, she was pleased to see Tracey, she complemented Tracey on how well she looked and teased her gently she must’ve had a very nice day then went on to bitch about how

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