Slavery in Arab Countries

About half of the Saudi workforce are migrant workers

If you pay attention to the news media, you will often come across stories relating to the abuse and mistreatment of migrant workers in Islamic countries. In Saudi Arabia for instance, almost one half of the entire workforce is made up of foreign labourers and some them are treated worse than slaves.

Most often the company organising workers on behalf of individuals or companies will retain the individual’s passport and documents which means that even in the country in which they work, they have no freedom.

Most of the men that go into these countries work in construction. They come to Saudi because there is not the work in their

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A city state for the well heeled

The smallest of the gulf states (Persian Gulf), The Kingdom of Bahrain—a name meaning “Two Seas”—is actually an archipelago of 33 low-lying islands located in the heart of the Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The capital city of Manama is a vibrant cosmopolitan center with modern amenities.

Between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is more liberal than many Islamic states and you can even buy alcohol legally. There is the usual mix of very rich and very poor so take the usual precautions. For things to do, there is the ocean, the desert, shopping and social life. The restaurants often feature bellydancers and the formula one motor race is an annual event.

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