Israel in Context

A land on fire and the world fans the flames

The world looks on at a loss to understand what is going on. People collect around various opinions as Israel finds itself being attacked from all sides. So how do we find a real perspective and it is there any such thing as justice in a region that has never known peace since the arrival of humans?

It could well be that the original Jews were a Hindu tribe that migrated some 3000 or 4000 years ago, or even further back. After all, Hinduism has been a light to the entire world although for many that’s an inconvenient truth. But it’s clear that those who call themselves Jews

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So what about Israel?

An ongoing Middle Eastern dilemma

The old Testament of the Bible provides a very tenuous and uncertain history about the origins of Judaism. It seems more likely to me that there may have been a tribe or a group of people migrated out of India some 3000 or 4000 years ago, and like other groups migrating from India, they forgot the Dharma and picked up other beliefs that eventually led to the compilation of the Torah.

While there is debate about the legitimacy of title to the land known today as Israel, according to the biblical narrative, there is no doubt that they (Jews) have over different periods of time occupied a portion of the broader region known as Palestine.

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A most fought over region

Old Jerusalem Tumblr

Situated on the Eastern Mediterranean coast in land that has rarely known peace, Israel is a small but fiercely independent Jewish nation that occupies much of the ancient land of Palestine. The land was taken from the Palestinians by the international community (United Nations) after WW11 and given to the Jews who’d been badly treated by the Nazis during WW11.

The Islamic Palestinians were never happy about this arrangement and have never stopped trying to evict the Jews; not because they disagree that this is a Jewish homeland but because they’re non Muslims.

The Israelis have become heavily militarised and based their rights to the land

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Teacher and Holy Man

Representing the Buddhist Bodhisattva Ideal

Jesus could not have been a white guy

From what we know, Jesus was a simple man of excellent character, a character that would not be swayed by untruth or injustice. He also had an excellent insight into the human condition. By example he demonstrated as a Boddhisatva (बोधिसत्त्व) the capacity of man to be fully human and work to end the suffering of self and others without regard for social regulation.


Returning from his years abroad, Jesus meets John The Baptist and they recognised the spirit of each other as the same spirit intent on improving the welfare of humanity.

Jesus was recognised as “The Nazarene” or he who

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