The Hijab and Politics

An inconvenient truth within Islam

The hijab is essentially a head scarf. Here an Iranian man wears one as part of a movement seeking rights for their wives

In terms of religion, Islam is more of a political movement than a religion. There is nothing in the Islamic texts that states categorically that women must wear a head scarf or be completely covered from head to foot in a burqa or burkini, this is an interpretation by the educated and misogynistic men who dominate Islam.

The hijab is essentially a head scarf which leaves the person’s face visible, but most often, women will also wear a full-length dress and less often long pants, jeans or leggings. It

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The Epic Of Gilgamesh

A little middle eastern history

In this image we have the bull being conquered or subdued. In India going back perhaps thousands of years before this time cattle were highly revered for their ability to help sustain life on the first images of cattle appeared in Egypt around 5000 BC.

In this image, life has been tamed at least if not forcefully controlled and is symbolic of the rise of material civilisation at the expense of the spiritual which would soon lead to the idea of patriarchy and the spread of misogyny across the world.

The EPIC OF GILGAMESH is the earliest great work of literature that we know of outside of India, and was first written down by

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More an oil and gas corporation than a country

Officially Qatar is a sovereign country which essentially consists of the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and it’s capital is Doha. It has a land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, but the rest of its territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. A strait in the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the nearby island of Bahrain, as well as sharing sea borders with the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

This tiny country is notorious for supporting Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists in war-scarred Syria and tarnished its already infamous reputation by causing an ignominious scandal involving a female member of the Qatari royal

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The Dragon Stirs

China on the move

China recently unveiled this god of war statue symbolising its new direction. A Tumblr image.

Western interest in China began in the 1620s and this country that was content within it’s own borders and economy had no interest in the rest of the world. There were of course Chinese sailors who ventured far from home but these travels were very limited and the most significant Chinese-Western relations occurred as the British East India company imposed itself on China causing the opium Wars and a consequent subjugation of China which some say it has not been forgiven.

In recent times we have seen China emerge as a economic and military superpower able to take on Europe

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Surviving Islam

Tips on how to save your life

Hurriyet daily news

Do you actually value your life and the lives of your loved ones? If you do, how much?

If you have not been paying any attention to world affairs, it’s time you did because Islam is on the move. In case you didn’t know, Islam is not a religion, it’s a political movement aimed at world domination and the majority of the Islamic people are poorly educated, they live in fear and superstition.

With the influx of Islamic refugees into western countries, the stage is being set for a new chapter in the battle for the war for our world. All across Europe gangs of uneducated, unemployable and

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Understanding the new paradigm

The Sharia dress code for women – no exceptions

It’s very difficult to remain ignorant of the fact that violence is on the increase around the world and that many are pointing the finger at Muslim people. But you may also be aware that people are touting Islam as a religion of peace and that those who are committing crimes and atrocities are simply radicalised people who are not associated with Islam.

This is a core aspect of Sharia Law, it encourages people to lie in order to help them achieve their goals and in this case it is the Islamification of the world. So if you like, Sharia law is the strong arm

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A rape game

You may have heard brief mention of this on your local TV news and quickly shut out from your mind. This is a game played by poorly educated young men, they typically gang up on a girl and if they consider they can get away with it, they will sexually molest, tear her clothes off and sometimes rape her.

The current story in the media is that this game is Islamic, but it’s not. It happens all around the world where children are not properly educated and socialised. In the West where kids fear getting into trouble, they seldom go beyond aggravated flirting and touching.

Yet it’s quite common in the world of sport to hear of

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The Burkha

An evil restraint

What is it about this code of dress that most people in the world find offensive and why are Muslim women so compelled to wear it? Note that a burqa which is also known as chadri or paranja is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public.

The face-veiling portion is usually a a narrow slit or a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth with its top edge attached to a portion of the head-scarf so that the veil hangs down covering the face and it can be turned up if the woman wants. In other styles, the niqāb of the veil is attached by one side,

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Travel in a world at war

Updated from 2016

Gaia – The World Tree. How do you want to live?

Why travel and how to stay safe? Actually very few countries are safe, you can get shot or blown up in almost any country and even in relatively safe countries like New Zealand, many foreign drivers die in road accidents through their own negligence.

With the spread of terrorism, some people are becoming afraid just to go to work let alone travel. The violence the Middle East continues to escalate with recent attacks in Paris, Egypt and Turkey as Europe struggles to maintain law and order due to the influx of refugees.

Therefore, wherever you go in the world your own safety

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The Hands of Death

The terror of Islam

The world Islam means submit and the will of their God Allah is determined by the strongest. Islamic morality is flexible as like the Christian Bible, the Islamic books, the Koran, Sira and Hadith contain opposite views allowing readers to create any morality and justify any crime.

Now because you live far from the war zone, you may think you are safe and don’t need to worry about such things. This was the European attitude until they became flooded with Islamic refugees and now they are beginning to pay the price because the crime rate has increased dramatically and the refugees are huge drain on resources.

Dr. Naila Hussain writes:


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