Chasing pleasure

Temporary relief from suffering


Pleasure is temporary, happiness and joy can be eternal

You may remember as a child the uninhibited pleasure of running and playing without a care in the world. If you've forgotten, go and hang out with some under three-year-old's for a while and you will remember. So what's gone wrong?

After 15 to 20 years in the education system, our creativity and sense of life is usually severely blunted and we end up toiling with the idea of happiness coming with the next paycheck and even retirement. But even when the paycheck arrives there are bills to pay and in today's world where the only financial trickle is the trickle from the Port of the wealthiest.

An particularly adverse to people being wealthy, but it it's me that they are so stingy because it is the stinginess that means that on a daily basis, 2 billion people have no certainty of any future, whereas in the developed west, mountains of food get wasted.

In our day-to-day lives we seek out pleasure in a cup of coffee, alcohol and sometimes genuine friendships. I say sometimes genuine friendships because in today's competitive world, our friends may be only a friend for a day before they go off for some reason.

The pleasure of coffee, smart drinks and all the caffeinated and sugared beverages. They give us a buzz for a little while but then the buzz wears off and overtime to get the same effect, we need to increase the dose.

While all food can be used as a medicine or a poison, caffeine and sugar are medicinal items they should not really be used as food because when they are used as food, they weaken our metabolism so that we are to become less effective human beings.

Alcohol to has nice effects for a little while, but again we experience the same things as sugar and coffee, and all of these things are addictive; or another way of looking at it is that these things create a compulsiveness that we need to keep on consuming them to maintain our sense of equilibrium.

What we need to be consuming more of it is organic natural foods and exercising our bodies more to keep them functioning at their peak. The in that way we will find natural pleasures without the side effects associated with compulsive behaviours and addictive products.

We also have access to a great number of more beneficial physical pleasures which can range from spending time in nature, challenging our bodies to exercise in sports or in more genteel pastimes like yoga and tai chi. When combined with good nutrition and by avoiding compulsive behaviour, these activities will sustain our lives.


The system destroying freedom to experience lasting pleasure

When it comes to passive exercise, massage is ideal. It provides many of the benefits of physical exercise and the sensuality of massage (and remember that everything including massage is sensual because we experience the world through our senses), massage can actually stimulate our sensitivity to life and therefore improve our ability to participate.

Creating pleasure on daily basis

Pleasure is important to us as eating, so if you are not finding life at all pleasurable that means it is time to make a change. Why you may feel trapped in your job, your mountain of debt and your relationships, resolving your relationship with yourself is crucial.

The desire to escape your current situation is not helpful, it is required that you come to terms with your situation and begin to create your own pleasure which is often easier done by creating pleasure for others.

Creating pleasure for others is easy, all you need to do is be pleasant, speak nicely and realise that they are probably in a similar situation to you. The political structure that directs our civilisation only affords pleasure to those who have the financial freedom. However if you can your own life and encourage others to do the same then everyone around you will be enabled to help improve social conditions.

Cooperating with each other to create a life that is not only more pleasurable but joyful and even blissful is what humankind is meant to do. At present civilisation is exclusive as it seeks to create pleasure for a few, it's time we turn that around so that everyone's life was joyful.

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