And girls who love sex

Stephanie opened her eyes from sleep, kicked away the sheet and stretched before rising and drawing back the curtains. She knew it was going to be a very warm day and she had a lunch date with Simon, a thought which made her body tingle.

Her eyes drifted across the adjacent building to where an elderly man was sitting reading his paper in the morning sun. She turned and used the bathroom before walking through to the kitchen and switching the kettle on. Her house mate Carol was still asleep so Stephanie went to her room, opened the curtains and told her to wake up.

Stephanie was well aware that Carol had an earlier start this morning than she did and Carol was thankful for the wake-up. While she was in the shower, Stephanie quickly made their beds and got breakfast ready. When Carol reappeared she asked Stephanie how come she was in such good mood?

Stephanie replied that it just seemed like a really nice day and besides, she was meeting Simon for lunch. Carol asked when she was going to have the honour of meeting him? Stephanie laughed and said that she was still waiting for him to take her out on a proper date, but there was something about him she liked that gave her goosebumps.

Carol knew her friend well and reminded her that she got those tingly feelings with lots of guys, and they both laughed. They drank coffee and Carol ate a small bowl of cereal as they chatted about what to wear and Carol's hope that she might have dinner with Cole. Then they both noticed the guy with the telescope in the next building, but he wasn't looking at them.

Stephanie having decided that she wouldn't eat washed and put away their few dishes while Carol got dressed. Stephanie enjoyed acting a little like Carol's mother and as she opened the door for her to leave, their neighbour across the hall almost stood dumbstruck at the sight of Stephanie's naked body in the doorway. She winked at him and as Carol was walking away, she closed the door to contemplate her day.

Stephanie took a leisurely shower and examined her body carefully for any missed hairs that may have escaped her last waxing session. She found a couple and plucked them out then she stood for a while contemplating her body in the mirror. Then she remembered to stand tall and keep her shoulders back which made her bust look much more pleasing.

She thought of Simon and the thrill of a new adventure about to dawn as she brushed out her hair and applied some make up, but she was also aware of time ticking by and her need to go to work. The idea of her normal work attire somehow seemed inappropriate and on impulse she put on a rather risque shelf bra and matching thong. She just had to put on her 6 inch heels and posed in amusement at the way the garment accentuated her bust and in particular, her nipples but realised she would have to wear more sensible shoes.

A few minutes later wearing a slightly shorter skirt and blouse Stephanie set off to work. The short bus ride was uneventful but as she hurried to her office, the friction of her shirt caused her nipples to erect and protrude slightly. When she arrived, Stephanie was pleased not to be late and after saying good morning to some of the staff, a few of whom said she was looking particularly nice this morning, she cheerfully set to work.

A few times during the morning she noticed the eyes of her colleagues traverse her body and linger on her bust. This was something she was accustomed to and she thought little of it. During the morning Simon called and they chatted for a few minutes. There was nothing particularly suggestive about the conversation, but he left her feeling slightly flushed and she almost unconsciously opened another button on her blouse.

Soon after she had to take some papers through to Tom, one of the junior editors. She said hi and as she was explaining her suggested alterations to the text, his eyes became captivated by the sight of her breasts about to spill from her top. This was nothing new and normally Stephanie would have stood up, perhaps apologised and done up her buttons. The strange thing was this morning, even he seemed somehow attractive and she didn't mind him looking. Stephanie kept on talking despite his distraction.

She'd not long settled into proofing another article when its author stood looking over her shoulder or should I say at her boobs as he tried to clarify a few points in the article although Stephanie understood perfectly. She was amused and tolerated several of her male colleagues who made excuses to 'have a look' before she went to lunch.

She walked briskly towards her date and again her nipples erected to noticeably protrude. In fact quite a few guys especially looked and smiled as she jiggled by. Simon was waiting and she hoped that she wasn't being to overt. But he was charming, he told her she looked beautiful and she expressed a concern that she was displaying too much cleavage. He assured her that he loved cleavage and she looked wonderful. So she opened another button for his appreciation and enjoyed her lunch.

They made a date for the following evening and Stephanie floated back to the office almost unaware of the people glancing lustily at her chest. As she walked into the office one of the girls suggested that she was showing herself off today. Stephanie didn't seem to care but she did up another button to try and comply although part of her would have liked to have thrown off her clothes.

The afternoon passed quickly and Stephanie strangely enjoyed that most guys in the office took time to check her out. After work she met up with Carol who thought she looked frigging awesome. Stephanie laughed and said she knew she was dressing almost outrageously and yet she'd had a fantastic day plus, she got a date with Simon but she could use a good fuck right now.

Stephanie was standing, her chest still quivering from her quick walk and her nipples clearly visible through the fabric. She seemed oblivious to the fact that quite a few guys were watching and when Carol asked how come she wasn't wearing a bra, she said she was and opened another button for her to see her minimalist shelf bra. In fact she almost fully exposed her breasts and a couple of guys who were looking applauded and came over.

The guys were friendly, they bought drinks and the conversation was easy. After an hour the two girls excused themselves and went to the bathroom. Carol almost surprised Stephanie when she said that she felt almost dowdy beside her and that she fancied the taller guy. They laughed and discussed the men before turning their conversation back to their body image.

Carol thought Stephanie looked like she was ready to party and Stephanie agreed but she was wished she was with Simon right now and just thinking about him was making her wet. But she assured Carol that she looked lovely that with the top she was wearing, but if she took off her bra, she would make a greater impact.

A minute later the two girls jiggled out to join the guys who were waiting expectantly. After a couple more drinks, the girls reminded the boys that they had to be responsible and work in the morning. They established that the guys were friends who lived a long ways apart so the girls accepted their offer of a ride home and once there,  invited them in for coffee.

To Stephanie it seemed like Carol had the hots for sex more than she did as she lost no time in dragging the taller guy to her room. Stephanie's date seemed pleasantly average, but as soon as Carol and her date had closed the door, he came on more strongly. Stephanie thought of Simon for a few minutes but she found herself becoming more compliant as this man opened the front of her blouse, kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples.

Even as he was doing that, she reached behind, opened her skirt and as it fell rested her hands on his hips. "I like that" she purred. Her nipples were fully erect and he was playing them with his teeth, just how she liked. The idea of Simon disappeared into the back of her mind as she worked the guys shirt up and over his head. He left off pleasuring her nipples long enough to shuck off his shirt and indulge in a moment of kissing during which Stephanie opened his pants to be so amazed by what she found.

"Oh my God" she exclaimed, "what have we got here?" And before he had time to reply she said "let me take a closer look!" She sunk to her knees in amazement at the sight of an almost monster cock. She tugged his trousers further down then fondled and tasted it. It was so big she didn't know whether to be delighted or afraid but her body was tingling in excitement.

After another couple of minutes of mutual exploration more than foreplay, they became naked and fucked on the living room floor. A few minutes into it, Carol walked by on her way to the bathroom. She and Stephanie exchanged knowing looks but said nothing. Stephanie felt so wonderful she wasn't keeping track of time and an hour passed before their fuck came to an orgasmic conclusion leaving her breathless.

The world seemed completely in order as they lay almost stuck together with sweat in each other's arms. They chatted amiably and a couple of minutes after his cock had slipped out of her, Stephanie took it in her hand in the hope of coaxing it back to life. Then she became aware of Carol sitting nearby who said that she'd drawn the blinds because the guy with the telescope had been watching. Stephanie and her date didn't care and laughed at the poor guy's misfortune. But then Stephanie asked Carol how she had gotten on and Carol said that he'd been nice but had fallen asleep.

Out of sympathy, Stephanie reached Carol's hand and pulled her into a cuddle that her man was clearly agreeable to. Then Stephanie said "why don't you two try kissing while I have another look at his equipment." Stephanie had sensed that Carol had been warmed up but not completely satisfied, so she put her mouth to work intention of reviving that satisfying piece of equipment.

After readjusting, she put her mouth to work and with her free hand reached into Carol's pussy and did some of the things that she enjoyed. She knew more by instinct that his hands were playing with Carol's boobs which were almost as substantial as hers and although she and Carol didn't really fool around much, she left the cock for a moment and put her tongue to work on Carrol's clit which made her squirm in pleasure.

But she didn't linger there because the cock was coming back to life and five minutes later it was ready for action. Stephanie rolled aside and watched for a moment as the newly acquainted couple continued making out and his fingers working her pussy had her ever so ready. Stephanie commanded Carol to lift up. Carol obeyed eager for what was about to come. Stephanie held the big shaft in place and guided Carol down onto it.

Carol repositioned herself tentatively so Stephanie rubbed the penis head up and down between her pussy lips and then held it poised for penetration. Carol hesitated and mumbled that it felt a bit big but from Stephanie's perspective, she could see the shaft was rightly placed, so she grabbed Stephanie's hips and pulled her down onto it. Carol was amazed as she was filled up and as soon as she'd recovered her surprise, she set to work.

Stephanie left them to it and took a cup of coffee to the guy on Carrol's bed. He was naked and uncovered on the bed so Stephanie put the coffee down, fondled his balls and tickled up over his front torso. She figured it should wake him up but her actions were at least giving him an erection. Within a couple of minutes she had him hard. It looked only half the size of what she'd just had inside so she measured in her hand and figured he was maybe 7 inches and decided to have a play.

It seemed strange to be fucking someone who was asleep and it was pleasant for a while. But then she noticed the curtain was open so she dismounted and stood in the window surveying the night. In the shadows she could just make out the guy with the telescope so she gave him the finger, pulled the curtain and woke the guy up.

He seemed a bit dazed and confused, but as he recollected himself he apologised for falling asleep as he'd not slept in over 30 hours. Stephanie told him that he should go home and left him to dress. Outside in the living room, the guy was standing and banging Carol up against the wall. She had her legs tightly around his waist and was clearly loving every moment.

Stephanie pushed them into her room then she saw the other guy out before rejoining them. Mr Big had incredible stamina and before long Carol cried "enough" and he was delighted to continue with Stephanie. An hour later both women were sorry to see him leave.

There were both woken by the alarm going off and after silencing it, two girls reminisced about last night. They were still talking about it, or more specifically about the guy with a big cock as they got ready for work. At one point they realised they didn't really know who the two guys were and neither of them had given their phone numbers.  They also talked about how their bodies felt, the stretching of their pussies and a general sense of lightness and ease that was somehow disturbed by having to put clothes on. They joked about that for a while then dared each other to go to work without underwear.

They left the apartment together and smirked as the guy from next door looked them up and down. He often left at the same time as Carol, shared the same elevator and a little building gossip. Stephanie was amused that she had a similar effect on the staff as yesterday although she was not sexiest looking girl in the office. There was Jo, a sweet blonde with big boobs and clearly defined nipples encased in a top that seemed a size too small, she also wore the shortest of skirts and never complained when the men touched her. Then there was Maddy who had the prettiest face and often wore her top open to the waist displaying her ample cleavage. A lot of bottom pinching went on, but it was just a fact of life that Stephanie and most women were almost indifferent to. The only change was that Stephanie had relaxed her dress code slightly and as well as the men gawking, a few men as well as touching her bum got as far as touching her inside thighs at which point she moved her fanny more out of reach.

From Stephanie's perspective, the day was interesting but she was pleased to get home and ready herself for her date with Simon. They were going to a nice restaurant so she dressed a little more formally and Simon picked her up on time. He was charming, the dinner was nice and later when they were having sex Stephanie found herself thinking about the guy from last night.

Her distraction was obvious to Simon who was gentlemanly enough not to let on. They talked about all sorts of things and she hinted that her work was particularly stressful at the moment hoping that Simon would not see her mental absence as anything to do with him.

She took a cab home about 1 a.m. slept and woke Carol in the morning. It didn't take long for them to analyse Stephanie's date and compare it with the great fuck they'd both had the previous night. Carol sensed her friends unusual demeanour and made light of the situation then they agreed to go looking for that guy again after work. As they contemplated what to wear they joked about the guys who stared and pinched their bums. They admitted they liked the attention although some guys pinched a bit hard and some guys got so mesmerised looking at their boobs that they forgot what they were talking about. But since it was Friday they thought they'd give all the guys something to smile about.

Stephanie's first job that morning was an article that seemed a bit ambiguous, so she wrote what she thought it should say and sent it back to the writer who came back upset that she'd changed the meaning. She pointed out that what he'd written could be seen as slanderous. To get a second opinion they went over to Maddy's desk and as they stood behind her looking down, Maddy's nipples were clearly visible and the reporter who's name was Ron kept more of his attention there than on what was being said. Maddy agreed with Stephanie and he said he was taking the matter to the legal department for a final say. But as he was leaving he slid his hand up the inside back of Stephanie's thigh and she brushed his hand away in amusement.

The two women chatted for a minute and during coffee break the three sexiest women in the office sat together whispering about their dress code and the attention it bought them. Jo and Maddy agreed they liked the attention whereas Stephanie just liked the sense of freedom from wearing less clothing as unlike yesterday, she didn't have a stitch on underneath her skirt and top. During the afternoon she had a call from Carol to say that she was working late and with nothing planned Stephanie agreed to go for an afterwork drink with Jo.

They were from completely different social backgrounds. At work Jo who only had a basic education ran errands whereas Stephanie was a qualified professional. Stephanie didn't have an agenda and before leaving work they met and freshened themselves in the staff bathroom. Jo became a little more personal complimenting Stephanie on how brave she was to risk not wearing a bra as well as complementing her good looks.

Stephanie related how liberating it felt not to be encumbered by underwear then Jo clicked that Stephanie wasn't wearing any underwear at all. There was no one about so Stephanie lifted her skirt to show her and Jo thought she was either very brave or mad but before going out, Jo left her bra off

Jo selected the bar and like every bar in the city, it was packed out afterwork on Friday nights. Jo was clearly quite popular and Stephanie was made very welcome. There was no seating available so they stood at the bar amid the press of bodies and earnest conversation drinking gin. Initially Stephanie bought drinks for her and Jo, but her second was bought by a guy who indecently grabbed her arse and told her she was beautiful.

Stephanie had to push several hands away but she was not always sure what hands belonged to who. But Jo and some other girls nearby were getting the same treatment and it was all relatively normal. The conversation was friendly, sporty and gossipy but the guy who'd bought her a drink, his hand kept grabbing her arse and she became more tolerant after another drink and then the two girls and seven men squeezed around a table with the men seated and the girls sitting on their laps. Stephanie felt reasonably comfortable although it was difficult to keep her skirt down.

At one point when the men were focused more on the game playing on the big screen, Stephanie wondered what this guy might be like in bed and as his hand rarely left her arse, she took the liberty of feeling inside his pants. She whispered to him "I hope you don't mind Mr, but since your hands are misbehaving I figure what's fair for you is fair for me. He clearly wasn't used to dealing with confident women but he didn't object. Stephanie decided he was fairly average and she watched Jo flirting with the guys she was with. She seemed rather innocent and charming, not minding a little discreet fondling.

The owner of the knees she was sitting on now felt more confident to reach under Stephanie's top and touch her boobs. She didn't object and Jo who noticed told the guy to be careful because Stephanie wasn't wearing a bra. Some of the guys teased her that she shouldn't either and a couple of them playfully grabbed her boobs. Jo acted a little indignant and sat up but the guy who's lap she was sitting on reached under her shirt and bounced her boobs. She play fought but soon her boobs popped out and the guys cheered.

Stephanie remained content and almost amused as a few of the guys took the liberty to fondle her boobs. Then there was call for a competition to see who's were the best. After some hesitation both girls displayed their boobs for the men's appreciation.  Stephanie knew that she had had too many drinks and she was playing a dangerous game but somehow it seemed okay.  Then the girls sat on different laps and one of the guys discovered that Stephanie wasn't wearing knickers further enlivening he mood.

After some more drinks and some nibbles, they were invited to a party. After the girls tidied themselves up in the bathroom, they took a cab ride to an apartment belonging to one of the guys they were with. The sports channel played on TV, the men drank beer and provided vodka for the ladies. There were another two girls there to help complement the dozen or so men and the mood was jovial. Jo was far less shy than previously allowing the two guys who grabbed her to pull off her knickers. Another blonde girl who was watching laughed and encouraged the guy to eat her out, but instead he picked her up and carried her into another room.

Stephanie acquainted herself with the other two girls not minding the occasional groper. They talked about the guys and Stephanie admitted she liked guys with big cocks. The girls disappointed her by saying that they were all fairly average and advised when it came to sex, sometimes you just had to make do with quantity over quality.

Stephanie managed to keep herself reasonably intact as she chatted and flirted with the men. 20 minutes after leaving the room, Jo reappeared naked and Stephanie realised that the other two girls had similarly left the room. Jo was drunk, she came up to Stephanie, opened her shirt and embraced her as she asked how come she still had her clothes on. They were mobbed by men running their hands over and into their bodies. Jo kept her legs apart and made it easy for them and even as she and Stephanie continued their embrace, a guy started fucking Jo from behind.

Stephanie felt her skirt slide up around her waist and a cock slip in between her legs as the hands of another two men fingered her cunt from the front. She wasn't sure whether she should try and object or just let it happen, so she let it happen and it was all over very quickly. It seemed entirely appropriate for her and Jo to continue making out as several guys took turns fucking them until Stephanie decided she'd had enough.

She wanted a real fuck and some of the men were sorry to see her leave. She took a cab back to the bar where she and Carol had picked up the two men. She quickly ducked into the bathroom, tidied herself up and joined the crowd. She saw a few people she knew and enjoyed the conversations, but she was really looking for Mr Big. She didn't see him there but she got talking to a group of guys and the conversation soon turned to sex. It opened with one of the guys talking about an article he'd read in Cosmo about woman liking men with big cocks and asking Stephanie's opinion?

Not wanting to deride men with small packages, she hinted that bigger was always better and they joined into a much larger group telling sexy jokes and lots sexual innuendo. One of the woman in the group clearly knew some of the men and introduced her to Reggie who she said had the biggest package that she'd ever come across. He was a little embarrassed by his secret being revealed so Stephanie cuddled her self against him in support. One of the girls told her that she was brave if she dared and the conversation changed. But the guy picked up enough confidence to ask Stephanie if she really liked men with big cocks and she conceded that she did. An hour later she was in his bed struggling to manage 10 inches of manpower.

The next morning she woke in her own bed remembering the night before, so she hurried to the bathroom and examined herself. Her body was intact and she felt none the worse for the experience. Even though it was early to be up on a Saturday morning, she jumped into Carrol's bed and told her how they'd gone back to his place where he'd spent half an hour massaging her back body and legs occasionally teasing her pussy. Then he turned her over, massaged her front then delivered some delicious oral sex. Until then she wasn't sure exactly how he was built although from the outside he was rather athletic and handsome.

He had her so hot she almost ripped his pants off and was surprised to find his cock was still soft. Within minutes of working it with her mouth, it expanded into something like she'd only ever seen in porn magazines. She worried how she might accommodate him and there was no way out of it, but the atmosphere remained playful and a few minutes later she sat over him and slid her pussy lips up and down his length. As this was happening there were talking about life and the pleasure of sex that he admitted was often something of a challenge for him.

Then she experimented taking it up inside her to be amazed that she could even though it was thicker than her wrist. Initially it was a little dry but he had some lube handy that made the experience easier and she started working to see how much of that she could take inside. Stephanie explained that she slid down carefully until she thought it wouldn't go any further and then she settled into a nice rhythmic fuck. But after five minutes it felt so nice and easy, she started pushing down more firmly and it felt like she was being poked in the belly. After 15 minutes her legs were getting tired from bouncing up and down so she let him have a turn on top.

She related to Carol how he had her nicely measured and picked up almost exactly where she'd left off, then he picked up speed and had her gasping in excitement, but every now and again he'd push in a little deeper and she was amazed that it didn't hurt. After a while she could feel his balls slapping against her arse and like his cock, they were unusually large.

Carol listened in amazement and then Stephanie continued, "so there I was on my back, legs apart and him fairly thumping into me and his balls bouncing against my arse. But then he lifted my legs up by my head and began to pick up speed and it felt like he was going all the way in but I couldn't believe it for a while. But eventually I felt him grinding his pubis against my clit and I had some the most amazing series of orgasms that I've ever had and he filled me up with a bucket load of his come. After that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and worried that I might not be able to walk. After that he reassured me that I'd been absolutely wonderful and he wanted another date for tonight. But as you know I'm dating Simon tonight and he wanted me to leave because he had to get up and go to work in a few hours.  So I think I only had a couple of hours sleep and I still feel you know like post orgasmic."

Carol thought she was daring and a little mad so she got Stephanie to indicate the length of his penis on her arm. They joked about it and then Carol asked to see her pussy so Stephanie opened her legs ready for inspection. Carol slid 2 fingers inside her pussy touching her tentatively, but when her thumb connected with her clitloris, Stephanie almost orgasmed and whispered "fuck Carol, that felt amazing".

Carol continued masturbating her friend as she moved into the bliss, Carol suggested that since his cock was almost as big as her arm she might like to be fisted. Already Carol had four fingers sliding in and out and her thumb rubbing over Stephanie's clitoris then without warning she tucked her thumb away and slid her whole hand up inside. Stephanie exclaimed "Carol, you are so naughty but it feels ever so nice."

Carol joked that she had enough space inside her to park a bus and over the next five minutes she worked her forearm halfway up inside Stephanie's vagina and used her mouth on her clitoris. The play bought on several strong orgasms in quick succession leaving them both completely amazed.

Afterwards they lay together in each other's arms and Stephanie said "you know Carol, these two guys with their big cocks and then with you doing what you just did has kind of blown my mind and I'm really worried about Simon. Like his cock is fairly average in comparison and my pussy feels so stretched I'm not going to feel very much. But there's probably not much I can do about that and he is a nice guy who I think I'd like to get to know. But what you just did to me was amazing Carol and perhaps I should return the favour" as she winked and playfully stroked Carol's pussy.

Carol admitted that she was fairly turned on by Stephanie and although they'd never really played around much, she was up for it. Moments later Stephanie kissed up the insides of Carol's thighs to deliver a treasure of oral delight that was soon accompanied by three fingers penetrating her vagina and because she was so wet, Stephanie's pinkie slipped into the back entrance.

Carol was eager and wriggled in delight encouraging Stephanie to give it to her. Stephanie took her time with the thought of prolonging her friends pleasure, but she was also contemplating returning the same treatment as she had received. After a preliminary orgasm, Stephanie paused to make sure her pinkie was clean and resumed finger fucking with four fingers and her thumb rubbing over her clit.

Carol orgasmed again and Stephanie laughed complimenting her that she orgasmed so easily but kept up the rhythm of her strokes. Carol relaxed back into being pleasured and they even shared a few jokes then taking her by surprise, Stephanie slipped her whole hand inside Carol's pussy and asked her how she liked that.

Carol gasped more in surprise that it didn't hurt and adjusted her legs to better accommodate the new sensations happening inside her. Stephanie never went quite as deep as what Carol had in her, but afterwards Carol was delighted by the experience and then she had to hurry because she had a coffee date with a girlfriend.

Carol quickly organised herself and left. Stephanie thought about doing some shopping but she relaxed on the bed to wake in the mid-afternoon. She dressed and hurried to the local supermarket for a few essentials then got ready for her evening with Simon. They were meeting in a bar and then going to the house of his friends for dinner, so Stephanie dressed a little more sensibly and went to meet her date.

Simon was as charming as usual so she let him talk and having not eaten all day, Stephanie felt a little light headed after her first drink and declined a second. As they talked she noticed him noticing the attractive woman in the vicinity and then they took a cab to a nice house in the suburbs. Besides her and Simon there were six other guests who all knew each other quite well. Stephanie found the conversation quite amicable and her appearance fitted the occasion perfectly. Conversations remained convivial and after a pleasant evening she and Simon left before midnight. While she found him pleasant company, his performance in the bedroom scarcely moved her although she acted as if she was enjoying the moment more than she really was.

She spent the night in his bed, they had sex and after breakfast he took her home because he had other plans for the afternoon. After he'd dropped her off, Stephanie was at a loose end. She took a shower and attended to some domestic chores not caring that the guy with the telescope was watching her. After a few brief phone calls she sat in the sun and picked up reading a book she'd started weeks before.

She'd only read half a chapter when the doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting anyone but she quickly pulled on a little summer dress that was conveniently placed for such occasions. Then she opened the door to be surprised by Mr Big. He was apologetic for calling unannounced but he had inadvertently forgotten to get her phone number.

Stephanie was delighted and invited him in. Over coffee she learned that his name was Barry, he owned his own home and was better off than many people that she knew. But unfortunately for Stephanie, he was just passing by and had people expecting him, but he agreed to call by on his way home in the evening. Stephanie was too excited to return to her book so she took the bus down to the beach then wished that she'd bought her bikini.

The beach was crowded and few people noticed a nice looking young woman in what was a fairly minimalist summer dress carrying her shoes as the waves splashed around her legs. She was thinking about men, sex and what she wanted from life but it seemed rather confusing. She knew she didn't want to be encumbered by having babies and she liked Simon as far as his personality and ability to hold a conversation went, but those men with big cocks had opened her to a whole new realm of pleasure.

She smiled as she watched some girls splash in the waves and the water pushed their bikini tops aside leaving their boobs exposed. The boys nearby were laughing and a couple of girls took their time readjusting their tops but another girl dived under the next wave and popped up not caring that her breasts were exposed. Stephanie thought that she'd like to be swimming like that girl and then the next wave splashed over her completely wetting her dress so it clung like a second skin. She held her purse and shoes out of the water and since she was this wet, she continued to enjoy the waves splashing over her.

The thin fabric of her dress held transparent over her chest for a while which didn't matter in relation to the amount of skin on show. Then the next couple of waves pulled her dress down leaving her boobs exposed which drew almost zero attention so she left them out. After a while Stephanie began to retrace her steps and in a lull between the waves she even lay onto her back and floated, but the act of holding her stuff clear of the water completely submerged her and as she stood, the weight of water pulled her dress down to her knees. The few guys in the vicinity laughed and paid her some compliments as she attempted to cover herself which wasn't easy with one hand as the fabric of the dress clung to her skin. She finally resolved the problem by moving into slightly deeper water where the guys crowded her and touched as she righted her dress.

Stephanie had been amused by the young men and then she found herself back amongst the group of girls still delighting in swimming and playing with their boobs exposed while a similar number of young men played around seeking to impress. Stephanie passed through and another wave chanced exposed her boobs and she joined the girls laughter realising the girls were actually encouraging the boys to touch them. When the waves came, the girls would sink under them and the boys would come in and touch their bodies yet look innocent when they resurfaced nearby when the wave had gone. Within the space of two waves, several boys and grabbed at Stephanie's tits and another had put his hands between her legs and told all that she was naked down there. But in another interaction one of the boys had pulled off a girls bikini bottom and held it up in celebration.

Stephanie enjoyed the youthful fun for perhaps 10 minutes before she moved on and as she came near her departure point from the beach, she adjusted her dress as best she could and was relieved that it almost dried by the time she reached the bus stop.

She arrived home to find Carol preparing dinner after which she had a date. The girls shared their stories and not long after Carol left, Barry called by. Stephanie invited him in it and offered to make coffee, but they moved right on to sex. Stephanie lapped up every second, and she finally felt complete when Carol came home three hours later.

Barry made a date with her again for the next Friday that Stephanie thought was too far away and then he was gone. Stephanie and Carol shared a few snippets about their day and the extra amount of sex that they'd had over the past week before turning their thoughts to the week ahead and in particular their work attire. It was after midnight before they finished trying a few things on and deciding what they'd wear.

As they dressed in the morning they argued over wearing or not wearing underwear. So Stephanie ended up going to work wearing one of her regular skirts that covered down to her mid thighs and a nice cotton top in which she looked very professional although if anyone looked too hard, they'd be able to make out her absence of a bra and the outline of her breasts underneath.

On Tuesday, Stephanie's period started to come on and the week passed quickly as she looked forward to her date with Barry. Yet by the time they met, she felt almost indifferent. But she made an effort and after warning Barry that sex may be a little bloody, it actually revived her mood but the following morning she had to deal with Barry's house mates. They were pleasant but she was relieved when Barry took her home. He commented that she seemed a little indifferent which she put down to having just had her period which he was accepting of they agreed on a date for the evening.

Up in their apartment, Carol was experiencing her usual heavy period and Stephanie was sympathetic by doing most of the chores. They were going to a party and Barry had suggested that she be as daring as she dared. When Barry arrived  a few minutes late she was wearing a strapless mini dress all that only just concealed her nipples and had openings back and front. Barry had another couple in the car. They were dressed in a way that made Stephanie feel underdressed and when she commented that she should have put on something a little more respectable, the woman revealed that she was very minimally dressed and the shirt she was wearing was simply for the convenience of travel.

Stephanie clung onto Barry's arm as they mingled and she was introduced. Conversation was sexy and polite, yet it seems strange that in contrast to the men's almost formal attire, most of the woman had their bodies on display in a variety of strange and kinky outfits. As the evening progressed the men began to strip off and the party became something of a free for all and by the end of the evening Stephanie was fucked by three different guys and again by Barry after he'd taken her home.

Carol and Stephanie went to the beach and talked about their exploits and life around them. They spent several hours in the water and were amused a few times when they were joined by groups of young men who showed off and Carol got groped by a couple of them before they went away. There were many teenagers in the vicinity and many of the girls were happy with their boobs uncovered which kept the boys hovering around. On occasions there were squeals when the boys tried to rip off their bikini bottoms.

A few minutes later some more boys arrived and some clearly unaccustomed to the sight of so many exposed boobs. Stephanie and Carol were thinking they'd almost had enough and had drifted into shallower water. They were laying face down enjoying the waves washing over them when two boys came up behind them, snatched their bikini bottoms off and went back into deeper water. The girls were almost annoyed as they stood in the knee deep water and gave chase. The game lasted for 15 minutes or so and the girls eventually got their thongs back after depriving several of the boys of their shorts. After that they beat hasty retreat although a handful of boys followed after them and weren't satisfied until Carol gave their phone number.

In the week that followed Stephanie and Carol went without underwear and they came to realise that it didn't really matter. Even though they both had ample busts it was more on the street that people noticed because of how their boobs jiggled as they walked. But at work as they sat at their desk's and in the social life, hardly anyone noticed unless they displayed an excessive amount of cleavage.

They even went for almost a work day week without sex which left them both a little edgy but on the Friday night Barry had asked Stephanie if he could bring a few friends over because her apartment was more central. The woman cut short their afterwork drinks and hurried home with Carol hoping that there'd be a spare man she could grab. She wasn't disappointed. Barry and his four friends arrived plus one woman, Shania was pretty and a couple of years older than Stephanie and Carol, but her dress was so short that from behind her arse was hanging out though no one seemed to care.

The woman chatted amicably serving the men drinks and then chatting by themselves as the men talked business which was over in the space of 20 minutes. Conversation quickly became more intimate and a few of the guys took turns dancing with Carol and Stephanie which was an enjoyable novelty during which time most of the clothing was discarded then the evening became something of a free for all. Barry was intending to return home but he ended up sleeping over and fucking both girls in the morning before he left.

After that they slowly got their shit together attending to groceries, laundry and other domestications. Almost relieved after the fucking that both had they had Saturday night free they contemplated going to a movie. Early in the evening they got a call from a boy who had to explain they'd met at the beach inviting them to a party, but Carol declined and suggested doing something on Sunday. The girls had dinner and ended up blobbing out in front of the TV and having an early night. They woke refreshed and concerned for their fitness went down to the neighbourhood gym where they worked out for an hour then stopped for brunch on the way home.

They'd not long arrived home when the beach boy phoned again and Stephanie answered. She couldn't quite place him but he didn't admit to being one of the guys who had pulled off their bikini bottoms. Stephanie checked in with Carol and they agreed to go to the beach and the boy said that he'd call by fairly soon and pick them up. The girls put on their bikinis under their light summer dresses and they were talking about their sex lives when the boys arrived.

Steve and Brad were average looking college boys about 17 or 18 and a few years younger than Carol and Stephanie. The girls expected to close the door and go to the beach with them but the boys were keen to linger so Carol invited them in and closed the door. The girls didn't have to say anything, but their minds were in sync regarding the idea of a fuck before they went out. Stephanie's dress was already open to her navel and the boys were struggling to resist the urge to look at her boobs which were inadequately covered by the bikini triangles and even her nipples were visible through the thin fabric.

The girls posed and teased them for a few minutes amused by the growing bulges in their pants. Conversation was about the beach antics of the previous weekend and laughed about it. The boys were a little unsure of themselves and Carol sped things up by pulling down Brad's pants and as she and Steve laughed, stepped into do the same to Steve after which the girls agreed they had a nice cock's and gave them a little head.

Stephanie and Carol remembered their high school days all too well and knew exactly how to get the best from boys this age. Five minutes of oral sex and encouragement followed by a little penetrative sex after which they came quickly. Then the boys were put to work licking pussy and predictably they were hard and ready to go within another 10 minutes and the girls were far more receptive. But within the hour they set out to the beach. Stephanie and Carol happily fitted into the frivolity of teenage play and all the mutual touching that went on.

The girls didn't invite the boys in after the enjoyable afternoon at the beach and after they'd taken a shower Carol suggested that they should have because she'd quite fancy another fuck. Stephanie laughed and agreed with her so even though it was a Sunday night they went to a nearby bar where amongst other people they vaguely knew from the neighbourhood, they recognised the guy with the telescope. Stephanie went up to him and asked why he didn't have something better to do than be a pervert which turned a few heads. But he just said that he liked to watch people so Stephanie who wasn't wearing a bra lifted her top exposing her boobs for the few seconds it took her to say "you've seen these now and you can get on with your life because it's annoying to be stared at."

Soon after that Carol went off with a guy who lived locally and Stephanie drifted out back to where they were playing pool. She had to wait for a game and then the guys were amused as when she bent over, not only did her boobs almost fall out of her top, but those behind her got a nice view of exposed pussy. Two games later and she accepted an offer to go someplace else. That was his apartment close by and after a pleasant fuck she walked home.

On Monday morning the two girls laughed about their increasing amount of sex conceding that as long as they were enjoying it there seemed to be no reason why not. On her way to work Stephanie realised that she hadn't heard from Mr 10 inch, the really big guy that she'd had sex with several weeks ago and wondered if there was something that had put him off. But she realised she didn't have his number and it was up to him to call her. Her day at work went by amicably, she had lunch with Maddy who invited her to a double date that evening. Stephanie had nothing planned so she agreed and during the afternoon phoned Carol to let her know that she'd be late home.

Maddy lived in the city close to work so they walked quickly to her apartment where they had a quick shower and tarted themselves up. Maddy explained to Stephanie that she was setting her up with Bradley, an out-of-town executive and invited her to select something sexy from her wardrobe. Stephanie was going to select something she might've worn to work, but Maddy wasn't having that. She picked out a semi sheer mini dress that was only closed by a tie around the waist. As she tried it on and looked at herself in the mirror Stephanie realised that it was very very sexy and yet fashionable and sophisticated at the same time when complemented by some of Maddy's big earings.

Stephanie was aware that Maddy's dress sense seemed to be a little more elegant than hers but she felt wonderful as they walked through the nearby hotel lobby and took the elevator to the 10th floor. Maddy's date Sven opened the door and they went and where Stephanie was also introduced to Bradley and another five guys who were finishing up some business. Stephanie watched as Maddy delivered sweet kisses to all the guys and asked how they were then they went with Sven into another room and he left them alone for five minutes during which time Maddy asked Stephanie if she knew how to do shoulder rubs or any kind of massage.

Stephanie admitted she could do a little and they were interrupted as one of the other guys came in and gave Maddy a great big hug. He made a real fuss of her slipping her dress off in the process. He said she looked wonderful so she posed, did a pirroett and offered him a blow job but he said that he was in too much of a hurry. But even as he said that his gaze was on Stephanie and his hands soon followed. He opened the tie around her waist exposing the front of her body and taking her cue from Maddy she let him have a good look and feel. But then he was gone and Stephanie rearranged her clothes as Maddy folded her dress carefully and opened a fresh conversation about men and sex.

They got as far as establishing that Stephanie liked well hung men and Maddy thought that she was pleased because her date was quite well-equipped. They were interrupted as the group of men came in and they took turns fondling the women, almost as if examining them. Stephanie's dress came off and she stood naked and proud amongst the suits as drinks were passed around and she and Maddy were politely groped. Stephanie picked up on Maddy's sophisticated sexy and seductive manner emulating it perfectly and after the round of drinks the two women were left with their dates.

Stephanie had the impression of herself as a hooker as she helped Bradley out of his clothes. Apparently he had had a difficult day at work so she took Maddy's advice and rubbed his shoulders before going down on him and awakening the power curled up within his groin. It seemed like she had to do most of the work but after half an hour he finally came fully alive and gave her a marvellous fucking. When they'd finished, Maddy and Sven were watching and applauding. Stephanie felt a bit wasted but after using the bathroom she pulled on her very minimal dress and they went for dinner.

The restaurant was lovely and something she had only heard vague rumours about, but she was relieved that there were several women less dressed than what she was. The dinner was a little rich for her taste so she enjoyed a little of it and soon afterwards they were back in Bradley's room where he fucked her long and hard. Not long after they'd finished, Maddy came in to get her and they briefly chatted about the evening as they went down on the elevator. Maddy's apartment was only a short walk away as she gave Stephanie a bundle of money and told her to use some of it for the cab fare and she'd bring her clothes to in the morning.

Arriving home soon after midnight, Stephanie felt elated and she would have liked to have talked to Carol and likewise was soon fast asleep. It took a few minutes longer than usual to wake up in the morning, but after a stretch and a cup of coffee she felt fully restored. Carol was more intent on talking about her date last night and then she was gone. The Stephanie did some more exercise and to the shower for dressing and going to work.

She exchanged warm smiles with Maddy on arriving at work but they didn't have time to talk until lunchtime. The morning passed quickly for the one various assignation is about the office several guys slid their hands up the insides of her legs that she brushed away as if they were flies. She had a brief catch up with Jo over morning cup of coffee and Stephanie realised they were socially further apart than ever. But she enjoyed her younger friends energy and very sexy appearance. During the lunch break she exchanged clothing and questioned Maddy about the bundle of money she had given her, and Maddy said it was a tip from Bradley who had enjoyed her company.

Stephanie thought it was a nice bonus but completely unnecessary and Maddy asked if she'd like to do something similar on Thursday evening. Stephanie said yes without thinking and during the afternoon she got a call from Carol inviting her to dinner with a couple of guys. Stephanie didn't have time to go home and get changed so she went in what was becoming her standard work uniform. A miniskirt and a nice blouse that buttoned down the front with comfortable 3 inch heels.

They met in a much more lowbrow and noisy bar restaurant before going to the guys motel and fucking in the same room. The guys were elated to be with such a lovely couple of young women and after their first round, they swapped partners. They were rich, but they gave the girls their cab fare home and they had so much to talk about, they talked in Carrol's bed until they fell asleep and it was more by chance than good management that they woke up just in time to go to work.

Time rapidly slipped by and Carol and Stephanie went on regular dates courtesy of Maddy and the tips from those jobs were usually at least double their salary. Yet they were quite happy to fuck schoolboys, workingmen and almost any guy who was clean and had a nice cock. Over a week and became quite common for them to have sex with 10 or 15 different men and sometimes several in succession at some of the parties they attended.

One of the girls shared observations is that is woman they can enjoy sex several times a day and when it wasn't on offer they scarcely thought about it whereas men in contrast seemed to be always thinking about it and yet didn't have the capacity for any prolonged sexual engagements. A case in point was a party in a posh hotel arranged by Maddy. There were maybe 50 men present and only six girls who were ostensibly there to serve drinks and look after the guys, but the atmosphere turned quite sexy, business was forgotten and all the girls got continuously fucked for about four hours as all the men took turns.


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