Colon Cleansing

A great internal clean out

Improve Your Digestion With An Intensive Colon Cleanse

What's the deal with colon cleansing and why are so many people interested in this rather unorthodox therapy?

Lets start with your colon

The colon is the last stop in your digestive system where your body extracts the last vital nutrients from food before it becomes faeces and is expelled.  The colon is lined with delicate membranes that regulates bacterial fermentation and the absorption of nutrients that our body needs to function.

The impact of our modern lifestyle

With our inadequate nutrition, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, our digestive system struggles to cope with what we consume. A lot of the food that we eat is not properly digested in the stomach and small intestine, so it ends up in the colon where it ferments. This is one of the primary causes of colon and bowel cancer.

The first symptoms of an unhealthy colon and digestive tract are the regular and difficult bowel motions. Extra smelly flatulence is also an indication that fermentation is taking place in the colon instead of digestion.

Another thing that happens due to our bad diet is that the partly digested food that ends up in the colon actually sticks to the colon wall and blocks the passage of material that wants to pass by. As the pressure inside the colon builds up, this can distort the shape of the colon and pockets of putrefying food residues accumulate.

Anyone suffering from this condition will usually begin to experience an increased sense of tiredness and lack of energy. If left untreated, harmful toxins can leak into the bloodstream which further deteriorates one's health.  If left untreated, serious disease like cancer and early death are typical outcomes.

Self treatment

Improve your diet so that you drink a lot more water, include a lot more fibre in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables and seriously reduce the amount of processed food and sugar that you consume, and get out and exercise a lot more.

The enema

You can buy enema kits from many pharmacies and here one feels a container with water, then insert a tube into one's own rectum and allow the water to flow inside. This may work to help cleanse the rectum, but it does not really help to cleanse the colon.

Laxatives may help in a small number of cases where dietary improvement and exercise is followed. But laxatives generally hurry stuff through the colon without clearing out the waste that maybe stuck in there and that's about it for self treatment.

Getting support with Colonic irrigation.

When you health has become that bad, one must resort to visiting a clinic where a tube is inserted into one's rectum and water is pumped in and then sucked out to physically wash the entire length of the colon. This can be highly effective and leave the person feeling much lighter and freer for days afterwards, although sometimes it can leave them constipated as the water also removes all the microflora that assists the movement of material through the colon.


A complete full body massage to release accumulated stress that includes a deep abdominal massage may help to move everything along. When this treatment is combined with an improvement in diet and the consumption of a lot more water, the results are often beneficial.

The benefits of colon cleansing include:

  • Mental clarity
  • Improved skin condition
  • Improved immune function
  • Less gas and constipation
  • Better weight management

For those looking to change their diet, cut out fat and excess carbs, shed fat or otherwise make healthy changes to their lifestyle, colon cleansing is an effective way to detoxify the body and help start over.

Colon cleansing is a detox for your body and a fresh start for your whole body system.


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