Cosmetic Medicine

In search of perfection

It is a fundamental aspect of human nature that we always want more, we always want to be better be it understanding, health, knowledge, success or social status.

This is a part of who we are and all these desirable elements fall within our fundamental desire for happiness and joy. There is nothing wrong with these desires because we cannot exist without desire.

It is becoming more recognised that some 70% of all illnesses originate within our own minds and of the remaining 30%, these are pathological or chemical.

In today's modern world, happiness is often held out like the carrot on the end of a stick that one never quite reaches even after a lifetime of struggle. Desires get squeezed and dreams of any future become very shortsighted.

The result for the majority of our population is that food quality has declined in the population is suffering like never before other than times of drought and war. Yet the world wastes almost as much food as what is concerned and yet so many go hungry.


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When it comes to our appearance, so many of us were conceived without any planning or forethought. So many children being born today, men and women fall into each other's arms seeking solace for their suffering; what we generally refer to as a temporary pleasure.

Consequently we have an unhealthy population breeding so rapidly that in the next 30 years our population will increase to more than 9 billion people and as they are population increases, we will have to do with less.

When the population reaches 9 billion, each and every one of us will have to make do with 40% less oxygen, water, food and given the decline of modern healthcare, we can expect this to be almost non-existent for the population at large.

At present as long as we are in gainful employment, health care is almost affordable, but in today's competitive world where the very air and water that we rely on are being monetised and our freedoms are steadily eroding, our natural desires are being suppressed.

Cosmetic medicine has become fashionable to overcome perceived shortcomings in our physiology. We undertake these procedures in order to better express our desires and to become more successful beer in the bedroom or the boardroom.

Beauty and handsomeness are a combination of intelligence, intensity, integrity, character, demeanor, bearing, gracefulness, love, joy, health, equanimity, exuberance and of course the shape and size of certain body parts. All of these you can achieve by yourself, except the last one that needs genetic help or some plastic.

We have seen the extremes in medical cosmetic surgery on people like the late Michael Jackson and so many others, but the problem with cosmetic surgeries is that there is a failure rate between 10% and 25% as well as many fatalities.

Individuals can do a great deal for themselves through good diet, nutrition and physical exercise but for so many this is not enough or they are too impatient to wait for natural results. So like so many aspects of life, surgeries involve a calculated risk.

However modern medicine has always looked to the so-called primitive cultures and natural medicines for inspiration and in fact nature provides a wide range of compounds that benefit our health. These range from the bark of a willow tree that gave us aspirin to a wide range of compounds to help weight loss or muscle gain, to penis and breast enlargement.

Herbal medicines when compared to surgery are much safer however the results are not instant and to change bony features, surgery is required. But for penis and breast enhancement, the nutritional and exercise programs take about six months to generate the desired results.

However cosmetic medicine, be it surgery or herbal in origin is putting a band-aid on a much larger solution.  If we want to keep the human species healthy and to ensure its survival, we need more than just a band-aid.

Ancient India


Shiva and Shakti, the embodiment of physical and spiritual beauty

We know thanks to scientific evaluation that Indian astronomers knew the circumference of the Earth and the distances between our neighbouring galaxies more than 100,000 years ago. We know that 5000 years ago India had a strong influence from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific shores of Southeast Asia.

When the British first arrived in India they were genuinely amazed by the general, beauty, health, well-being and education of the Indian population. They achieve this through their own understanding of genetics and in keeping excellent records of family lineages or Gotra*.

Marriages were arranged by the families taking into account the genetic lineages of the couple to wed as well as their general health and disposition. In effect, this meant that the population was being managed in such a way to eliminate birth defects and health problems so that there would never be any need for cosmetic surgery and a reduced need for medicine.

This idea is so far advanced of where we are today that most scientists scoff at the idea and the majority of Indians whose culture was almost wiped out by the British had lost touch with this tradition.

If we look at our world today, the problems we face are those of our own stupidity. We are over populated and health is deteriorating. Humanity should take on board the wisdom of India before we destroy ourselves, but in the short term you can continue to use the herbs that nature provides to achieve the natural beauty and prowess that you desire.

*The term gotra means clan and broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor or patriline.

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