Creating My Massage Business

And dealing to this thing called work

Going through massage school and working to part-time jobs to cover the costs was in fact the easiest part I realised once I had gone through the process of setting myself up. I'd done some research before I began this course to generate an income for myself.

In the area where I live on the outskirts of Seattle, there are no places to get a decent massage although there are a few brothels and anyone what the once a proper massage has to go closer to the city. It took a considerable amount of work to do some market research, some of that I did buy going door-to-door and some by interviewing people at our local shopping centre.

The feedback was that it would be a great idea and I figured that out 5% of everyone I'd asked became a client, I do all right for myself. My parents thought I was a bit crazy but they were well aware that massage was a growing industry and all around the country massage schools were churning out many hundreds of not thousands of newly qualified therapists every year.

Towards the end of my training dad helped me to find a suitable premises and a group of guys helped to fitted out and exchanged for massages. There were all somewhat cheeky and after extras that because they were friends we just laughed and it never happened although I got a bit of flack from some that lots of guys would be lining up in part because I was considered nice looking.

With my salon almost set to go, I graduated and unexpectedly had to deal with the local government to get another permission which was costly. After doing flyer drops because then I couldn't afford any newspaper advertising, I had three ladies come in on my first day which are considered to be something of a success. But I needed six people a day to make a living, three only covered my basic costs and of course I had back rent to pay as well as the cost for some of the furnishings that I'd bought on high purchase.

There were days when I only got one of two people, a couple of days when I had no one but there were other days when I had four or five clients. But after two months I was still only breaking even and what had been a wonderful idea looked like it was headed for failure. It would have died had it not been for the support of my parents and the fact that I still lived at home.

The guys who'd helped me set up stayed away and I knew some of them were going to the brothels or to one of those rub and tug places because the extras were more important than the massage. I was talking about this with my grandmother, mum's mother and she said that I should do what all the other girls did meeting that I should give the guys a happy ending.

Of course I did that for my current boyfriend and had done for several past boyfriends so wasn't like I didn't know how and I didn't have any particular aversion to it. It's just that because the industry is so regulated there was always a risk I could lose my license so wasn't prepared to do that.

As winter came on, I got fewer bookings even though everyone said they were delighted by my service and I figured that perhaps needs to be closer into the city which of course would require a huge budget to get established and to do that I'd probably have to go into partnership. Some of the girls are trained with by then had already given up and taken another work but I never really kept in touch that much.

Then on a rainy Saturday afternoon I look through the job section and there was an advertisement for a masseuse. I felt so desperate I called and surprisingly I was invited over. The place was discrete but tasteful and there were two men in the waiting room. When the receptionist asked how could she help, I said I'd come regarding the vacancy.

A couple of minutes later I was massaging an older woman who apparently was a shareholder in the business. She was charming but insisted on my doing a full body massage. In school we didn't do body fronts but that was easy enough because I massage my own boobs regularly and also I massage around my abdomen and groin when my periods are coming on and helps them to go smoothly.

While I was doing her front and Flopping about with the towel as I'd been taught, she asked me to leave it off and then she asked me to give her a happy ending. I must've looked shocked and she said "surely you masturbate don't you?"

I felt that my prospects of employment depended on that so did and actually it was rather sweet and I love the expression on her face as she came. When I'd done, she sat up and said that I could have the job and be paid $50 per client hour plus tips which meant if it was a two hour massage I'll be paid $100 and she told me that most of the girls were making $300 or $400 a day.

She said that most of their clients wanted a happy ending and as long as I was happy with that and to perhaps dress more lightly, that I could have the job. It was only going to be part-time and with no other prospects, I jumped at it because I'd be able to cover the rent for my salon.

I would never have thought of myself doing this but after a couple of weeks it was just so easy. The customers of course were mostly men but there were a good number of women who liked the female touch. Some of the guys course wanted me to take my clothes off, I resisted for a few weeks then finally gave in which increased my tips.

In the spring a lady wanting to do hairdressing got in touch about using my salon. She was installed and almost immediately successful. I've still been using the place to do occasional massages, like two or three a week when I wasn't busy where I was being employed. About the same time the police raided a whole lot of brothels across the city and said they released about 30 of so mostly Chinese women who are basically being treated as sex slaves.

Clientele dropped off where I was working for a few days because everyone was a bit fearful. The massage parlour was unlicensed and I think it traded somehow under the license of a neighbouring hotel is a games room. I must admit the decor and the atmosphere was very pleasant, the other girls who I didn't see much of got along amicably and occasion we talked about the sex industry but saw ourselves as being somewhat removed from it.

That summer the hairdresser wanted to expand and hire extra staff and I was relieved that she took over the lease. I was then earning enough that I could afford to move out of home, I rented with one of the girls I was working with and a couple of guys then to fill in my spare time, the days I wasn't working I started doing out call massages.

That turned out to be nice work and nice money. I'd drive out to the client with my table and stuff, set up and not have to worry about the cost of heating. Without all the associated business costs, the money went straight into my pocket and if anyone wanted and invoice, I had an invoice book and letterhead made up describing me as a lifestyle consultant and so I'd bill them for a consultancy fee.

Work in the massage parlour was good, I was so comfortable working in the buff that I didn't think about it and the happy ending is sometimes included blow jobs. Like so many of these guys were such good fun and there were mostly all local workingmen whereas the woman who came were from slightly higher up the social ladder with either lesbian tendencies or just an edge that their husband couldn't scratch.

A month back I got raped. It was a home visit to a guy I'd seen previously. He wanted a full on happy ending and me naked so I was obliging and got on with it. I got to the happy ending part and as so many guys do they touch a little which I don't mind that then he put his fingers up inside me. I pushed his hand away and said that it wasn't really part of the deal although I must admit it felt pretty nice.

A few minutes into this I had the thought that I might be tugging for a while and he started hitting me up for sex. I said no and stood my ground but then he rolled over and grabbed me. I figured that if I resisted too much, the whole deal could be rather unpleasant so I became agreeable, he let me put on a condom and then we spent a nice hour having sex. Afterwards I packed up and went home with a very generous tip.

While my sense of propriety was somewhat offended and I wasn't particularly committed to my boyfriend of the moment so I chalked it up to experience and accepted another booking from him a few days later.

In reflection, setting up a legitimate massage business takes a huge amount of work and is always a risk of financial ruin in addition to the peculiarities of some customers. Conversely, working in a locally owned massage parlour was so much easier and I didn't have the responsibility associated with operating a business. That was borderline illegal but I think the owners were well enough connected to the social establishment that we never had any problems from the police.

Operating an out call business really is a breeze. It carries greater risk of being raped or otherwise molested, but I think it's really the way to go and I wished that I'd known all this before I tried to set up shop. xxx Shelley


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