Dating and Friendship

An essential partnership

While the social norms in some countries prohibit dating and the allowing of young individuals of the opposite sex to spend time together until their marriage is arranged, in most countries young people grow up with the idea and the expectation of finding true love match.

Like all human relationships there are a great many possibilities but perhaps one of the most insidious is the pressure placed on young people to date members of the opposite sex or even the same gender within their particular social group. This expectation and pressure that is generated creates anxiety and suffering in part because there is no clear discussion and in fact, our socialisation process almost prohibits this discussion.

Conversely in societies where marriages are arranged, children and young adults are generally more concerned that the partner chosen for them will match their social and political expectations and be pleasant natured sufficient that they can live amicably together and raise a family.

The stories in this section are illustrative of some dates and cover topics like sex on the first date and other anxieties. Yet anyone planning on spending time with another human being needs to be in a state of pleasantness and have a willingness to discuss absolutely anything as well as setting aside inhibitions to do things one has not done before.

There is no such thing as a perfect date and it should not be sought after, rather it's a spending time together and exploring possibilities the greatest of which is do I like this person? From there questions arise regarding the possibility of being able to coexist, to possibly raise a family and most importantly in the modern economically governed world is to form an economic and social partnership.


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