Dating Jana

My French hottie

When I was stationed in France, I met Jana after work one Friday, she and her workmates had come out looking for something different. They were a party of mostly women and livened up the bar. Myself and several of my mates started getting connected, we had dinner, danced and probably had a few too many drinks before Jana invited me back to her place.

The sex was great and she seemed to have no inhibitions, she seldom wore underwear and encouraged me to do the same. That was no biggie and actually I was more comfortable. We didn't exactly date as such, I thought about her all the time and I often had a hard on for her. We spent Friday nights together for those first few weeks and then she invited me to a Saturday night party.

She wore a dress that was see-through enough that her absence of underwear was obvious but then so did quite a few of the other girls there. She introduced me to everyone and we were dancing, talking and having a nice time then excused herself to talk to someone. I didn't see her for a couple of hours and a couple of her girlfriends let me know that they were interested in me.

When she returned, she looked as if she had just been having sex, there's that after=glow. She kissed me and apologised for leaving me alone so long and after the party because my place was closer, we went there. Not only was she great to look at, she was great fun in bed and I think she especially liked that I had a decent sized penis. Girls tended to describe me as extra large and a few past girlfriends had been somewhat daunted but quickly got used to it.

That next morning in my flat, we woke up, had sex and I must've gone back to sleep. I got up and went out and there she was sitting naked in the sun flirting with my flatmates. We were three guys sharing a flat and had a small room each. She wrapped herself all around me much to my friends amusement and took me back to bed.

We carried on for a few months and I'd see her once or twice a week and nearly always have sex although we didn't always spend the night together. One of my flatmates went out with one of Jana's girlfriends a couple of times and found her too much to handle even though she was very beautiful.

I found that with Jana as well, so many people wanted her attention at times I had to let her go and socialise with her friends or whoever. Another party we went to she introduced me to an old boyfriend and they spent half an hour kissing and cuddling. She must have known that I was getting jealous so she broke it off took me to a room and we had sex. She said that she wanted to take her mind off her boyfriend but as we were doing it, one of her girlfriends came in and joined us on the bed. Jana actually encouraged me to fuck her girlfriend. It took me a while to get into it, but then she left left us going for it.

I found out later that she'd fucked her former boyfriend in the next room. I couldn't work it out, we were supposed to find an agreeable person, fall in love and live happily ever after? I know not many people really do and it seemed like we were all aiming for these impossible goals and then settling for make do.

I continued going out with her even though I knew she was seeing other guys and I was hoping that she and I could become exclusive. With summer coming on I'd spent a night at her place and then we had gone shopping. She bought a few bits and pieces including a new thong bikini. Then she insisted we go to the beach. I wasn't really up for swimming and not prepared.

It was impossible to say no to her and I'd already figured that it was pointless trying, so we went to the beach and its great that most girls were topless and she insisted we were going swimming. She had talked me out of wearing undies sometime ago and here I was protesting that I didn't have any togs. So she said that I could wear her spare pair of her knickers. While she didn't normally wear underwear, for some reason she always carried a spare pair of knickers in her purse. My protests were useless and after a few minutes we were walking across the beach with me wearing these pale yellow knickers that almost covered everything they were supposed to, although they were somewhat transparent.

Jana was a good swimmer and she challenged me to swim out to a bouy perhaps 300 metres out into the bay. We kept pace of each other and when we got to the bouy we actually fucked in the water. I find something erotically fascinating about seeing girls naked underwater. Several people swam by as we were fucking and stopped to watch and comment. Jana enjoyed that and flirted with them but when I was being distracted she focused on me.

When she was done, she let out a really loud moan which was my signal to hurry up and finish which I did. We swam back to shore and lay about in the shallows with lots of people all around us as we talked and then we started making out again. I hoped she wouldn't, but she got me hard again and insisted we have sex right there.

I was bit nervous but no one seemed to take any notice. We were talking about love, dreaming about nice houses and other riches then she pulled away, grabbed my hand and told me to come with her. It was all right for her, covering her pussy was easy compared with what I had to deal with. We ran across the beach and I had to hold onto my cock as an expression of modesty, then she took me to a flat rock by the water's edge. We were maybe a hundred metres from the nearest people but we were in full view. I'd gone a bit soft so she went down on me and quickly got me hard again and then we fucked for a good half hour or more.

I don't know really how visible we were and then a couple of weeks later she got the hots in the movie theatre. We were sitting in the back row and we had sex. No one took much notice although there were a few empty seats between us and the next people. I couldn't believe we'd done that but then she started telling me about other places where she had had sex with various boyfriends and I didn't see her again for a couple of weeks.

I figured she was out with someone else so I went out with a much more conventional girl who I found somewhat boring. I'd left quite a few messages on Jana's answerphone and then on a Saturday evening she invited me to go dancing with her. I said yes and cancelled my other date, I couldn't believe how much I wanted to be with her, perhaps as she's such a great fuck.

She wanted me to meet her at a friend's place near the venue which I did and she looked fucking amazing. She was wearing 4 inch heels, a micro miniskirt and boob tube though both were fairly transparent mind you her girlfriends were dressed in equally an equally daring manner. We hugged and kissed, and I told her I wanted to take her to the bedroom right there and then but she told me to wait.

When we got to the nightclub, we just walked to the front of the queue and got in though one of her girlfriends stopped and made out with one of the bouncers. We pushed our way through to the bar and the conversation was mostly gossip. We danced a little with glasses in hand and after two or three drinks we moved into the dance floor.

We were dancing together and then one of her girlfriends started coming on to me and then Jana pushed in. I'd noticed a few guys grab her arse but she hadn't reacted and as I didn't she probably figured that I hadn't noticed. There was quite a lot of that going on but then Jana seemed incredibly turned on, she opened my pants and next thing we were fucking. She held one of her legs up around my waist and even though it seemed so wrong, I actually got into it and suddenly saw a more aggressive side to myself, I started fucking her harder and harder. She seemed to love it but then she was kissing one of her girlfriends and some other guy. She had my shirt open and her boob tube that had actually given up his job sometime before then was down around her waist, she was virtually naked.

As we finished, she gave a delighted squeal, kissed me and said how wonderful I was and then one of her girlfriends started sucking my cock. I protested to Jana and she laughed and told me to enjoy myself saying that she needed another drink. A couple of minutes later I saw her off in the crowd fucking someone else. Her girlfriends mouth certainly knew what to do and then I was fucking her and as I was doing so, another guy started fucking her arse.

It all started to get a bit much for me then, I came a bit too soon, she looked disappointed that when I stepped away, someone else took my place and I made my way to the bar avoiding Jana. One of the guys who'd been watching or perhaps just seen what was going on told me that if she was my girlfriend, I should go and assert myself, not by punching the guy but sticking my cock back inside her.

I was reluctant but he coaxed me as I watched her getting fucked by two guys. When one of them was done, I took his place walking up behind her and shoved my cock up her arse and I told her that I didn't want her to forget this. I'd never fucked her arse until then and I think it somehow took her breath away but she looked back at me with the most intensely desirous expression. The guy fucking her pussy thought this was great and tried to make jokes with me but I was more intent on punishing her for being unfaithful and doing stuff without me.

Yet the harder I pushed up into her, the harder she wanted it and when I finally came she pushed the other guy away enough to turn and start making out with me. She told me how lovely I was and how much she liked me but I knew she had a sexual appetite that I couldn't fulfil.

We went over to the bar and talked as if nothing had happened. We were soon joined by her girlfriends who by then were naked. Her girlfriend pressed against her, held her tits and kissed the sides of her neck. Jana half turned and kissed her back and then the three girls were kissing and some of the men that were watching were also sticking their fingers in.

Somehow we finished our drinks and moved back into the dance floor were Jana and I started fucking again but a couple of minutes into it, another guy come and pushed up her arse. That seemed so improbable because every time we fucked, she always seemed rather tight but here she was handling two cocks with ease. Soon after that she suggested that we go to a party at which point I decided that enough was enough and I left.

She came to my flat next morning. I was asleep and my flatmate opened the door. He told me later that they'd had sex and the first I was aware of her was when her naked body pressed against mine. She gave me some oral sex and we fucked for a couple of hours trying out all sorts of different positions and then I got her on her hands and knees and I'd been fucking her pussy, but then I pulled out and shoved it up arse. She told me I was a champion and to fuck her harder and she kept urging me to go harder all the time. The came to a point where I exploded up inside her and she let out a scream loud enough to alert the neighbours.

Afterwards I took her home and we were going to have sex again but instead we fell asleep. I woke up sometime later in the afternoon and her girlfriend was sucking my cock. I asked where Jana was and she replied that she'd had to go out and asked her to look after me. This girl was delightful in every way and just as good a fuck as Jana. Afterwards Jana was still busy or somewhere unreachable so we had dinner and I took her back to my place for the night.

For a few days I felt rather confused and took an escort to my bed which didn't help and then I spent the weekend with another of Jana's girlfriends. She refused flatly to talk about Jana and I was irritated that these girls weren't controllable although they were extremely willing to fuck.

The time I saw Jana, she was in that nightclub getting fucked by some guy. Even though I was angry with her, just watching her get fucked gave me such a boner, I gave it to her up the arse and she was ecstatic. Afterwards, we kissed and cuddled, she said that she had missed me but even as we were talking, another guy put his hand up between her legs and I was going to thump him, but she cautioned me not to and then she was standing there, kissing me and trying to work me up to another erection as this other guy was fucking her from behind. She had me almost hard when another girl cut in. And it seemed she had Jana's blessing and I fucked her as I watched Jana getting fucked across the room.

It seems that I'm having to adapt to a life that's mostly about sex. As for those other sweet sentimental ideas, at this point I have to say I just don't know.


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