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In Search of Ancient India

Most archaeologists and researchers because of the Christian tradition that the world only began some 4000 years back have limited dating two Indian history to within the past 5000 years yet there is evidence of human habitation and our ancestor's going back some 2 million years.

Stepping forward into more modern times at the end of the last ice age, we begin to see signs of civilisation in India predating Egypt and Greece, and perhaps predating all civilisations as many researchers now contend. Nilesh Oak's thesis relies heavily on Astro archaeology as astronomy was a science the ancient Indian's were well versed in periods not only that, within that antic traditions, the passing on of knowledge down to the generations was 2nd to none.

In a drastic re-evaluation of astronomy observations from Mahabharata, using high-tech tool of modern astronomy and low-tech tool of the logic of scientific discovery, Nilesh Oak's extraordinary book presents ordinary theory of astronomy observations that would lead to a quantum jump in our understanding of the Mahabharata War:

How a theory based on single unifying idea corroborates 100+ astronomy observations Where to search for the year of the Mahabharata War - Epoch of 6500 years & Compact time interval of 3000 years How a single observation, previously known but unexplained, falsifies 96% of all proposals for the year of the Mahabharata War. Why does it matter how long Bhishma was lying on the bed of arrows How ancient is the tradition of meticulous astronomical observations.

Acceptance of his theory leads to surprising conclusions about our current understanding of world civilizations, domestication of horses, dating of Ramayana or Vedas and antiquity of meticulous astronomy observations. Rejection of his theory would compel us to search for the likes of Newton and Lagrange, among the Sages of India, at least thousand years before Sir Isaac Newton & Joseph-Louis Lagrange.

"History of the world, particularly of Indian subcontinent, is based on linguistic guesswork and religious beliefs/hearsay. However, during last 30-40 years, several new scientific tools and techniques have been developed, which are capable to determining the dates of any ancient events in scientific and precise manner.

Very credible conclusions were arrived at in respect of first part of research revealing that indigenous civilisation, also revealed through Vedas and Epics, has been developing in India for more than 9000 years and that India's contribution to world civilisation and culture is much bigger than what is acknowledged at present." Vivekananda Foundation

Praise for 'When did the Mahabharata War Happen?:

The Mystery of Arundhati'" You have done a great job. I requested astronomers to consider if Arundhati had gone ahead of Vasisth in 1971, when I published 'Swayambhu' . But nobody cared. You are the first to do the great job!"- P V Vartak (Author of 'Swayambhu' & 'Wastav Ramayana')---"Grueling and unfaltering logic"---I have to thank you for being the cause for a quantum leap in my own knowledge of general astronomy as well as Hindu astronomy / calendrical systems over a very short span of time.

In some ways the effect of your book has some parallels with Rajiv Malhotra's 'Being Different', though in a very different context. RM never intended his book as a primer on Dharma / Hinduism - but nevertheless it introduced many aspects of Dharma in a light which would be new even to a practitioner. Similarly, even though I am sure you never intended your book to act as an exploration of key astronomical principles and Vedic astronomy - that has definitely been a key side benefit, at least from my perspective.

When Did the Mahabharata War Happen by Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

Being Different : An Different Challenge to Western Universalism


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