Dealing to Our Trash

An element destroying our habitat

This subject is a no-brainer. If we are going to want stuff, it should do what we want and last a lifetime. If we think of our most basic requirements for life the land we depend on for growing our food should be kept in pristine condition yet every year we are dumping millions of tons of harmful chemicals into our soils for short-term increased production and ease of management.

Our cell phones and electronic devices are one of the most contentious issues because the manufacturers what you to buy a new device every year and discard the old which has a finite life. This was exacerbated by Apple who were accused of rolling out an upgrade to their iPhones that decreased their performance as an incentive for people to buy the latest production model. Clearly such actions should be heavily prosecuted.

However by far the biggest polluters are plastics and industrial chemicals. Around the world there are improving regulations to prevent such pollution but unfortunately industry lags behind and the world's garbage dumps are overflowing and until recently some US cities dealt with the problem by dumping everything in the ocean has still happens in many countries.

Cities like New York produce around 14 million tons of rubbish every year and there is a new social conscience slowly growing that we are taking better care of our trash but the real key to dealing with rubbish is to keep on reducing consumer junk. To help limit consumer junk there needs to be better regulation, less consumer advertising and better public education.

Our planet was designed to last, lets stop destroying it!!


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