Defeating the Devil Within

Represented by the belief systems of the world

Let's be clear that any idea of a devil, of an antichrist like all the gods are man-made constructions. The real division is about tangible knowledge versus belief. Belief systems tend to argue that life is only meaningful when seen from their particular point of view. But the key word is belief which pales in comparison to common sense and real knowledge.

When we look at the world, even as you read this text your visual perception only picks up elements in the detail and your mind completes the picture of the words even before you begin to interpret them, and how you interpret is dependent on how your mind is programmed.

If your mind is unprogrammed and close to its original state, you may chuckle in amusement but if your mind is programmed in specific ways, you may be horrified by such ideas because they fly in the face of your beliefs. But you may also believe in this vein which makes you no more capable of appreciating this text unless you understand something of reality.

In a sense one can say that humankind, our specie existing on this small planet is completely lost in space. We have no certainty as to whether or not we are alone and we are many many years away from establishing our place in the universe let alone leaving this earth we call home. Perhaps it is due to our isolation and our wonderment at existence that we develop ideas or theories some of which become beliefs.

Theories are fine and indeed essential yet they have to to be proven before they can be relied upon. Within the science of yoga out of which Sanatana Dharma and Buddhism Sanatana Dharma evolved, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the nature of our existence is temporary and illusory. The majority of people have the mental capacity to realise that we are confined in this physical body and our physicality is confined to this planet. Yet we seek to know and above all we have a desire for happiness and peace of mind.

These desires of peace and happiness motivate us generating more ideas and more desires. This is natural and indeed normal which has led to the evolution of science, the appreciation of our universe and the shaping of how we live and conduct ourselves.

From a psychological perspective, when individuals are insecure within themselves, they suffer a degree of anxiety and fear. Some absolve themselves of their concerns by corrective remedy, yet others become attached to their fears and/or externalise them giving rise to erroneous thinking and an incorrect view (belief) of life. This also causes its own discomfort but this discomfort is remedied when everyone the individual associates with agrees to believe the same.

As an example we can look at those people who believe the earth is flat. Their happiness is dependent on having as many people agree (believe) with their argument as possible. The same is true of religions, the ideas that God created man and woman came from man are central to religious beliefs along with the idea that everyone should believe in the same.

When scientific knowledge was transported into mediaeval Europe from India, the church was horrified. It had already destroyed the library in Alexandria in an attempt to control knowledge and confine people's mental activity to what was dictated by the church. Fortunately the church was unable to contain the enquiring mind yet it executed millions of people who had contrary ideas.

Today we not only have to deal with religions who seek to control and manipulate human thought, we have neoliberalism and capitalism along with a whole host of quasi-religious organisations representing people who are so fearful and insecure within themselves that they must sell or force their beliefs onto the wider population.

Under the capitalist notion of competition, all these groups are competing with each other unconcerned about the suffering they are causing and indeed that in the act of proselytising their ideology they are going against their own Scriptures. The Christian bible clearly says that "thou shalt not kill" yet the early Roman Christians executed vast numbers of people who refused to believe and Islam continues into this day.

In what is being termed the age of reason, the modern rationale is based on fantacy, ideas of permanence and social equity while at the same time destroying the environment we depend on, creating scarcity and suffering for large segments of the population.

Christianity has made some attempts to transform its image in the public consciousness yet all the Christian organisations are primarily capitalist. They seek global domination and the wealth trickles to the top of the heap while the poor are made to suffer and further tormented by the idea of original sin allowing those at the top to enjoy a lifestyle of privalige.

However the underside of Christianity is far from pretty as they continue to plagiarise local ideological systems in every country and convert them to the Christian agenda. Discounting the Crusades, have been involved in violent means to overthrow elected governments.

Islam is almost a carbon copy of Christianity except that it's ideas are much more base and ridiculous to any rational examination. Yet it appeals to the neoliberals and capitalists who use it as a tool to create disunity and fear. It is thought among some intellectuals that if Islam was to succeed in taking over the world it would quickly implode taking all life on earth with it. In contrast, Christianity and the bastions of capitalism are working hand-in-hand with governments to maintain tradition and the lifestyles of the elite.

Neoliberalism is another insidious monster because the neoliberals believe they have a right to life and they have a right to impose their ideas on others. But their ideas are based on capitalism which believes all is fair in love and war, life is a war and the winner takes all.

Unfortunately the pagans, those who know life and understand that life is a privilege not a right disagree. Yet the pagans are a peaceful lot more interested in knowing the nature of existence than trying to control the world because they understand that ideas don't matter.

Now lets come back to how we administer ourselves

The governments of the world represent capitalism because this is the 'ism' that has been around the longest. It's from capitalism we get the idea that wealth and power equate to happiness but as any rational thinking person knows, these are the most illusory aspects of life because human life itself is very transient.

Aside from Bhutan that talks about gross national happiness, all other countries refer to GDP or the gross national product which really means gross national profits. All governments pay lip service to the welfare of the people and give most importance to financial affairs.

When populations were small, communal democratic societies were as close to perfect as we could get. Ideas would have arisen and groups of believers evolved to then devolve when they were proven wrong. This was a time when there was no certainty of life and the common point of view was that blind obedience often lead to disaster. We know this because civilisations have risen and vanished completely. Only those who learned all were somehow fortunate survived.

This round of civilisation which emerged from India some ten thousand BC was pagan, it was mystical yet very scientific. It was corrupted by capitalism and the idea of patriarchy, and today all these religions, all these 'isms' blended together are trying to steer the chaos of modern civilisation to their advantage.

Over the past hundred years there have been 'crazy people' warning that "the end is nigh". They were mostly ignored and often mocked and sometimes killed because they could see into the future and knew what was coming. In twenty eighteen there are millions of people and agreement that civilisation is heading for a very unpleasant dead-end.

What are our solutions?

We can continue as we are and have perpetual war, hunger, famine and many forms of suffering to look forward to. The world will run out of resources and the technology along with all the wealth will be in the hands of the ruling 10% if we survive that long. The remaining population will increasingly remain slaves subject to the masters whims with zero life expectancy or human rights.

We could have another war to end all wars but that would kill tens of millions, cast hundreds of millions more into perpetual suffering and destroy much of our technology. It would not solve any problems and those who survived would still be fighting over right, wrong and possession.

We really need to wake up as individuals and as a civilisation. We need to recognise that religions and all the various 'isms' no longer serve any useful purpose and cast them aside, but how do we do that? The path the world seems to be entering into is one of nationalism and perhaps this is an instinctive route that societies are taking to defend themselves.

Nationalism is useful as even though it creates further divisions, it helps communities to focus. All the individuals within communities need to engage in the democratic process but there seems to be little chance of this due to the prevailing apathy generated over the past sixty years or so. The real key is education combined with democratic involvement in every community. Education needs to involve teaching history as it was, not as it is currently portrayed in our school books and sociably agreeable narratives. Our history is being clarified and corrected to show not only the movement of peoples, but the movement of ideas and the subsequent imposition of suffering on the many enabling privilege to a few.

Meditation/yoga needs to be taught in schools and there must be some frank discussion about what is real is not along with how to best live in reality and survive the imposition of unverifiable ideologies.

Believers are not going to stop believing overnight or even within a few generations yet within the class structure, believers must be disempowered and marginalised within societies. Remember that the capitalists, Christians and Islamists expanded their reach at the point of the sword and the muzzle of a gun, through deceit, treachery and terror. They still work this way today but unfortunately is politically incorrect to use the same methods against them as they used against everyone else. The Japanese did this very well in the seventeenth and eighteenth century but we have moved on and have no wish to generate such negative karma even though in some ways it is simply payback.

The evolution of the RSS in India along with the dis-coordinated correction of history by many thousands of seekers of truth is a step in the right direction. There needs to be more interconnection between all these people's not only in India but in every country. In India I would envision that being a Hindu country, non-Hindus although welcomed would not have the full rights as citizens and perhaps there would be a natural migration of Muslims back to Saudi Arabia or with a reformed education system they would abandon their beliefs and embrace real knowledge.

To the casual reader's ideas might seem like the ultimate arrogance because to right this one must presume to know something that others don't. However I'm not asking anyone to believe, I am asking people to face the facts of life and see the world as it is without looking through your particular belief coloured spectacles. What I consider is the truth that gives rise to these ideas come simply from knowing myself as a piece of life and knowing that my life is no more precious than any other.

I counsel against taking of life, of following a vegetarian diet, of being kind and generous to those in need. But those whose neediness demands your obedience, I counsel but you should treat them like the plague.


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