Defining Beauty

A state of perception

Beauty is a concept that crosses all of life, yet it's as impossible to define as life itself, but there are some commonalities from passive perception to active experience.

At its root, beauty is mathematical as reprsented by the Fibonacci Sequence is the series of numbers, proportioned and pleasing to the eyes and is also expressed as the 'golden mean' or 'golden ratio'.

Perception is an activity of our senses and to some extent influenced by our education, beliefs and state of mind. A depressed person may not recognise beauty as a happy person may do.

But as with life, there are many who attempt to decide for other's what is beautiful and what is not, especially in terms of art and the feminine. Here beauty get mixed up with sensual, sexy and cultural sexism. Beauty can be in our environment, the rain falling, the sunlight reflecting or revealing and countless other things.

Of course the human body is a thing of wonder and beauty, yet today it has been stylised, distorted and few see the beauty in this highly intelligent, self repairing organism. Addictions to beliefs and life habits don't help, nor does the way many treat their bodies but that's another story.

"To see realness and vibrancy and joy and people being truly who they are—to me that is the true meaning of 'the goddess." From Goddess, beauty guru, and soul sister Rachel Hunter who sat with me for mindbodygreen to share the true definition of beauty. (With a spiritual twist). Rachel is an New Zealand model and actress.

The perception of beauty is an action of  mind which interprets sensory data - remember, light enters the retina behind the eyes, the signal is transmitted to the brain which then interprets filling in the gaps or up to 30% of the data. So we don't actually see, we perceive and the same is true for our other four senses.

sense; noun plural noun: senses

A faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus; a faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

If one's senses are not functioning well, beauty cannot be fully appreciated and to improve one's perception, a healthy lifestyle is required. These who regularly practise yoga can possess heightened perception enabling them to more fully appreciate not only beauty, but the deeper mystery of life.


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