Delightful Neighbours

Promiscuity in times of depression

twinsThe age of consent for sexual activity in the UK is 16 and other countries have set the legal age at anything from 12 to 20 although in some Islamic countries girls as young as 4 are often raped and can be married at age 8 or 9. In ancient cultures, girls were usually married soon after they reached puberty.

After being laid off, my misfortune was softened by a nice severance package and I moved south because I figured it would save on heating and other expenses. I had enough to buy myself quite a nice house, but I had to buy at the low end of the market.

After moving in I got a little part-time work which covered the groceries and because I knew something about cars, I started fixing neighbours cars for what little they could afford. I didn't mind and I got by. As the recession bit harder, some of my poorer neighbours had to pack up and move on and one couple who'd not long been there torched their house as they left because they were so frustrated.

My neighbours Brenda and Rick had two girls aged 11 and 13. I had dinner with them a few times in return for fixing their car but then Rick went away to work and the girls would come and hang out at my place after school because Brenda was working. I enjoyed that because the girls were delightful and I taught them quite a bit about cars.

A couple of years passed and I was fairly settled but hadn't bothered to find myself a woman although a few women had fucked me in lieu of cash for car repairs that I appreciated although I didn't expect it. Then one evening Brenda came over in tears to tell me that Rick had found someone else and wasn't coming back.

I was sympathetic and after a chat she wanted sex so I went for it. She's a nice looking woman and after having a breather, we got into it only to be disturbed when I realised that her daughters were standing there watching us. My instinct was to at least cover ourselves but Brenda held me there between her legs and said to the girls "you know how you sometimes upset about something and then you go for a run or do some exercise and you feel a lot better?" The two girls nodded their heads and she continued, "this is just another sort of exercise that does the same thing to me because part of me is really furious that your father's not coming back and sex makes me feel much better. Now please go and do something else."

She turned her attention back to me and we quickly got back into it. I had a feeling the girls were still watching but Brenda was putting out for everything I had so I gave it to her. After we'd finished we continued talking for a while and she suggested that I move in with them. I expressed my reluctance and as she went to leave, the girls were in the next room. She admonished them not to tell a soul about what they'd seen because they'd be in more trouble than just their father spanking them.

I never knew that Rick touched his girls and I'd never seen Brenda touch them although she was rather stern at times. The following evening Brenda came over and we had some very vigorous sex. Afterwards I asked her rather tentatively about her girls watching us. She said they were accustomed to seeing her and Rick doing it about the house and as they were going to be woman one day, it was a good part of their education.

I scarcely saw her for a couple of weeks but the girls stopped in after school most days. I was usually tinkering in the workshop or working on someone's car. They'd go inside the house and watch TV or sometimes they'd tell me all about their school day. Then one day Kylie, the younger of the two girls pulled my shorts down and said that she liked my hairy bum. I pulled them up quickly and told her not to be so cheeky and thought no more about it.

A few days after that Brenda asked me over for dinner. I went in and as I was sat talking to Emma about her homework, Brenda was making dinner and Kylie came in completely naked after taking a shower. She was just growing curves in all the right and I figured a lot of boys would be chasing after her.

Brenda looked up, told her to go and get dressed then turned back to her cooking. The Kylie posed and stuck her chest towards me asking how I liked her breasts and she continued saying that they'd soon be as big as Emma's. I laughed suggested she do as her mother asked as I didn't want to act like a father but I could feel myself sweating.

Brenda worked as a secretary for a stockbroking firm and like most days she had come home from work and changed her clothes with her favourite being a loose singlet that scarcely covered her boobs and a pair of shorts that showed quite a bit of arse. When Kylie reappeared she was wearing a similar singlet that didn't quite cover her cute arse and Emma was wearing a black elasticised top and shorts that gripped her like a second skin.

We chatted about Brenda's work, the girls school and some local gossip, but Kylie was rather cheeky and asked if Brenda and I were going to have sex and then she was asking her mother what it felt like. Brenda said she'd have to wait until she was older and changed the subject.

After dinner Kylie turned the TV on and wanted me to sit with her which I did while Brenda and Emma finished up in the kitchen. Kylie was quite effervescent, one moment she was paying attention to the TV screen but then when she was sure that no one else is looking she was exposing herself and trying to act sexy. With the chores done, Brenda came and sat with us while Emma went off to do something else. It was clear Brenda was aroused which was also turning me on. She had a hand down my pants stroking my cock while Kylie was pretending to watch TV but really watching us.

I think she would have fucked me right there in front of her daughter, but I took her to bed and we had a good long romp before she fell asleep. I'd planned on going back to my house but I was woken by Brenda's alarm. She said it was nice to see me still here and that she'd bring me a cup of coffee. I watched her naked body exit the room and I was thinking what a nice figure she had and there in the doorway were the two girls.

They were both naked and jumped into bed with me and kind of justifying themselves by saying that they used to love cuddling their dad in the mornings. It was so amazing to have these two girls rubbing up against me that I was kind of lost to words and didn't really know what to do. Then Kylie whispered in my ear that she knew how to do hand jobs and Emma whispered in the other that she knew how to do blow jobs but then Brenda was standing in the doorway and she said "it's nice to see you girls are out of bed on time, be nice to Jim while I start breakfast".

I was amazed that she didn't order them out of there. And then Emma was blowing her hot breath into my ear and I think both their hands were grasping at my cock and I was completely unsure as to what to do. I told them they were really naughty and shouldn't really be doing this, but I felt my hand close on Emma's arse. I was rock hard and they'd already pushed the blankets back then Emma started giving me a blow job.

I couldn't believe that there are I was getting a blow job and both hands full of young pussy. It was probably 10 minutes before Brenda came back in and seeing what was going on just told the girls to scram and eat their breakfast. They moved aside and watched as Brenda started fucking me but when she told them again they went and got ready for school.

Before she went to work she invited me back for dinner again that evening and for some reason I said that I promised to give a guy a hand with this car after work and didn't know what time I'd be home. I went home, took a shower and it was midday before I felt recovered.

Over the next few weeks I had a few similar experiences with them including the girls taking my cock inside them without actually fucking. I asked Brenda why she was allowing this behaviour and she said that they had to learn some time and it was best for them to do it with someone they know.

One day Brenda arrived home with a guy and the girls who'd been with me helping out in the garage went home expecting they'd have dinner. Then 10 minutes later they returned and said their mother had told them to scram for a couple of hours. I didn't mind at all that she was shagging someone else as the only ties we had to each other were familiarity and convenience. I learned later that she was trying to advance her career but it didn't work and the salesman that she'd entertained was moved on a few weeks later.

So here I was with Emma and Kylie who were clearly in a mood to misbehave. I told them that I didn't have much to eat in house but to help themselves they could find while I took a shower which I needed because I'd worked on several cars. You could say I was apprehensive and excited at the same time as I came out the shower. I had thought to sneak into my bedroom and get dressed but figured that probably wouldn't work so I went into the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around me to encounter the two girls completely naked smearing food over each other, or should I say mostly over their breasts and of course they wanted me to help.

Emma's breasts were a very nice handful and more than a mouthful, but then Kylie was sticking her chest out. Her boobs were becoming substantial but still in that budding stage so I sucked one up into my mouth and then grabbed her nipple at my teeth which made her squeak with delight and then she wanted me to do it again and again. While I was playing with Kylie, Emma pulled my towel away, stroked my cock and rubbed her self against me.

It didn't seem to matter from there that they were slightly underage in this state although in some countries they were perfectly legal. Most of the food had either been licked off for just come off and we moved over to the couch where I got Emma to lay down and put my mouth to work on her pussy and I think I made her come in the space of a few minutes and while that was happening, Kylie got underneath me to practice her blow job technique which was pretty dam amazing.

But then Kylie wanted me to lick her pussy, but instead I got her to sit on her sister's face and she struggled to contain herself but loved every moment. Figured by then that since would come this far I lifted Emma's legs over my shoulders and fucked her. Kylie was still facing away from me and having so much fun having her pussy worked on that I don't think she even noticed what I was doing to Emma.

I must've been overexcited because I didn't last long and squirted all over Kylie's back. She turned asking what did I just do I just made her turnaround and repeat the favour she was receiving her on her sister. It was very quite nice watching two girls pleasuring each other. They somehow moved onto the floor and continued with Kylie still on top as she fucked her sister's face. By then I was simply seeing them as sexual woman so I position myself behind Kylie and rammed my cock hard up inside her. She stopped what she was doing to Emma long enough to say "that feels so fucking amazing, why didn't Mum tell us it was this good?"

I tell you that felt so fucking good that I didn't want to pull out, but I did and emptied my load mostly into Emma's mouth. Kylie was beside herself in excitement and wanted more but I told her that she'd have to wait a while. I was starving so I cooked up some eggs and beans on toast while the girls kept playing out different ideas and by the time I said to come and eat they were furiously finger fucking each other.

I just watched as I began eating but then I insisted that they come and eat something. They were too excited to sit and there stood with an arm around me eating with the other and sometimes reaching down to play with my cock. But I guess we had a break from sex for 40 minutes and then they wanted more. I lay on the floor with Kylie sitting on my face and then Emma who is very flexible stood over me and bent forward presented her pussy to her sister so we had a real sexy triangle going. I was surprised that the girls didn't bleed at all and I wondered if they really were virgin's considering the enthusiasm they put into it.

By the time their mother came over I'd fucked both of them again and felt exhausted even though they were clearly up for more. The four of us spent the night in my bed which was a bit of a squeeze and Brenda was almost late going to work the next morning. Then it was Emma's birthday. She had quite a few people over and the girls behaved like perfect teenagers. Brenda had quite a few old friends over and they planned on partying into the night so I excused myself and not long after Emma came over and fucked my brains out.

Now she was allowed to start dating but the nights I stayed over with Brenda, she was often involved and Kylie as well. In a confidence grew rapidly and she was just as enthusiastic making out with her mother as with her sister and myself. So I guess I should consider myself fortunate that I got to live out that mother daughter fantasy that many men have.

Kylie's 17th birthday began as a much quieter affair. She had a few friends over from school but they didn't stay late. It was amazing to see their young bodies fill out and I got more information about Emma's love life than I needed to know that she was still coming back to my bed every few weeks.

There were some evenings we had long conversations about sex and we were all happy and our cosy situation. Brenda led onto a few of her friends that she was getting it off with me and likewise I had to tell a few of my mates to explain my unavailability.

Fortunately through this period my business was steady and although we never had cash to spare, we got by and pulled our resources which often meant that I gave Brenda and the girls money for groceries and important things like condoms because the girls were dating other boys and men. Kylie got infected with gonorrhoea which meant we all got it and agreed that that month was one of the most boring in our lives.

In terms of the girls being legally underage when this unusual relationship began, it was never a problem although given the current legal situation I have changed our names and not given a location.

Three years later and Kylie is one of the most sought after girls in the district and has dozens of guys running after her yet she comes to me on occasion. Emma who I still keep in touch with got a well-paid job in San Diego along with a live-in boyfriend. She comes home every three or four months and insists on joining Brenda and I in bed. The first time we tried to discourage her but quickly gave in.

Her mother and I still haven't quite moved in together because on occasion she likes to entertain a few other guys and quite a few women around town are happy to spread their legs in return for car repairs although an even better deal that I struck was with a masseuse who does a really nice massage.


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