Demeaning Women

Past time for change

The place of women in Catholicism and Islam has always been very explicit, that is to be mothers and doormats for the men, to be hidden out of sight and if they dare to stray from this path, they are punished. In light of our supposed civilisation, it's a source of shame that we still give special privileges to these religious groups and continue to demean women.

We are not sure when patriarchy began but it was probably one day when some man was in a bad mood, maybe he stubbed his toe, maybe he was sad and depressed for some reason and blamed his mother for bringing him into the world. There no way we can ever know beyond the fact that over time men have forgotten their place in the world.

One thing we all have in common is that we all have mothers who loved and nurtured us. Mothers represent the feminine, the earth that gives and supports life, yet so many of us take our mothers and the earth for granted. But there are a great many others in ignorance who assume rights over their mothers and the earth.

From a spiritual perspective, every individual contains a mix of masculine and feminine energy and it is the feminine side that listens, that is more accommodating and inclusive while the masculine if not disciplined, without understanding the nature of existence becomes dominant yet fearful because it cannot stand alone and knows not it's real identity.

Had the world been ruled by woman, a civilisation and technologies may have been much softer and even smarter, because women and in particular the feminine aspect are naturally aligned with creativity without favour. But men being physically more powerful rose to dominance by force subjugating the environment and women.

Women play a much larger part to the intellectual development of children than can be acknowledged" ~ Daily Occupation

There are a few matriarchal societies left in the world in this modern era of reason, of intellect, of technology. But all of us can clearly see that if we continue down the same economic and social paths that we've been following for the past 2000 years, the prospect of our total extinction is getting unpleasantly close.

Why women and the feminine aspect of life have become so demeaned could keep many good minds occupied for generations, but the reason why will likely remain elusive. Instead of asking why it's time to wake up and recognise that this is still happening, it's not right and threatens our very existence.

Like protons and electrons, yin and yang, inside and outside, masculine and feminine, life-and-death, men and woman are bound to each other in a life that many see as a competition. But life is not meant to be a competition, it is meant to be a joyous celebration lasting aeons into the future.

Modern civilisation is so corrupted, so selfish and greedy. True intelligence is dismissed as curiosity and minds obsessed with irrational beliefs dominate our existence. Without sufficient care or insight, they disparage the feminine and continue to destroy not only the source of life but the potential for a unified and joyous world.

Within dharmic understanding, the masculine and feminine need to coexist harmoniously. When we consider aspects of the divine, masculine and feminine go hand-in-hand celebrating each other physically, intellectually and emotionally. Dharma represents a tradition of honouring life, of honouring each other and creating a harmonious existence that will serve as the basis for all future generations.

Modern relief systems and adharmic religions have no concern of the future, it's all about what I can get and achieve now without any moral or social responsibility even though believers claim virtue in what they are doing.

The yogis and the wise within dharmic understanding generally teach reverence for the Divine feminine because she needs protection and nurturing to survive and flourish. The mother of life, the mother of God does not exist in isolation.  For all living things, life is a gift but what sets humankind apart from the plants and animals is that we do not have to to compete to survive and thrive, we have the co-creative capacity to shape our world within certain parameters.

In terms of intelligence for survival, we are no more advanced than insects and yet this is a part of our intelligence that we ignore. We seem somehow unable to recognise the dependency on the Divine feminine, the mother Earth that provides all our needs. On the other hand, the ants and termites cooperate with nature. They build structures on a scale far more technologically advanced than what we are capable of and yet they have made themselves an indispensable part of the planetary ecosystem.

But humans, we are more like a virus, a pestilence or a plague that is eating away at the planet and silencing the feminine aspect of life that has the potential to make humanity truly magnificent.

Caitlin Moran, a feminist author and columnist called for girls to avoid reading any books with male authors until they are grown women, battle-ready and able to counter someone being rude to you.

It's time, in fact it's actually almost too late. But if we turn to the Divine feminine within ourselves and begin to acknowledge and accept women as they are, we can pull ourselves back from the brink of total failure.

We all want to be successful, we all want to be happy but humanity has got so lost in the illusion of life that in the east is referred to as maya, we believe we know which way is up but really we don't even know ourselves.

When we consider the scale of the universe and that our solar system is just an insignificant spec in a tiny out of the way galaxy that contains some 300 billion suns. When we consider ourselves on that scale, the universe wouldn't even notice if we vanished, if our solar system vanished, or if the entire Milky Way vanished.

On a universal scale we are so insignificant and yet we believe that we are everything. It's time we woke up because unless we acknowledge the mess we have gotten ourselves into, there will be no future generations and the human experiment will have failed completely.

As with the library video above, we have to not only write meaningful books for girls, we have to acknowledge the feminine in all of life which means that men also have to stop and look inside themselves.  It is only by looking inwards, through the action of yoga and meditation that we can perceive the nature of existence and harmonise with it.

Hedy Lammar

Many thousands of years ago the Hindus had flying machines and conceivable legends of interstellar travel. They knew about the large mysterious planet (that drives the yuga cycle) only discovered by modern science in 2016. The ancient Hindu's pioneered the perfect marriage and the foundation for human existence so that we may continue as a species aeons into the future.

But this story is not just about men because women also contain the mix of masculine and feminine energy. So they too must listen to the Divine feminine within themselves and see the masculine in its proper light. In this day and age men and women abuse each other, in domestic violence woman are often the perpetrators which is a masculine trait.

So I tell you, if you want peace in the world, if you want a world for your children and their children, it's time to stop whatever you're doing, to sit down, to relax and set aside all your beliefs. Then consider that you are a mixture of masculine and feminine energy and you need to take time out to celebrate both aspects, the masculine and the feminine.


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  • Is this demeaning?
    “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote, the only thing she’s got going is the women’s card.” ~ Donald Trump
    It kinda is but she deserves it.

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