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Do you dislike going to the dentist?

smileInterestingly, brushing teeth is something that people only began doing in Europe about 200 years ago whereas in India and parts of Asia, it has been done for thousands of years. According to archaeologists, the skeletons and ancient European fossils of people who had that had died before this 200 year marker had very good teeth.

The most significant event that took place about 200 years ago was the introduction of sugar into Europe. The simple conclusion; sugar causes tooth decay and today this is compounded by low nutritional foods, processed foods and poor lifestyle.

Another factor that affects our dental health and you must have noticed, it is that increasing numbers of children have crooked teeth and need bracing to straighten them. This has been accepted as a human trait and the cause never discussed. But it's time for that discussion because the cause of having crooked teeth is malnutrition which results in the failure of the jawbones to grow to their proper size.

Dentistry and oral hygiene is a concern over most of our lives as depending on where we are born, our diet may lack minerals and other nutrients leading to jaw bone shrinkage, weaker or softer teeth and a high rate of dental decay.

The Demise of Mercury

Public resistance to amalgam fillings has been growing since the 1970s as many people became ill due to the mercury which is both a very poisonous substance and a key ingredient of amalgam fillings. Fortunately amalgam tooth fillings are slowly disappearing from use as new products emerge and are perhaps spurred on by researchers like Dr John Whitman Ray who have studied the effects of dental mercury and the problems it may cause. Mercury Toxicity

Brighten your smile

Rubbish, avoid sugar and processed foods, brush regularly and to brighten your teeth, brush with baking soda and a few drops of food grade peroxide.For many people good looking teeth and bright smile are as important as hygiene, good dress and good manners. A bright smile gives confidence and is a great asset when in business or competition. Many people spend a lot on maintaining the functionality of teeth, but to stay ahead of the competition and feel better about themselves, they also spend on the appearance of their teeth.

“Bleaching techniques have been shown to be reasonably and relatively safe and effective, both in current usage and over time, should be accepted as a reasonable treatment option knowing the risks and benefits”.

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