A Holistic View

cancelDepression is very common, in the late 1990s it was thought that the about 10% of the general population was affected and 18-21% of teens under 20 affected.  Depression is becoming more widespread and widely recognised with prescriptions and sales of antidepressant medications skyrocketing despite the side effects.

A great many cases of what may be described as depression could well be resolved with a heart to heart conversation, but with society being increasingly divided, this happens less often.  The medical profession in league with the pharmaceutical giants has divided anxiety into many forms of depression to be treated with drugs like Prozac which blocks the removal of serotonin from the brain. This highly dangerous drug must be used in conjunction with a calmative, and together they destroy the brains of users which in effect makes them even more depressed.

Everyone is in frantic competition to be successful the success on their own terms or other people's. Those who try to live up to others expectations of the people who are more likely to become anxious and depressed.

Unfortunately this world is in such a state it is suited to the people who do not feel and do not care about the amount of suffering being caused due to the state of life on earth.  For teens growing up in a world where they have no rights or security, the idea of becoming a responsible adult very daunting and depressing while a child born in the slums of Calcutta displays an amazing zest for life and is just glad to be alive.  So really depression is a social disease and self created.

How can you possibly be truly happy when so many people are suffering needlessly? In the United States of America since the collapse of the mortgage companies, the US government owns enough empty houses to accommodate twice the number of homeless that exist in the USA. In 2012 the world produced enough food to feed a global population of 18 billion, however there are more than 2 billion people who may or may not eat today and every few seconds, another child dies of hunger.

If we look at the world and humanity, it is impossible not to feel for the suffering that is being created for the profits of a few. The populations of the affluent countries pretend not to see, they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and when the unpleasant facts of life are bought to their attention be it in another country or their own neighbourhood, they declare that it is someone else's fault.

The mass of humanity has lost its ability to respond to life and instead, people react to or hide from whatever confronts them. Anyone who avoids life is depressed, but not everyone needs treatment because people have their own ways of coping. Other causes of depression include poor health, malnutrition and emotional loss.

What is depression?

Depression may be described as a lack of energy or vitality and is characterised by, anxiety, fear, insecurity, a lack of confidence and interest in life, a lack of enthusiasm and a diminished libido.

While the major cause of depression is social injustice and inequality, depression is a state of mind and an action.

Depression is something that we create within our very own minds and once we become depressed, like attracts like and unless remedial action is taken, depression can spark other health problems. These include compromising the immune system and avoidance of life through alcohol, drug use and other compulsive behaviours.

People may become depressed through a lack of response-ability, something the Buddha referred to as ignorance, but other people may become depressed as a result of chemical imbalances caused by pathogens, drug abuse and a toxic lifestyle.

The cure is therefore to be found in eliminating social disease. Prozac does not help, in fact that only makes the problem worse. The only cure for depression is in becoming a responsible human being which you may better understand if you have played the video above. Other eventual outcomes include diabetes and arthritis which are also a lifestyle diseases related to compulsive behaviour as caused depression which may eventually result in suicide.


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