Desire Leads to Trouble

And a happy ending

Image courtesy BNI

Image courtesy BNI

Hi, you can call me Carol, a happily single 28-year-old lawyer. All the guys in the office think I'm a pretty good-looking not likely to agree that the flattery as nice. Its a fairly high stress job and its normal behaviour for the guys after a bad day or a particularly good day to go out and get laid after work though it's not considered proper for women.

It would have been convenient to get off with some of my colleagues that we had a strict rule about office affairs just in case they got out of hand. My sex life on the whole is good enough but on some of those nights when I've had a busy day and I just want a good fuck to refresh myself, my boyfriend is not always available and sometimes not even willing due to what he's going through.

A couple of months back after a gruelling few days I was last to leave the office, my BF was unavailable and I had this incredible urge for sex. I decided to go out and see what the city had on offer in the way of men so I had a shower in the office bathroom which is nicely equipped and there was standing in the buff dry my hair when the janitor came in. I needlessly apologised as did he and he left me to finish dressing and then not wearing underwear, I stopped at a diner mindful that I should probably eat something before I drink something.

As I ate a guy starts trying to chat me up, he wasn't too bad looking so I entertained his advances and invited him to accompany me to a bar I had in mind. He seemed very eager and said he knew the bar and a shortcut. So silly me followed him down through this alleyway and as soon as the street noise began to fade, he grabbed me and threw me up against the wall. It's not how I like to be taken usually, but I wasn't playing hard to get.

Then he lifted my dress, exclaimed something in his language and started abusing me. I pushed him away and told him to fuck off, but he came back at me pulling a knife and I scarcely realised that I was in trouble. I told him that if he wanted to fuck me to go right ahead and he didn't need a knife or to curse me for that matter. But he swung the knife which I blocked and I was so annoyed that I stomped on his toe with my sharp 4 inch heel which made him squeal and I whacked his nose making it bleed. He came back at me with a knife but rather carelessly so I kicked him in the balls which made him fold up in pain and I walked away from him.

The 911 operator was really slow and it took a couple of minutes to tell someone what had happened. I was back in the diner by this time and Charlene who works there looked more fearful than what I was. But she also noticed that I had a little blood near the back of my dress. I often ate there so we knew each other reasonably well. So he went out back and it looks like the point of his knife had cut me just enough to damage my dress and draw a little blood. I gave her my phone to take some photos before cleaning it up and the cops still hadn't arrived so I decided to carry on to the bar.

On the way I called one of the detectives I knew and told him what had happened. He said they were having a very busy night but he was relieved to know that I was okay. After a couple of drinks and a conversation with a guy I vaguely knew, went back to his place and got myself suitably fucked. He was a bit clingy afterwards and I reminded him that was a reason I hadn't gone with him before. Guys often complain that girls are too clingy but I think guys are just as bad.

It was nice to get into my own bed and the next morning I managed to get away before lunch and have a chat to my friendly detective who suggested I start looking through mugshots. I didn't have time to do it then but through work I had access to many of them so that evening I stayed late trawling through probably at least 1000 faces without seeing him.

I was interrupted by the janitor coming in, he apologised for disturbing me and said going to clean one of the other offices so I said not to bother as I was fine with him working around me and we got chatting a little. He had been for company for a few years doing maintenance and cleaning and even though he was from the bottom of the social ladder, he was a really pleasant guy.

That evening my BF was in good form which put me in a good mood and after another productive day at work I stayed late looking through mugshots. I was ready to pack it in when the janitor came in. We chatted and somehow got talking about Moslem and the refugees coming here. I'd already given him a description of the guy and he asked to borrow my computer so I stood back and watched as he went to various websites showing me pictures of Daesh fighters and on one of the pages there he was.

Within a couple of minutes I'd saved the file and transferred copies to the police. But I was so relieved and excited that to be alive I hugged the janitor and gave him an unusually passionate kiss. His response was more tentative but even as we hugged I could feel the growing bulge in his trousers and I thought why not?  I touched his cock through his pants and asked what he had hiding, he laughed and said it was the desire from seeing me naked in the bathroom.

The next hour and a half was exquisite and delightful fun because not only was he conversationally adept, he had a really nice sized cock and new how to use it. Afterwards he lamented that his wife didn't appreciate it so much and I secretly entertained the thought that maybe I should work later little more often.

Lunchtime the following day I got a call from my favourite detective who rather sorrowfully told me that the guy who'd tried to stab me had special refugee status and probably couldn't be touched. I'd already told everyone in the office and course and when I told them this last detail one of our senior partners took a copy of the guys photo and said that he'd personally look into it.

Over the next couple of weeks I had a couple of very pleasant fucks with the janitor, I won an important case and a new girl joined our team having just graduated law school. She was rather prim in her manner and I was asked to take her under my wing. That was no problem and a week later there was a newspaper article and a bashed up image of my assailant had been found dead on the shady side of town.

I had to save the celebrating until Friday night when after an ample serving of janitor I went home to an ample serving of boyfriend. But you know I have to agree with the guys that sex is sometimes the best medicine to keep you going when times are tough as well is when you want to celebrate.


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